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Chapter One: Gaara and Lee's Locker Room Fun-time

As Gaara neared the gym, he could hear the pounding. It was faint, but definitely there, and for him to hear it this far away meant somebody was really giving that punching bag a pounding. He hesitated, not knowing whether he'd still want to train today. He preferred to train alone, away from the stares of other people. Usually the place was deserted by this time.

The last class ended hours ago, all of the sports were over, and the extra-help class after school had just ended. Luckily for Gaara, he and the janitor got along. He knew that Gaara liked to practice for an hour, so it didn't hurt to leave the door to the gym unlocked until after Gaara left.

When he got to the door, Gaara looked into the small window to see who was in the gym, and was somewhat surprised to see Lee in there, pounding the punching bag intensely. He was even glaring at it, like it did something wrong. It didn't take long for Gaara decided whether or not to train – Lee was one of the few people he could stomach at this school, and he knew the senior wouldn't bother him.

Lee didn't even look his way when the door opened, which Gaara found to be strange. At this hour, if someone just walked into the school's gymnasium, Gaara's focus would definitely be disrupted. And Lee's much more…excitable…that Gaara. That seemed to be a good word to describe it.

Gaara decided to ignore it and proceed with his own routine. He'd eventually have to use the punching bag, but he figured he could put it off for a while. Gaara was a member of the basketball team, but he always made sure to stay in good physical shape. He liked to run cross-country in the fall, and was planning on joining the swim team in his senior year. Although he didn't like the popularity that seemed to come along with being on sports teams, he liked the feeling of exercise. It was exhilarating. Not to mention he hoped he could get a good ride to college for his athletics.

He started with his warm-ups on the treadmill. After ten minutes of running at 3 miles per hour, he got ready to start his real workout. The entire time, Lee continued to beat up that punching bag. When Gaara moved from the leg-extension machine to the dips, Lee still hadn't moved. When Gaara was finished with his chin-ups and was heading towards the dumbbells, Lee was still punching that bag like it was his job. And when Gaara had finally finished the rest of his workout and had only the punches left, Lee was still punching that punching bag.

It was sometime after 7:30, and Gaara knew he'd have to get home soon. His family ate dinner relatively late, at around 9:00, but he still couldn't waste too much more time. He still had to shower, get dressed, and walk home.

He walked up behind the other boy, who was now drenched in sweat like Gaara had never seen, and prepared to ask to use the punching bag, but something stopped him. Suddenly, he was aware of how his now-drenched white shirt clung to his body, and his eyes widened upon seeing the toned muscles on his back flex and contract as Lee punched the bag.

Gaara had never seen Lee as a potentially attractive person until that moment. Although he was aware that Lee had to be fit after being on the cross-country team and a part of the fighting dojo that operated off-campus, Lee had hidden his figure with that ugly green jumpsuit he always wore. He looked like a professional garbage man in a hazmat suit most of the time! And then there was that awful haircut. While it wasn't really enough to be a turn off completely, when combined with the insanely large eyebrows and the fashion choices, it was enough to make sure Gaara never saw the other athlete in a sexual way.

Gaara cleared his throat to catch Lee's attention, but the black-haired teen didn't seem to hear him. Instead of going the more polite way, Gaara decided to be abrasive. "Lee!" he yelled out, catching the senior's attention. He jumped about a mile in the air.

"G-Gaara!" Lee exclaimed. "What are you doing here? It's almost 5:00!"

"It's 7:30," Gaara said with a scowl. "And I've been here for almost forty minutes. I need to use the punching bag." Lee looked at his phone and seemed to be surprised by the time. Gaara guessed time flied when you're punching a bag bloody. "What did that punching bag do to you anyway?" he asked sarcastically. He was moderately surprised when Lee's face darkened.

"I don't want to talk about it," he said. He paused for a moment, but he spoke up before Gaara began to punch the abused bag. "I know you're probably busy," he said, "but I was hoping to get someone to spar with me before leaving. I just didn't realize everyone would be gone by now."

"I probably wouldn't be too good," Gaara admitted, beginning to punch the bag. "I was never much of a fighter."

"It's not that hard," Lee told him. "It's really mostly about reactions. You're a fast guy, and I know from watching you play basketball that you have pretty quick reactions. You probably wouldn't do as bad as you think." Gaara was about to refuse when he looked over to Lee and saw a strange look in his eye. "Please," the black-haired boy pleaded.

