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Chapter Five: You Teach Me Math, I'll Teach You Sex

Kiba almost groaned out loud when Mr. Hatake handed back his previous test. He knew he wasn't going to get a good grade on it after the lack of studying he did beforehand, but he didn't expect to get a 54! It was the worst grade he'd gotten so far in this class. He watched the teacher give out the other grades, and saw miniscule facial expressions that told him who else got a bad grade, and who got a good one. The only person he couldn't read was Shikamaru Nara, but he had a reputation for having a perfect average, so Kiba didn't have to guess how well he did.

He looked down at the test, marred with red all over. Damn, his mother was going to kill him when she found out. The words See me were scrawled in at the top in Mr. Hatake's handwriting, in the same red pen that was used to destroy Kiba's passing grade.

After he finished handing out the tests, he answered questions until the bell. Kiba didn't particularly want to talk to Mr. Hatake about the test, but he didn't really have a choice. Maybe he could ask Mr. Hatake for an extra credit assignment to boost his average up.

"You wanted to see me," Kiba said quietly when he walked up to the desk. Students were still shuffling out, and Kiba didn't want them all to know how badly he'd done.

"You understand why you got that grade, right?" Mr. Hatake asked, giving Kiba a disappointed look. Kiba nodded, but didn't speak up. "Did you study?" He shook his head no, and Mr. Hatake rolled his eyes. "Even the brightest students need to study for the unit exams," Mr. Hatake continued. "You shouldn't just walk in and expect a good grade if you haven't put the effort into studying."

"I tried," Kiba told him, speaking louder now that no one was leaving anymore. "Whenever I opened up my binder, though, it all just confused me. I had no idea what I was looking at."

"That's why you need to pay more attention in class," Mr. Hatake told him. After a moment, he continued. "You're going to need a tutor."

"Can't I just do extra credit to make it up?" he asked, but Mr. Hatake shook his head.

"It's a department policy that extra credit isn't allowed," he explained. "But I don't want to see you fail, Kiba. You're a good kid, and one hell of a basketball player." Kiba allowed a small smile. "I'll give the option to everyone who did poorly to take an extra test that will be averaged into your grade. If you manage to ace that test and the next two tests, you will bring your grade back up to a C." Kiba nodded, his smile getting bigger.

"Thanks so much Mr.–" he began, but he was cut off.

"You're still going to need a tutor," Mr. Hatake told him. "I'm not available for extra help after school, so unless you want to work at the math center…" Kiba grimaced. Everyone knew that the woman who worked at the math center was as mean as she was unhygienic. "…you should look into it." He raised his eyes so he was looking past Kiba. "Mr. Nara, the bell has rung."

Kiba looked over his shoulders to see Shikamaru Nara wake up from his corner in the back of the class. He must have fallen asleep as Mr. Hatake went over the exam. He stood up lazily and slung his book bag over his shoulder. He began to walk out silently, but Mr. Hatake spoke up.

"Shikamaru, do you mind doing me a favor?" he asked. Shikamaru stopped and turned around.

"It depends on what it is," he said simply.

"Kiba here asked me if I could help him find a tutor," he said, making Kiba groan. He was just going to study alone; he didn't really need a tutor. Getting the gist of what Kakashi was asking, he shrugged his shoulders.

"My rate is $15 an hour," Shikamaru said lazily.

"How about extra credit?" Mr. Hatake offered before Kiba could protest paying him. Kiba wondered why Shikamaru would need extra credit, but then he recalled talking to a mutual friend of theirs that Shikamaru only got Bs because he never did homework, despite his constant As on tests. Shikamaru shrugged again, and Mr. Hatake smiled. "Good. You two can discuss it on the way to your next class."

Kiba opened the door for Shikamaru, who hadn't changed his clothes since class. Of course, Kiba wouldn't have either if he didn't have basketball practice. He stepped aside to allow his new tutor into his house, and watched nervously as Shikamaru looked around.

Kiba's house was certainly not the largest one around, nor was it the nicest. He was always nervous when he had company over that they would find his house too shabby or something. He was one of the few poor kids who went to Konoha High through a basketball scholarship as opposed to paying for it. He'd only transferred at the beginning of the year from Shinobi Regional High School, and the scholarship was dependent on his grades. That was why he couldn't fail a single class.

