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By the time Arthur arrived, Lovino had managed to move Antonio to the living room.

Arthur had to crawl in through the same window Alfred had used. The Brit let out great sigh and attempted to straighten out his clothes.

"Lovino, I'm sorry for whatever inconvenience and/or damage this idiot may have caused..." Arthur's voice trailed off when he noticed Antonio staring at him from beside the couch. "Oh god..."

Lovino saw Arthur as the shocked man started to back away slowly. "Arthur! Wait! He won't do anything!"

Arthur was still inching back toward the window until he felt a hand on his shoulder. Arthur looked up to see Alfred with a serious look on his face.

"Arthur. It's fine."

"I was just about to explain everything," Lovino said as he sat onto the couch.

Arthur still kept his distance from the wolf on the ground. He stood as close behind Alfred as possible.

"It started about a month ago," Lovino started. "We were out during the full moon and a wolf bit Antonio-"

"Ohhhh!" Alfred's eyes immediately widened as he reexamined Antonio. He stood up and slowly started approaching him.

"What?" Arthur asked confusedly.

Antonio whimpered quietly and shuffled away from Alfred when the American stretched out a hand. The eager look that Alfred had faded into a frown.

"What's wrong? You know me; I don't bite."

Lovino's eyes narrowed. "Maybe because you still have that candelabra, stick, whatever-the-fuck-the-name-is in your hand."

As Alfred set down the candle-holder, Arthur crossed his arms. "You still haven't explained what's going on."

Lovino huffed in annoyance. "Antonio got bitten by a wolf last month, he's a werewolf now. All that noise you heard last night was him."

Arthur's eyes flicked over to the wolf. "Impossible."

"Obviously it is possible, unless we're all having the same nightmare at the same time."


I wish this were just a nightmare.

Antonio had Alfred looking down at him like a new puppy at a pet store while Lovino explained. Antonio squirmed under the gaze. He didn't like being stared at like that; like he was something at a zoo.

"If he even is a werewolf... I'm not saying I believe this nonsense for second! But if he is, what kind is he? There are so many different varieties in literature nowadays."

"Obviously not the shirtless 'change-whenever-he-wants' kind. He wouldn't have attacked Lovino then."

Antonio hung his head in shame. He did it again. Nearly hurting Lovino.

Why can't I be that kind? It would have made things so much easier.

"He isn't one of the batshit insane ones you see in American movies."

"Unless he's a good actor." At this comment, Alfred stepped away.

Antonio barked out in annoyance at this. Hey! I can still understand what you're saying!

Lovino seemed to get the message. "Sorry."

"Alfred, go check the moon. I want to know how long until sunrise."

Alfred walked over toward the window and pulled back a curtain. The moment Antonio saw the moon his eyes grew wide. Without thinking, he threw his head back and howled. The three men in the room nearly jumped at the noise. Alfred dropped the curtain and the wolf stopped howling.

Antonio felt his mind and senses grow cloudy once again. No... Not again! He started trying to resist the haze. He had to stay in control. But this was only his second night like this, of course he had no idea how to maintain that control.

He could hear voices. They were fuzzy, like an old radio, but he could still tell what they were saying.

"G-Guys..." he could hear Alfred say. "His eyes just turned r-red!"

Red? My eyes are red now?

"Shit..." Lovino said. "Whatever you do, don't hurt him."

"But he's about to hurt me!"

"He can't control what the hell he's doing right now. He can't even see us. Antonio said something about a damn haze thing that blocked his senses."

He heard Alfred let out a squeak of fear. "A-Artie, give me something to push him back with! Anything!"

"No!" Lovino said. "See how he's limping right now? You did that, bastard! He can't control what he's doing, but he can still feel it whenever he gets hurt, apparently!"

Antonio heard a clatter of metal and snapped out of it. He saw Alfred gripping onto a metal rod that was beside the window.

S-Silver... Antonio whimpered and started shaking. It was made of the same stuff that caused the burning feeling in his paw. D-Don't hit me with that! Please!

Alfred lowered the rod when he noticed that Antonio's eyes were green again. He looked guilty. He turned his gaze to Arthur. "Arthur. You read a lot of magic and spell books and stuff, right?"

Arthur's face turned red. "What on Earth gave you that idea, Alfred? Me? Spell books? Don't be ridi-"

"Dude, I've been to the basement. I know what you keep down there," Alfred said bluntly. "You think there's something in those books that could help? Like a way to turn him back to normal?"

Antonio and Lovino whipped their heads in the Brit's direction. Arthur glanced between the two of them and sighed.

"I don't pretend to be an expert on magic. Werewolves aren't my area of expertise. Though, I suppose with a lot of research then maybe, just maybe, I could find a cure-"

Arthur was suddenly knocked off his feet by a blur of fur. Antonio was barking happily and licking/kissing Arthur's face.

Gracias! Gracias! Gracias! Gracias! Gracias! Gracias... When he noticed the stunned Brit pinned to the floor, Antonio finally stopped. Wait... What the hell am I doing? Oh dios! It's getting worse! Antonio scrambled off of him and gave him an apologetic look.

Arthur wiped his face and gave Antonio a half-hearted glare. "You're welcome. Now, do me a favor and never thank me like that ever again. Even after this is over. Please."

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