"Matt" I purred out as I skipped through the hallways in my home. I was currently in a game of hide and seek with Matt who now lived with me for about seven days now. Our days together consisted of nothing but games, video games and pigging out until we grew tired and slept like pigs. I never questioned why Matt suddenly came to live with me though.

In those few days though Matt changed drastically. No longer did he dress in dirty mismatched clothes. Matt also seemed to have gained weight and didn't look so skinny anymore.

"Matt, where are you?" I sang as I danced down the hallway. I spotted a door open and grinned as I quickly rushed into the room.

Matt stood at his bed, looking down at a suitcase filled with his new clothes that my mom bought him and new games and batteries my dad gave him.

"What's this…" I whispered as I approached the red head.

"I have to go away, Andy." Matt muttered.

I blinked my eyes and looked back at the door to see my dad and this old man walk down the hallway.

"Where is he going again?" Dad asked, I sensed distress in his voice.

"It's called the whammy house. It's a home for gifted children such as Mail." The old man quickly answered. "He'll be taken care of so no need to worry, Mr. Takada."

"You can't go though…" I murmured weakly as I looked back at Matt who was now facing me. He clutched his suitcase in one hand and his small portable game in the other.

"I have to leave, Andy."

I felt my eyes water up and I quickly snatched the suitcase out of Matt's hand and threw it back on the bed. Wrapping Matt in the tightest hug I can give, but I couldn't help but sob as he patted my back gently.

"You'll be fine without me." Matt said as he pulled away from me. I hiccupped and watched as Matt grabbed my hand and placed his video game in it.

"We'll see each other again, Andy. I'll make sure of it so don't move."

I wiped the tears away from my eyes and nodded slowly.

"When we do see each other again you'll have to give me back my game though" Matt chuckled lightly as he grabbed his suitcase again and walked out of the room.


I blinked my eyes and looked over at my friend Yumi. "What?" I asked with a yawn as the two of us walked home together. We passed a dancing studio and checked our hair on the reflection of the glass.

"What do you think of Kira?"

I blinked my eyes and looked away from my reflection and over to Yumi who was staring back at me with bored brown eyes.

"I-I don't know… I don't have an opinion…" I whispered.

"Your cousin Kiyomi is Kira's spokesperson though, no?"

I sighed and nodded my head as my cousin's face flashed in my head.

"She's so busy with her job that she doesn't even bother to visit, let alone call" I murmured irritably. Yumi smiled at me and patted my shoulder, "I'm sure she still cares about you—"

"I know. I guess I'm just irritated that she isn't around anymore even though we live in the same city" I sighed, cutting off Yumi.

Yumi laughed and we continued walking home.

The two of us walked in silence and this gave me the opportunity to let my sixteen-year-old mind wander off. The air was fairly quiet except the sound of a motorcycle's engine in the far distance echoed.

I hate motorcycles…

"I wonder what's gonna happen at school tomorrow" Yumi mused as we crossed the street, but I ignored her.

The sounds of the engine seemed louder now. Oh geez.

"Are you okay, Andy?"

The sound of the motorcycle became so loud, I bet ten dollars that if I turn around I'll see it.

"Ah, what a pretty ride!" Yumi laughed. I rolled my eyes and out of the corner of my eye I watched as the bike parker right next to me.

Stopping to look at the driver, I noticed how the person was dressed in full out shiny leather. The person's arms were bare though and the head was covered with a black shiny helmet.

Judging from the muscles on the arms and flat chest, the driver must be a guy.

"Are you Andy?"

I raised an eyebrow and stared at my reflection on the helmet.

"Who's asking?" I muttered rudely.

Yumi nudged me and quickly smiled at the rider. "Sorry, sir. Andy isn't usually this rude. You just have to warm up to her!" she laughed and I immediately glared at her.

"Shut up…" I growled.


I blinked my eyes and watched as the guy held out his gloved hand to me. I stared at it and shook my head. I wasn't going to randomly grab some freak's hand. What if it was dirty. What if this guy is some crazy serial killer and decided that I'll be his next victim?

"Get on the bike."

I laughed and