Shikamaru settled down on his couch, and Kiba followed as Shikamaru pulled out a large textbook, simply called Geometry. It was right down to business as Shikamaru went over Kiba's test with him, comparing the test questions to similar examples in the textbook and explaining how to do the problem step-by-step.

He was actually really helpful. He explained things in a much simpler way than Mr. Hatake did, so when he gave Kiba an example to do, Kiba was able to get it down really easily. After a few different problems, it was time for Shikamaru to go home, but they settled on a twice-a-week schedule afterschool on Wednesdays and on Saturday afternoons.

He'd given Kiba some examples from the textbook to do before the next session, and while Kiba didn't appreciate having homework from a tutor, he was incredibly proud of himself when he managed to do them all without issue. When Shikamaru returned on Saturday to tutor him, even he was impressed at Kiba's improvement.

"You're a good teacher," Kiba told him simply.

On the next Wednesday, they were going over the homework that Mr. Hatake had assigned, and Kiba was having a harder time on this topic than he had on the previous one.

"No, no, no," Shikamaru said, shaking his head. He leaned over Kiba and grabbed the pencil, writing next to Kiba's messy scrawl. "You use tangent if you're given the legs of the triangle." Kiba noted that in the back of his mind, but was more concerned with the way that Shikamaru's face and body were so close to his own. He swallowed before turning his attention back to the work. "Remember the mnemonic 'SohCahToa'. Sine equals opposite over hypotenuse, cosine equals adjacent over hypotenuse, and tangent equals opposite over adjacent." Kiba nodded, but was slightly disappointed when Shikamaru pulled away.

He'd gotten that question right, in the end, but he still had a problem with the rest of the questions. Shikamaru repeated his earlier movements, and he ended up too-close-for-comfort a few more times that day. Well, to be honest, Kiba wouldn't have minded if he was even closer.

The next session was spent studying for the make-up test that would happen on Monday. Kiba understood much of what happened on the test now, but there were still some issues that he needed help with. The next time Shikamaru leaned over him, Kiba allowed himself to look over the other teen's features.

Shikamaru had never seemed to stand out to him before, but now that he looked closely, he could admit that Shikamaru was very attractive. He had a little bit of stubble from being too lazy to shave every day, but whenever he did shave, his skin was so smooth. He never got a zit, which was something Kiba could envy about him. His lips seemed fuller when he was up close, and his eyebrows looked incredibly well-maintained, which was a weird thought for Kiba to have.

It was weird how fascinated Kiba was with the miniscule details of Shikamaru's face. He noticed that the size and shape of his nose was nothing extraordinary, but there was something innately cute about it. The way Shikamaru bit his bottom lip when he was concentrating was somewhat erotic to Kiba, and more than once that session, he'd been caught staring.

The session was longer than usual, being the last one before a test, which gave Kiba more time to absorb his growing attraction to the other boy. He began to wonder what Shikamaru would look like shirtless, and those thoughts led to even dirtier ones. Kiba moved the textbook from the table onto his lap, aware that he was starting to stir down there.

Kiba was nervous after school as he sat in the front of his math classroom. Most of the students had already left, but Kiba had to stay late to take the test. He was the only one who opted to take the extra test, so it was just him and Mr. Umino who was proctoring. Apparently, Mr. Hatake was too busy to administer the exam.

He was confident when he left that he'd done well, but there were a few things that were a little difficult for him. He knew he passed, at the very least. But did he ace it, as Mr. Hatake told him he must? Would a C or a B be sufficient, or would Kiba really need the A?

It was Wednesday – the day that Shikamaru was to next show up at Kiba's for tutoring – when Mr. Hatake handed back the exam.

"Good job," he told Kiba, whose eyes immediately found the red 94% that was circled at the top of the page. He couldn't even contain his grin, looking up at Mr. Hatake as if to make sure this was real. He nodded. "I can see the improvement. I think having a tutor has been helpful for you." Kiba knew that he'd never have gotten such a good grade without Shikamaru.

That day, when Shikamaru showed up, Kiba immediately hugged him tightly, so excited about his grade. He'd sent a picture of the grade to all his friends, who congratulated him. It was definitely the best grade he'd gotten in any math class. When he finally pulled away, he felt a small flush creep up his neck at Shikamaru's odd look, so Kiba pulled out the test.