"Fine," Gaara said reluctantly, punching the bag one last time for good measure. As the bag swayed back and forth to a stop, Lee led Gaara out to the main gym area – the place where the gym classes were held. It was a very large room with tall ceilings and bleachers along the side, folding up straight. The entire room was empty of the usual clutter that filled it during the day. All the equipment was put away by now, and there were no other people to clutter the room with bags and books.

Lee stopped and Gaara kept walking until they were a good distance away from each other, facing each other. When Gaara turned back around to face him, he saw that Lee had discarded his shirt, probably hoping to cool off a bit. Gaara didn't like the way that his eyes immediately searched out the boy's abs, which were very well-toned. Gaara expected nothing less.

Lee's body flexed, and Gaara looked up to see him smirking at Gaara in a fighting stance. He was obviously ready to get on with this. Gaara decided that his best chance of not humiliating himself would be to catch Lee off guard. He ran at the boy and prepared to punch him in the stomach. But he didn't expect Lee to be so quick, and Lee successfully dodged the punch. Without a target, Gaara kept going forward until he stumbled and crashed on the ground.

He looked up, embarrassed at his failure, and decided he would wait for Lee to attack him. He probably wouldn't be able to land hits on a seasoned fighter, but he could certainly try to dodge. Who knows, if he tired Lee out, he might actually be able to go on the offensive.

Lee noticed Gaara's change in strategy and mentally commended him for figuring out how to approach the fight so soon. Unless he wanted them to just stand there forever, Lee would have to make the first move. When he ran towards Gaara, the redhead steeled himself for a blow. Lee threw a punch at his side, but Gaara was able to block. Lee followed up with a sweeping kick, but Gaara managed to somehow jump in the air at the last second, as if Lee's foot was a jump rope. Lee was off-balance for a moment as Gaara landed, but managed to block the redhead's punch with his arm.

When Lee regained his balance, he send a chop to Gaara's neck, but the other teen was quick to realize what was going on. He ducked, but Lee followed up with a knee to the chest, landing his first good hit. Gaara fell backwards, falling on his ass once again. He glared up at Lee, not liking that he was winning this. The black-haired teen had lied: this wasn't easier than it looked.

After a few more blows, Gaara had been beaten down again. But this time, he was able to manage a hit on the senior. He and Lee were both out of breath by now. They had both been training for almost an hour before this as well, and Gaara was getting tired. But he couldn't let Lee win.

He got up and charged at Lee, sending punches and chops and arm thrusts at him, but Lee kept blocking. As good as Lee was at offense, he was even better at defense. But Gaara wouldn't let him win. He kicked at Lee's leg, but the kick was blocked again. Instead of attacking head-on, Gaara decided to feint, pretending to kick the same spot, but turning at the last second with a seeping kick that unbalanced the other teen. While he had his chance, Gaara slammed into him, and the two fell to the ground.

Gaara had the wind knocked out of him for a little bit, but when his head stopped spinning, he froze, realizing the position he and Lee were in. Lee was flat on his back, still shirtless, with Gaara lying half-on top of him. Gaara's sweaty head was resting on Lee's equally sweaty chest, and they were both breathing heavily.

Gaara looked up at Lee's face, and despite the large eyebrows and unflattering bowl-haircut, Gaara began to feel his pants tighten. He could feel Lee's bare chest as it heaved up and down. Suddenly, Gaara realized that Lee would be able to feel his erection if they stayed in that position any longer, so Gaara jumped off the boy, immediately turning his back on him to hide his predicament.

"G-Good match, Gaara," Lee said, sitting up. "That last feint was pretty impressive."

"Yeah," Gaara said awkwardly, not wanting to turn and look Lee in the eyes. "Well, this is over. I'm hitting the showers." Without waiting for Lee to respond, Gaara walked off, entering the locker room and beginning to undress. Before he had gone into the gym, he had put down his backpack, which had a spare set of clean clothes. That was good, considering he just sweat through the ones he was wearing.

He peeled off his shirt first, followed by his shorts, and then his socks and underwear. When he was completely naked, he threw his things into a locker and pulled out a bar of soap. He quickly got into the shower and started spraying cold water. By then, his erection was mostly gone, but he wanted to get it down the rest of the way.

After a few minutes, when his length had gone back down, he turned the water so he was standing under a hot spray. He didn't even move to clean himself yet. He just wanted to stand there and be showered with the hot water. He let his tension escape his body, not all of it, but enough for him to sigh contently.

