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Yup, this is what happens when my werewolf muse is left untouched for months on end. I promise I'll make time for this. I don't own Hetalia.

Despite the full moon hanging above in the sky, it was a dark night.

Antonio was dashing ahead in a full-out sprint, gripping Lovino's hand tightly enough for it to go numb. Lovino was exhausted and and had trouble keeping up with the Spaniard.

However, he didn't stop running.

He didn't dare stop.

Not while he could still hear the vicious snarls, and snapping trees, and the sound of heavy paws behind them.

Everything had started out peacefully enough.

A moonlit picnic out with his Lovi. That was all he was expecting.

Not being chased through some pitch-black forest by a howling beast.

They heard the sounds of snapping tree roots getting closer and closer. Felt the blood-red eyes staring at the back of their necks.

"Don't look back!" Antonio heard Lovino cry out.

When Antonio heard a growl that was much too close for comfort, he looked back.


That was the first thing he noticed.

Scarlet eyes. Muzzle full of razor sharp teeth. Twisted claws that were only a few yards away from Lovino.

"Dammit!" Lovino screamed. "I just said don't look back, you stupid bastard!"

It was then that everything seemed to speed up.

The beast pounced. Lovino was on the ground. Antonio felt a shearing pain in his shoulder. Lovino screamed. Antonio screamed.

And gunshots rang out.


The first thing that Antonio noticed when he woke up was the brightness of the white room.

I'm in a hospital room, Antonio thought.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Lovino staring at him. His eyes were red and puffy from tears.

"Lovi..." Antonio moved to sit up, but was stopped by an immense pain in his shoulder. He hissed out in pain and fell back onto the bed.

Lovino's eyes narrowed. "Don't move, dumbass. You might reopen the wound."

"What happened?"

"We were having a picnic when that over-grown mutt attacked us," Lovino huffed. "You knocked me over and let it bite you in the shoulder. If a couple of hunters hadn't heard us screaming..." Lovino shook his head. "Just don't do scare me like that again!"

Antonio smiled. "Were you worried about me? That's so sweet."

Lovino blushed. "Of course I wasn't worried, bastard! You could be hit by a damn train for all I care!" He crossed his arms and slouched into his chair.

The door to the room opened. A young man with blonde hair, a strange drooping strand of hair hanging in his face, and a white coat stepped into the room.

"Glad to see you're finally awake, Mr. Carriedo."

"Hi, um..."

"Doctor Williams," the blonde finished for him. "I've been your doctor for the past two weeks-"

"QUE?" Antonio stared at the man in disbelief. "Two weeks?"

The doctor waved his arms. "Nothing to worry about. You had a severe fever and an infection, however we were able to cure it. Now that you're awake, you should be able to leave in a few days."

"It's about damn time," Lovino said. Though on the inside, he was letting out a sigh of relief.

"But for now, just do one thing for us," Doctor Williams said with a gentle smile.

Antonio tilted his head. "Sure. What is it?"

"Try to rest." With that, he left the room.

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