"Not bad," Shikamaru said. Even though he seemed indifferent, Kiba knew he was moderately impressed.

"Not bad?" Kiba asked incredulously. "It's fuckin' awesome!"

"I guess you don't need me now that you've got your A," Shikamaru said with a shrug. He turned as if to leave, but Kiba immediately stopped him.

"Wait!" he shouted. His first thought was that he didn't want Shikamaru to leave and never stop by again. He couldn't exactly say that, though, so when Shikamaru looked at him as if to ask why he shouldn't leave, Kiba had to come up with another reason. "I only passed because of you. If I want to get good grades on the next two exams, I'll still need your help." After a moment, Shikamaru shrugged.

"I guess I'm already here. It would be a drag to have come all this way for nothing," he figured.

This time, Kiba understood the topic a little better, but he still made mistakes. Every time he made a mistake, Shikamaru leaned over him again to correct him, and Kiba enjoyed the close feeling. So he kept pretending, and every time Shikamaru leaned over him, he wondered if Shikamaru was gay. When he realized that it was highly unlikely, he just hoped that Shikamaru would be open to experimentation.

All he wanted was a kiss. That's what he told himself whenever Shikamaru leaned over him. Session after session, week after week. He'd brought his grade up by a bunch between his exam and his now-passing homework grades. Every time that Shikamaru leaned over him to correct purposeful mistakes, Kiba wondered how he would react if he leaned over and kissed him. He almost did it once too, but he chickened out at the last moment.

When Shikamaru came over after they got their most recent test back, Kiba hadn't even thought about it. He showed Shikamaru his 98%, and this time when he hugged the brunet, he pressed his lips to Shikamaru's as well.

He felt him go still, and that was when he realized that he potentially made a mistake. He pulled back immediately, and looked at the shocked face of his tutor. Shikamaru was usually so good at seeming indifferent to everything that such a display seemed foreign on his face.

"I'm so sorry," Kiba said quickly. "I don't even know where it came from."

"Is this a joke?" Shikamaru asked, his shocked expression turning angry. Kiba wasn't sure where it came from.

"A jo–" Kiba was confused by his reaction, but didn't have time to ask Shikamaru to elaborate before the other cut in.

"Who told you?" His face was contorted in anger, while Kiba remained speechless. What was Shikamaru even talking about.

"Told me what?" Kiba asked, but it only seemed to make Shikamaru angrier.

"Stop pretending," Shikamaru told him. "I'm not falling for it." Kiba was about to ask again, but Shikamaru continued. "This is the thanks I get for helping you pass? You play this cruel joke on me?"

"It's not a joke!" Kiba defended. "I said I was sorry. If you're offended that I kissed you, then there's the door," he pointed at the door behind the other teen. "As much as I like you, I'm not going to listen to you yell at me. This wasn't some joke I was playing on you, it was a mistake."

"Why else would you kiss me?" Shikamaru asked, calming down a little bit. "Guys don't just kiss other guys."

"They do if they're gay!" Kiba shouted at him, happy that his mother and sister weren't home to hear his admission. The only person he'd told so far was Naruto, who he knew could understand. Shikamaru seemed to be a little taken aback by Kiba's admission, which shouldn't be that surprising. After all, Kiba did kiss him.

"You're…" Shikamaru began, looking incredibly confused. "You're gay?"

"Why else would I kiss you?" Kiba asked. There was something weird about how Shikamaru didn't even consider the fact that Kiba might be gay.

"So you didn't know I was bi?" Kiba wasn't sure whether he was more elated or surprised by Shikamaru's admission, but he settled for the first. He was actually attracted to a guy who might be attracted to him as well? That was so awesome!

"No," he said at once. "I had no idea. I just kissed you because I wanted to." Shikamaru didn't reply, so Kiba just decided to push his luck. "I still want to." He hoped he wasn't coming on too strong. But when Shikamaru still didn't respond, Kiba decided to take matters into his own hands.

This time, he kissed with confidence in place of spontaneity, and he was encouraged by Shikamaru's lack of pushing him away. He held Shikamaru's face in his hands as he tentatively opened his mouth to swipe his tongue along Shikamaru's lip. There was some hesitation on the other boy's part, he sensed, but after a moment, something seemed to snap in Shikamaru, and he opened his mouth, accepting Kiba eagerly.

