Kingdom Hearts: Ultimate Battle Tournament Sneak Peak

The new Tournament is here, and the heroes from the previous Tournaments will participate.

There will be new friends, Enemies, and Rivals to make.

"Hope you're not going to lose to me Sora." Hitomi said.

Sora and Erza's Partnership/Friendship will be put to a Test during the Tournament Rounds.

"Hope you're ready for what's coming Partner." Erza said.

"No kidding Erza." Sora replied.

Witness the Arrival of Crimson.

"Soon, I will have Sora's power, and I will destroy the Realms of Light!" Crimson said.

Witness Fiora's True Keyblade Master powers.

"I will not let you kill Sora, Crimson!" Fiora said.

Coming soon, is the most Exciting story of all times, the Ultimate Battle Tournament.

Kingdom Hearts: Ultimate Battle Tournament