Then he heard the door to the locker room open, and he hoped that Lee wouldn't come take a shower too. That was the last thing he needed. But Lee's footsteps continued, and soon, the black-haired teen was walking into the showers, as naked as Gaara was.

"You fought well, Gaara," Lee said as his showerhead began to spray him. "We should do this another time."

"Maybe," Gaara said. He didn't want to commit to anything, especially since the basketball season was going to start soon and he'd lose a lot of free time then. As the shower fell silent, Gaara unconsciously slid his gaze down Lee's toned back and looked upon his plump butt, and had to admit to himself that the boy was attractive, despite some of his less appealing features. In fact, it was all he could do to not walk over to the senior and start molesting him.

While Gaara continued to fuck him with his eyes, Lee turned around, and noticed the redhead giving him a look. Gaara flushed a bit, and responded to his questioning gaze by asking a question. "Why were you punching that punching bag like that earlier? You looked mad."

"I told you, I don't really want to talk about it," Lee replied, turning around quickly and looking down at the tiled floor.

"Well I didn't really want to spar," Gaara pointed out, making the other teen feel slightly guilty.

"If you have to know, I was rejected today," Lee said dejectedly. Gaara wasn't too surprised. If Lee asked him out, he would have probably done the same. Before he saw what Lee was hiding underneath that ugly jumpsuit, that is.

"Sorry," Gaara said, feeling a little bad for the other teen. "Out of curiosity, who was it?"

"Doesn't really matter, does it?" Lee asked miserably. "It doesn't change the fact that he reject –" he paused mid-sentence, but Gaara had already heard it.

"He?" Gaara asked. "I didn't know you're gay."

"Please don't tell anyone!" Lee exclaimed, turning around to face Gaara. It was the first time he had turned his body completely towards the redhead, and Gaara's eyes briefly jumped down to the well-endowed member that Lee had.

"I won't," Gaara promised, turning around to hide his re-growing erection.

"It makes you uncomfortable," Lee observed.

"Trust me, it doesn't," Gaara said. He could see why Gaara turning around would make Lee feel like he had a problem with it, but he couldn't just turn around with an erect cock, could he?"

"Yes it does," Lee accused. "You won't even look at me now."

"Trust me," Gaara repeated, not wanting to explain the situation to Lee. "I have absolutely no problems with it."

"Then why are you acting weird?" Lee asked, sounding a lot less offended and just more curious. He seemed to want to believe that Gaara wasn't repulsed by it. Gaara turned the cold knob on the shower up. Maybe he could make the swelling go down.

"Lee, I'm gay," Gaara confided. "It really doesn't matter to me."

"Y-You too?" Lee asked, obviously surprised by Gaara's admission. He paused for a second, and it was just enough for the cold water to do its work. When he spoke next, Gaara turned back around.

"So, have you ever been rejected by someone?" Lee asked, a faint blush covering his cheeks.

"I've never gotten the chance," Gaara said with a shrug. Lee's eyes widened almost comically, and Gaara blushed himself.

"Does that mean…you've never kissed a boy before?" Lee asked.

"Of course not," Gaara said with a shrug. "There aren't any gay kids in my year. I didn't even know there was another gay kid at this school.

"Of course there is!" Lee exclaimed. "My best friend Neji is gay, and I know for certain that Sasuke Uchiha is gay." The news didn't really surprise Gaara – both of those kids were pretty flamboyant, but neither really seemed to have any interest in guys. "And there are gay teachers here, too."

"Really?" Gaara asked, his interest having been piqued. "Which faculty members are gay?"

"I-I shouldn't have said that," Lee said, shaking his head. "He'll be so mad if I tell you."

"Fine," Gaara said shortly, turning back around and continuing to clean his body. If Lee wasn't going to tell him what he was talking about, then he had nothing to say. He could tell Lee still wanted to talk, but Gaara refused to look back at him. Finally, Lee decided that talking to the back of Gaara's head was better than not talking at all.

"So you've really never kissed a guy before?" Lee asked, sounding like it was astonishing. It made Gaara blush and feel like a loser. Why would he just come out and admit to Lee that he was more virginal than Mary? What in the world possessed him?

"No," Gaara seethed. It wasn't that big of a deal! Why did Lee keep making it out to be something unusual!?