Kiba's tongue met Shikamaru's, and they kissed slowly and deeply. Kiba didn't want to shove his tongue down Shikamaru's throat, so he allowed the other to take control of the kiss. Kiba took his hands from Shikamaru's face and wrapped them around the other teen, pulling them flush against each other as their mouths moved against each other. Kiba could feel Shikamaru's growing hardness meeting his already-quite-hard member, and Shikamaru immediately pulled back.

"I'm sorry," Shikamaru admitted. "I'm not exactly used to this."

"It's alright," Kiba said quickly. "I'm just glad you didn't push me away." He gave Shikamaru a cocky smirk. "If you decide you want to get used to this, I'm here for you." Shikamaru's face flushed slightly, and Kiba realized that he had understated his experience. Shikamaru looked like this was his first time in a situation like this, and Kiba wondered if he'd ever even kissed a guy before. He walked close again, and spoke to Shikamaru with his mouth just centimeters away from the other's. "I could tutor you in this, in exchange for you tutoring me in math." Not that he really needed to give an extra incentive for Shikamaru to tutor him. "How do Mondays and Fridays sound?" he asked with a smirk.

Shikamaru flushed, which turned Kiba on so much more. "I should come to your house, though. I don't want my mom or my sister seeing us together. They don't know." Shikamaru nodded, and Kiba was elated. Sure, it wasn't a conventional date, but it would do.

Kiba hoped he smelled nice for Shikamaru. After school on Friday, he'd gone home quickly to shower and dress a little nicer than usual, trading in sweatpants for jeans and a sweatshirt for a long-sleeved v-neck. He made sure to put on a nice cologne, and brushed his teeth about five times. God forbid his mouth taste like the tacos they had at lunch today.

Shikamaru opened the door after Kiba had rung the bell, and he stepped aside to allow Kiba inside. Kiba looked around the house, decorated in white and navy blue, and noted that it was much nicer than his house. He didn't see or hear anyone else, and due to the lack of cars in the driveway, he assumed they were alone.

He wasn't really sure that they would actually make this a thing. Kiba just assumed they'd hook up a little bit, Kiba would show Shikamaru the joys of sexual activity, and they would decide to just be friends with benefits or potentially look to have a relationship. He didn't expect to keep to a twice-a-week schedule.

"So what do we do first?" Shikamaru asked, trying not to sound so clueless.

"Whatever you want to do," Kiba told him. Because he was the more sexually active of the two, he wanted Shikamaru to establish boundaries.

"I don't know where to start," Shikamaru admitted. Well, this wasn't going anywhere. Kiba decided to take the initiative and press his lips to the other teen's. Shikamaru was very receptive, but now that Kiba paid attention to it, it was a little obvious that he hadn't had any experience before. It's alright, though…that would be fixed soon enough.

He turned them around and slowly walked them towards the white couch, never letting their lips stop. He noticed that Shikamaru had actually shaved this morning, and a large part of him hoped that he had shaved specifically for this. When the back of Shikamaru's knees hit the edge of the sofa, Kiba lightly pushed him down and straddled his lap.

"Tell me if I'm going to fast," he told the brunet before beginning to unbutton the shirt Shikamaru was wearing. Shikamaru stayed still as stone as each button was undone, until the shirt was completely unbuttoned. Neither moved to remove the shirt, but Kiba pushed the two sides over to expose Shikamaru's pale stomach.

He wasn't incredibly muscular, nor was he bony-skinny. He had a decent amount of flab, but just enough to make him look healthy. That was good; Kiba hated bony guys. He ran both hands up Shikamaru's chest, allowing them to stop at the nipples. He played with them symmetrically as he leaned forward to place a kiss to the hollow of Shikamaru's neck.

Shikamaru began to squirm when Kiba began to lick and nip the skin at the base of his neck, and he gave small, erotic sounds each time Kiba did something special to his nipples. After latching his mouth down on a specific spot and causing a nice-sized hickey, Kiba and Shikamaru removed his shirt entirely so that Kiba could have more access.

