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The blonde, chapter 2

"Young master, Lady Julia has arrived but I'm afraid Aunt Susan couldn't make it" Sebastian said calmly towards cousin Ciel.

"Sebastian dammit, I don-" Ciel didn't finish his sentence when Lady Julia entered the room and curtsied.

Ciel felt a faint blush on his cheeks when he caught eyes with Julia; finally Julia interrupted the silence "good evening Ciel" Julia gave a warm smile towards Ciel.

Ciel's blush became much more obvious when Julia greeted him, 'is cousin Ciel blushing' I thought for a moment 'Ciel's blush is somewhat cute' a blush creped on my cheeks.

'EH! Why did I just say that, ok calm down Julia it's obvious now you're attracted to cousin Ciel?' an embarrassment came over Julia.

"Good evening Julia" Ciel said with a fake smile, "I hope you are aware you will be living here now and then till Aunt Susan is finished with business in France" Ciel crossed his legs and laid his chin behind the palm of his right hand.

Ciel had an expressionless impression on his face which looked as if he was bored, I gained attention to his desk that were stacked with paperwork.

I then blurted out carelessly "Ciel why do you have stacks of paperwork on your desk?" in an instant I covered my mouth with both hands in embarrassment blushing hard 'stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid me I'm such an idiot, I'm to carless' I thought stupidly.

I then putted both my hands away from my mouth looking down trying to hide the fact I was blushing "you see I-" I then interrupted Ciel "you don't need to answer that, please forgive my distasteful manners" I smiled in embarrassment.

"No need to apologise" Ciel said calmly, "anyways since I'll be living here now and then I guess I'll need a room right?" I question.
"Of course, Sebastian" Ciel turns to Sebastian with eye contact "yes young master?" Sebastian questions "direct Julia to her room" Ciel ordered.

"yes, my lord" Sebastian bows down and follows his order given "lady Julia please come this way" Sebastian says with a warm smile.

I then nodded yes as a reply; Sebastian turned his back to Ciel then opens the office door "shall we take our leave lady Julia?"
"Of course" I replied calmly.

I walked towards the door but before exiting I quickly turned my head back at ciel which swiftly swung my dark brown pig tails left, we both then caught each other's eye I then gave a warm smile to Ciel giving him a surprised expression.

I turned my back to ciel and quickly catch up to Sebastian.

Silence was left in the hallways except the ends of my heels they clicked against the waxed floor creating echoes in the hallways.

Finally Sebastian interrupts the silence in the hallways "your room is just across from young master's dorm" Sebastian says soothingly.

"I guess I'm lucky" I smiled with relief; Sebastian looked down on me as if he was thinking of something.

We both then stopped in front of my dorm room, Sebastian twisted the door knob and I entered my room before I knew it my luggage was already in my dorm sitting beside my bed.

I then turn to Sebastian "do you mind if you can have me be momentarily?" I ask.

"As you wish" Sebastian then takes his leave closing the door behind him, I jump and lye back on the bed set 'the furniture looks fairly expensive' I thought 'I need to start unpacking my luggage' I planned in my head.

I got up and unpacked my luggage, momentarily I was finished just as planned.

The wind made whistling sounds outside of the window the whistling caught my attention I then walked towards the window opening the curtain.

I looked out the window but wasn't aware there was a garden, I then notice a boy who looked fairly young at an age of 16 who had blond hair with a white hair pin on.

I sighed with boredom 'those three haven't introduced their names yet to me I should probably go greet them' I thought.

I left my dorm room and wandered through the hallways hoping I'll be able to find my way to the garden.

As I was walking I heard a conversation coming from a room, as I walked closer I recognised those two voices.

It was the voices of Ciel and Sebastian I then peeked inside secretly, carefully not making them aware of my presence.

As I peeked and ease dropped Ciel had taken off his eye patched which revealed what he had hidden behind the eye patch.

My eyes widened in my surprise ciel had a pentagram mark on his left eye but why was that I hesitated, I couldn't hear clearly what they were saying however Sebastian had a pentagram mark on his right hand.

I staggered away from Ciel's office door in surprise, I felt as if I had something to do with this in the past, I know I'm close to discovering something that I wouldn't like but I couldn't quite snap on it.

My head started to hurt, I now had a huge headache it was too painful although my mind was full of questions why but I was to careless "stop!" I covered my mouth as my eyes widened.

I gotten a hold of myself and ran to the end of the hall I then turned right as I did the stair case was there but I was worried if they thought I was ease dropping on them.

So I did something fairly stupid, I jumped but landed swiftly to the ground without injury.

Aunt Susan wasn't aware the abilities I possessed but ever since I was five I possessed these strange abilities that back then and now I'm still not aware how and why I possess them yet I still continue to make use of it.

I entered the garden then finally smelling the fresh air; I heard chuckles with laughter I turned to see who it was but no one was around.

As I kept walking I yelled out a question "is anyone here? If so at least show yourself" but nothing.

Finally there was movement a blonde haired boy skipped along "wait, please don't go!" but the boy kept skipping away.

The boy fairly looked as my age; he had light-blond hair and light-blue eyes. He wore a long plum purple frock coat, a forest green vest with black lining and a black back, a white button up shirt, brown shorts, long black stockings, brown high heel boots with purple laces, and a dark grey-black ribbon tied around his neck.

My speed couldn't quite reach him; I had no other choice but to use one of my abilities.

I flashed step towards the boy leaving behind pink cherry blossom petals, I finally reached the boy and grabbed his hand "wait!"

"Who are you? And what are you doing here?" I kindly questioned desperate for answers but also being curious.

He then leaned forward so close a blush creped on my cheeks, he finally then whispered to my ear "Alois Trancy" I felt his breathings on my neck which led a shiver beyond my spine.

Then in my surprise my eyes widen, we both kissed.

Alois then jumped back with a cheerful smile 'what the hell was that! ' I yelled in thought, I touched my lips reciting what just happened.

I then got myself together "WHA-" Alois then placed his index finger on my bottom lip as a sign to hush.

I felt dizzy then everything blacked out.