"Would you like to?" the other boy asked, shocking Gaara. And although the water running over his body was nearly ice cold, Gaara had to fight to keep down the lil' Gaara. The redhead twisted his head around, looking at Lee with a shocked expression. Did he really just say what he thought he said? Obviously, if the blush on his cheeks was anything to judge by.

"W-Why?" Gaara asked. "Is this some sort of trick?"

"No!" Lee shouted, his voice echoing on the walls. "I just thought you'd like to…you know…try it out." He shook his head. "Forget it…I shouldn't have asked." He turned around to his shower, but Gaara turned around from his own just ask quickly.

"Wait!" Gaara exclaimed, his hearth thumping rapidly. He didn't want Lee to be rejected twice in one day. This was only the nice thing to do. It had nothing to do with how great Lee's butt looked, and it definitely had nothing to do with the nice piece of meat hanging between his thighs. "I-I want to do it."

Lee turned around, stunned that Gaara was receptive. He had always thought that the redhead hated human contact. Through their last three years on the track team together, they had never actually spoken before today, and he almost never saw Gaara with any other people. Never having asked anyone out or kissed someone reinforced his belief.

He must have looked kind of odd standing there with his mouth open, because Gaara took it upon himself to traverse across the showers until he was standing a few feet away from the black-haired teen. He wouldn't be the one to initiate the kiss, though. He waited for Lee to do that.

Lee obliged, slowly lowering his mouth over Gaara's. The kiss was kind of awkward, with the cute sloppiness that one might expect from a first time kisser. Lee and Gaara both opened their mouths to allow the other to explore, and Gaara moaned as Lee's tongue slid over his teeth. Gaara didn't know whether it was Lee who embraced him or if it was the other way around, but they were soon embracing each other, their hard lengths pressed against each other. Lee started gyrating his hips, and Gaara followed suit, and soon they were humping each other while kissing.

Gaara pulled away from the kiss and planted his lips on Lee's collarbone. He sucked and bit until there was a sizeable bruise there to mark the senior. He moved a little further up the neck, and Lee threw his head back. As Gaara left another hickey on the older boy's neck, his hands traveled down Lee's taut back and settled on his rump, giving them a gentle squeeze as he bit the other's neck.

Lee cried out as Gaara continued, and realized that Gaara was catching on quickly for a new kisser. He lifted Gaara's chin up and recaptured his lips, possessively crushing their mouths as close together as possible. Gaara gave up control once more, and allowed Lee to lead the kiss. As Gaara's hands felt Lee's supple ass, Lee's hands were firmly planted on the redhead's hips, holding him in place.

Suddenly, Lee pulled back for a minute, and Gaara almost whined at the lack of contact. Lee looked the younger boy in the eyes intensely, and Gaara felt so small suddenly. He could feel Lee's cock twitch against Gaara's own, and the redhead unconsciously thrust slightly.

"Do you want to keep going?" Lee asked. Gaara only nodded, and the two were attached at the lips again. Gaara pushed Lee backwards, never breaking the kiss, until Lee was pressed up against the shower wall, his hardness pushed against Gaara's thigh and Gaara's against his. He wasn't sure if he wanted to go any further than touching, but this felt so good. Could he lose his virginity to Gaara like this?

Gaara broke away and began to kiss down Lee's chest, pausing to swivel his tongue around each nipple until they were pointing rock hard. He traveled down Lee's abs until he reached his bellybutton. Gaara stuck his tongue inside and kissed his navel, hoping that Lee was enjoying this. If his hardness was anything to go by, then he definitely was.

When Gaara was done, he finally settled down on his knees to look Lee's cock in the eye. He slowly kissed it before opening his mouth to suck on the head. He wrapped his hand around the base as he slowly worked more and more into his mouth, causing Lee to lean his head back on the wall. When Gaara had most of the cock in his mouth, he started bobbing up and down on the cock, and Lee was sure he wouldn't be able to last long.

Gaara seemed to be a pro, despite not having any prior experience. He hallowed his cheeks and moaned around Lee's cock, sending shivers of pleasures up the senior's spine. He didn't know when, but at some point, he realized he had started thrusting into Gaara's mouth to match the redhead's rhythm.

Gaara reached around Lee's body, and started circling his long, slender fingers around Lee's ass before slowly pushing a finger inside. Lee instantly tightened up, but allowed Gaara entrance when the redhead pulled his mouth off his cock and started licking his balls. When Gaara swallowed a ball into his mouth and started playing with Lee's erection with his other free hand, Lee was pretty sure he was going to cum. Gaara abandoned the balls to resume sucking on Lee's cock, as he thrust in and out of the senior's hole with his wet hand.