He moved his mouth down to Shikamaru's left nipple, giving it a nice suck before moving over the other and doing the same. He could feel Shikamaru's hardness straining against his jeans, so he moved back and unbuttoned the top. He looked at Shikamaru for confirmation before pulling them down, and when Shikamaru gave him a nod and lifted his hips, Kiba yanked his pants down to his ankles. Shikamaru's cock sprang free from the hole in the front of his boxers, and Kiba smirked.

"Someone's happy to see me," he said with a smirk, causing a flush to creep up Shikamaru's neck. He tickled his perineum before dragging his hand along Shikamaru's thigh, up to the joint between his groin and his legs, and then over to Shikamaru's aching cock. He slowly stroked it base to tip, and smirked as Shikamaru threw his head back. He continued to slowly stroke him, as he moved up to kiss his neck again. Instead of putting more hickeys there, he decided to just give brief kisses to the skin as he worked his magic with his hands. "Do you like this?" he whispered into Shikamaru's ear, causing the other guy to groan.

He returned to focusing his full attention on Shikamaru's length, beginning to trace circles on his thighs with one hand as the other stroked. Shikamaru tried to start humping his hand, but Kiba held his hips down, causing such a sweet pain. He continued to slowly stroke, forcing Shikamaru not to thrust, until he could sense Shikamaru's coming orgasm.

Without warning, he removed his other hand and began to stroke his cock with unrelenting fervor. Shikamaru almost immediately reached orgasm, the first shot of cum shooting into the air before landing on his chest. The next bursts continued to land all over his chest and stomach as Kiba helped him ride out the best orgasm of his life.

The next day, Saturday, was scheduled to be a day for Shikamaru to tutor Kiba. Without Kiba playing dumb, it went much quicker, leaving Kiba time to give Shikamaru a blow job before his mom and sister got home.

He pulled down Shikamaru's pants and boxers in one motion this time, and allowed him to keep his shirt on. He started by stroking the member to full mast, as he teased his balls with his tongue. He engulfed one in his mouth as Shikamaru was rendered speechless by his ministrations.

A low groan escaped from Shikamaru's throat as Kiba licked around the head of his cock, and when he began to engulf the head. He slowly moved his head down the shaft, taking a little more in each time he bobbed, until nearly all of it was in his mouth. Shikamaru began to pant and make soft moaning sounds as Kiba sucked more and more.

He hallowed his cheeks, causing Shikamaru to buck his hips. He was caught by surprise and gagged a little bit when the entirety of Shikamaru's cock moved past his lips. Shikamaru profusely apologized, but Kiba assured him it was fine. Kiba did a trick he'd learned from the internet to get rid of his gag reflex – he made a fist with his thumb inside the rest of his hand before putting Shikamaru's cock back in his mouth.

This time, he was able to take Shikamaru all the way in his mouth, even if it was a little uncomfortable at first. He made a moaning noise, which he knew was one of the best things one could do during a blow job. Shikamaru shouted out, but there was no one except for Kiba to hear him. He ran his fingers through Kiba's hair, causing the other to increase his pace.

He found giving blow jobs to be very erotic, and his own cock was throbbing painfully in his pants. He pulled them down as he let Shikamaru's hands begin to guide his head instead, allotting control of the blow job. He stroked his own cock and stopped moving his head, forcing Shikamaru to push it down each time. He had no qualms with releasing control, and in fact, he loved the feeling of Shikamaru taking the lead in this. When Shikamaru buried himself balls deep in Kiba's throat as orgasm hit, Kiba released his own cock and held Shikamaru's hips. Even after spurt after spurt of Shikamaru's seed finished spilling down his throat, Kiba continued to suck as if Shikamaru's cock was a lollipop.

When he finally released his cock and stood up, Shikamaru noticed that Kiba had a pretty big erection of his own that needed seeing to. "Do you mind if I…" he asked Kiba. When Kiba shook his head, Shikamaru pulled him down onto the sofa and pushed his pants down further. He leaned over, looking at the erection intensely before giving it a tentative lick. Kiba groaned softly as Shikamaru decided to go a little further.

Shikamaru opened his mouth to engulf the head, and soon worked his mouth a few inches down Kiba's cock. Kiba threw his head back as Shikamaru began to bob up and down. His technique might not have been the best, but knowing it was Shikamaru sucking him off was enough. He'd improve eventually. And it seemed Shikamaru picked up on Kiba's "moaning-around-the-cock" trick, because he did just that to entice Kiba into orgasm.

He had to resist impaling Shikamaru's face on his cock, because he didn't want to put him off so quickly. Shikamaru seemed a little shocked when Kiba's cum began to spurt down his throat, but he didn't complain, and he swallowed it all without question. Kiba appreciated that from a partner – not many first-timers would do that so simply.

They both dressed and cleaned up their math work before Kiba's mom and sister returned home. His mother invited Shikamaru over for dinner, but the other brunet politely refused and went home.

Kiba didn't see Shikamaru on Sunday, but after school on Monday, he traveled to the boy's house for their next "session." He wondered what today had in store for them, and briefly wondered if they could try real sex today.

They didn't, as it turned out, but there was some better news when he arrived.

"My parents are going away this weekend," Shikamaru told him in the afterglow of two mind-blowing orgasms each, neither involving anal sex. "If you want to stay over Friday night and we can do the math here on Saturday, you're invited."

"Sure," Kiba said immediately, excited by the prospect of having Shikamaru in bed all to himself for days and nights. That Wednesday, when Shikamaru came over to Kiba's for math, he didn't initiate anything, wanting to save himself for the weekend. His mother had no problem with him staying with a friend for a few days as long as he called her every morning and every night to check in.

When Friday finally came, Kiba was more excited than he could put into words. This wouldn't be his first time in any way, but it would be the first time he had feelings attached to it. After a few weeks, he could safely say that he was starting to develop feelings for Shikamaru. He wasn't sure whether or not the feelings were mutual, but he hoped to keep this going as long as possible before messing it up with feelings.

They were in no rush. They began by just watching some television together. It took a while to find a show that both were interested in, but they settled on Game of Thrones. Shikamaru had started watching On Demand a few days ago and was near the end of the most recent season. Despite having seen all the episodes a few times, Kiba watched alongside during the second-to-last episode.

As the end of the last episode neared, Kiba reached over and began to stroke Shikamaru's thighs. After another minute or two, he moved over to the growing bulge in his jeans and started feeling it up through the denim. Shikamaru had to concentrate extra hard on the show to absorb what was happening, and as soon as the season-finale cliffhanger came, Kiba turned off the TV and unbuttoned Shikamaru's pants.

Shikamaru pulled off his shirt before moving to undress Kiba as well. It was the first time they were both wholly naked at the same time, and Kiba drank in the way Shikamaru looked without clothing. He could just stare at him for hours on end if he wanted to, but he figured now wasn't the time to do that.

They embraced each other, their mouths joining together. Kiba's hands moved towards Shikamaru's two globes, while Shikamaru placed his around Kiba's neck, pulling him in tighter. Their cocks rubbed together in rhythm as they kissed, and they were soon outright humping each other. They moved over to the sofa, where Kiba lied down on top of Shikamaru, their cocks still moving against each other as their tongues danced. Shikamaru was the first one to come, having already been teased while watching the show. His seed spilled all over Kiba's pubic hair, and Kiba immediately came at the sensation of Shikamaru's cock throbbing against his own member during orgasm.

They had a wonderful dinner afterwards, and ended up talking more about themselves. Kiba learned that Shikamaru's father owned a brand of athletic equipment, and Kiba noted to get a pair of Nara athletic cups so he could have Shikamaru's name written on his junk. It was quite an erotic thought.

They learned a lot about each other over dinner, actually, and Kiba liked to consider it their first date, even if it wasn't really a date. He would delude himself as long as possible, because he couldn't be happier than he was in that moment.

After dinner, instead of going back to rutting like animals, they decided to watch a movie. Kiba jokingly suggested Twilight and then Justin Bieber's documentary, earning rolls of the eyes from Shikamaru. They eventually settled on Blazing Saddles, and had a great time laughing at the movie for hours.

After the movie was over, Kiba looked at the channel guide and was happy to see that the basketball game was on. He turned to watch the Knicks and Wizards game, engrossed in the incredibly close game. He noticed that Shikamaru wasn't nearly as into it as he was, but he was grateful Shikamaru didn't complain. There were only a few minutes left to the game anyway.