Finally, Gaara gave a hard suck as he thrust his finger in, and Lee came with a shout down Gaara's throat. It was hard to swallow it all, but Gaara managed to get most of it, with only a little cum dribbling out of his mouth. He stood back up and licked his lips, looking at Lee with intense lust.

"Do you want to…" Gaara began, but trailed off. He didn't want to come on too strongly, but he knew since he'd seen Lee's ass what he really wanted. And he knew that Lee wanted it too. Just as Gaara had done before, Lee sheepishly nodded, and Gaara leaned in to kiss him. Gaara reached over to the body wash that Lee had brought with him, pouring a generous amount on his fingers.

Lee turned around so he was pressed up against the wall, his ass exposed for Gaara's fingers. The redhead slowly slid one finger back inside the elder boy, and began to slide it in and out, stretching him out. Lee was panting in excitement, his cock hardening once more at the redhead's ministrations.

Gaara slowly slipped in a second finger to join the first, further stretching Lee out. Lee grunted at the intrusion, but soon became adjusted. When Gaara started moving his fingers in a scissoring motion, Lee continued to pant, his erection becoming painfully hard once more. Gaara's own cock was still standing straight up, enjoying the feeling of pleasuring the senior.

Gaara pulled his fingers out with a plop and squirted some more of the body wash on his straining cock, lubing it up nicely. He squirted a little bit more into Lee's ass before lining up his cock.

"Are you sure about this?" he asked. Lee looked over his shoulder and nodded, looking straight into Gaara's teal eyes. Gaara began to press inside, the tight heat of Lee's ass enveloping his cock in a remarkable sensation that made him wonder how he went so long without this. He could see some pain in Lee's facial expression, so he decided to slow down. He let Lee get used to the feeling of his cock inside of him before pushing in a little further.

This went on for a few minutes, Gaara not wanting to make this too painful for Lee. Eventually, he managed to get all of it inside the older boy, and could feel those supple ass cheeks pressed against his thighs. He slowly began to rock in and out, and when Lee began to mirror the motions, Gaara started to really thrust.

It was an amazing feeling, pounding into the ass in front of him. He buried his face in the back of Lee's neck, reveling in this feeling. He didn't know if anything he'd ever done could measure up to the intense pleasure he was feeling now. The sound of flesh slapping on flesh echoed across the room, and Gaara bit into Lee's neck.

Suddenly, Gaara stopped thrusting and lowered his head so that his lips were touching Lee's ears. "I want to see you," he whispered. He pulled out of Lee, and the other boy turned around. Gaara picked Lee up, and the senior wrapped his legs around Gaara's midsection, his back pressed up against the wall. He slowly lowered Lee onto his cock.

The rhythm picked up again, and Gaara managed to get deeper inside the other boy like this. Lee leaned down and captured Gaara's lips in a frenzied kiss, enjoying the taste of the other male as he thrust inside him. This feeling was the best he'd ever had. He could stay like this forever and be perfectly content…until, you know, tomorrow, when some other students would undoubtedly show up and wonder why Gaara was fucking Lee in the shower during class.

Suddenly, Gaara's cock brushed against a spot inside him, and Lee cried out in immense pleasure, lowering his head to Gaara's neck, panting. His cock was throbbing against Gaara's abs, and he could feel release coming on once more. As the redhead thrust into him, Lee's member was rubbed against Gaara's own body, and they were both near release.

Lee recaptured Gaara's lips as he clamped his ass down on the redhead's cock. Gaara came with a strangled cry, his seed pouring into Lee as he rode out his orgasm. Gaara nearly bit down on Lee's tongue from the pleasure, but managed to stop himself. Finally, Lee couldn't hold it anymore and began to cum all over Gaara's chest, his ass muscles clamping down on Gaara's still-releasing cock, pulling even more pleasure from the redhead.

Finally, when they were both finished and the only sounds that could be heard were the echoes of panting, Gaara let Lee down. Both of their lengths had started to shrink, and Gaara smirked. "It looks like we need to take a shower." Lee laughed and twisted the hot water knob, enjoying the feeling of standing under the spray in Gaara's embrace.

"Maybe we should do this more often," he suggested. "That was amazing."

"Yeah," Gaara panted as the spray washed Lee's seed off his chest.

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