After the Knicks ended up winning, Shikamaru turned the TV off. "I think it's time to go to bed," he said, standing up.

"Can I come with you?" Kiba asked, not sure if Shikamaru expected them to share a bed or sleep apart tonight. Shikamaru's face flushed, but he nodded.

"Where else would you sleep?" he asked.

When they got up to the bedroom, they were soon stripped clean of their clothes again, and it was Shikamaru who decided to take the initiative this time. He laid Kiba down on the bed and placed himself between his legs, beginning to give him a blow job. He was a little more confident with it this time, and he was better than he had been on Monday.

"St-Stop," Kiba said when he realized he was nearing orgasm. He wanted something different tonight. Tonight was special. Shikamaru pulled away and looked at Kiba with a curious look. "Please fuck me," he said, and even though Shikamaru was speechless, Kiba knew that his answer was yes. There was already lube sitting out on the night stand, so Kiba took it and squeezed a bit onto his fingers. "Watch me," he said, slowly bringing a finger to his hole.

He inserted the first finger, which wasn't all that hard. He'd prepared himself a bit the night before, just for this occasion. When he'd first been exploring his sexuality, he realized that he loved bottoming. There wasn't even going to be a question who did what today. He thrust the finger in and out, leaning further back so that Shikamaru could watch him finger himself. He looked mesmerized by the sight.

Kiba pulled out his finger and put a little bit more lube on before putting two inside. He thrust in and out repeatedly until he managed to find his prostate. When he moaned and threw his head back upon finding it, Shikamaru looked like he was ready to come then and there. Kiba continued to prepare himself, only hitting his prostate once or twice more. He wanted to save the real fun for when it was Shikamaru's prick sheathed inside him, not his fingers.

After a few minutes, he figured he was well-prepared for what was to follow, so he pulled his fingers out and grabbed the lube. He pushed Shikamaru back and poured the lube generously onto his hand. He began to palm Shikamaru's erection, jerking it as it rose to full-mast. Shikamaru stayed still as Kiba positioned his hole on top of his cock. When Kiba began to slide down, Shikamaru moaned loudly.

"You're going to scream tonight, Shikamaru," Kiba told his top. "There's no one to hear us, so you're going to scream." He started off riding him slowly, but that didn't last long. It wasn't long before he was slamming himself down on Shikamaru's erection, meeting the other boy mid-thrust. Shikamaru matched his thrusting up to Kiba's downward motion, resulting in maximum penetration.

It was only a few thrusts before he found Kiba's prostate, and Kiba moaned out as he repeatedly hit the sensation. Each time, he clenched his ass cheeks around the other's cock. They'd already come all over each other a few hours previously, so they lasted a little longer than they would have already. Even so, they were both so close so quickly.

Kiba was the first to explode, having not even touched his cock. His seed shot fast and far, finding Shikamaru's face and dotting his chest all the way down to his midsection. As his orgasm wracked his body, his ass clamped around Shikamaru's erection, bringing him even closer.

Kiba picked up his pace, despite being finished. He wanted Shikamaru to scream. The brunet was usually so quiet during sex, only making small groans and moans. This time, Shikamaru would scream.

He could feel Shikamaru was close, and he picked up the pace even further. His thighs were tired of moving him up and down, but he didn't care. Shikamaru would have the most mind-numbing orgasm in his entire life tonight, or he wasn't Kiba Inuzuka.

"Say my name," he told Shikamaru as he crossed the threshold.

"KIBA!" Shikamaru yelled as he emptied his seed deep into Kiba's bowels. Even after he was done orgasming, Kiba remained on top of Shikamaru, refusing to let his softening cock leave his hole. He masterfully positioned them both beneath the sheets, enjoying being the small spoon. Shikamaru was wiped out, he knew, but at least he was able to wrap his arms around the larger boy.

"You were amazing," Kiba told him. "Seriously, the best I've ever had."

"And how many people would that include?" Shikamaru asked through panted breath.

"I'm not a slut," Kiba said defensively, a smile appearing on his face. When Shikamaru didn't answer, he rolled his eyes. "Two different people."

"That's not so bad," Shikamaru said sleepily.

"I'm planning on keeping my number at three for a while," Kiba promised.

"Coincidence," Shikamaru mumbled. "'m keeping mine at one."

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