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I'm still alive?!

I woke up after a night of painful sleeping. Luckily I had supper yesterday and I woke up extra early today to have breakfast. Wait. Something isn't right. Why am I still alive? I'm still alive? Na I couldn't be. I'm pretty sure someone would've tried to kill me. Oh my Ra, I'm alive.

I sat up and looked around for Ruia and I found him peacefully sleeping. Thank goodness he's still alive. I would've never forgiven myself if something happened to him. Soon all the slaves started to wake up.

"Hey Aloli. Guess what I'm up early today," I greeted Aloli.

"I see," she looked at me annoyed. I guess I'm back to my old self, kind of. It seems there are people who starting to become annoyed of me.

We entered what Hebony called to slave eatery. We had to cook, serve and clean our own breakfast and dishes. Instead I just took some fruit and ate that instead. I didn't really like eating anything else. After we were done with our breakfast we had to prepare breakfast for the guards (which were a lot). They ate meat. In the morning. Who does that?

"Hey Isis. Guess what. It's your turn to do dishes," Aloli told me. What? That's not fair. She pushed me to the sink and I started grudgingly washing away.

I noticed that the slaves were already making lunch. But why? They were cooking rice and meat. They also had soup and bread.

"Hurry up! Master Bakura is almost awake and his breakfast must be ready," order Aloli. BREAKFAST! That was breakfast. What in the hells? I guess I didn't pay attention to what I was giving to him the day before.

They soon finished with a little time to spare. A slave was bringing out Bakura's breakfast when Bast stopped her.

"Stop right there runt," she yelled. "I'm going to bring out master Bakura's breakfast. Do you understand?" the little slave girl looked terrified and nodded her head. She left.

I peeked through the door and saw Bast trying to flirt with Bakura but he totally ignored her. Laugh out loud. The look on her face was priceless. She looked lost as though she was rejected by the ugliest man on earth.

She walked in holding her head up high as though she was actually successful and sat down. I also had just finished doing the dishes when I heard Hebony's voice calling me.

"Hey you, Isis. Come here," she hissed at me. What did I do? "That crack head Bast forgot the soup. Go give it to him before he notices."

"Why don't you do it," I hissed back.

"Because I don't feel like it," and with that she handed me the bowl. It was filled to the top and I wasn't so good at handling large amounts of liquids.

Slowly I walked outside to the table. And when I say slowly I mean slowly. Everyone stared at me and the slaves were peeking through the door staring at me. Bakura looked at me with look that again made me feel stupid. I ignored it and looked at the table for an empty space but instead I found something else. A bowl of soup. What I thought she forgot to bring it out.

"What in the name of hell are you doing," Bakura said.

"Umm, bringing you the soup," I replied.

"Are you blind there's bowl right there," he answered back. They pranked me. I turned around quickly to look at them. I forgot the bowl was in my hand and the soup fell all over my shirt. I dropped the bowl, which shattered and held my shirt away from my body. The soup was too hot. The slaves started to laugh at me. I was so mad.

I calmed myself down. I didn't do anything. I walked away and back to the slave room. They made me look like a fool. Not that, that was something new, but it really annoyed me. Why were they so mean to me? I lifted up my shirt and saw a huge red mark on my stomach. It was going to leave an ugly mark and I don't know how to heal myself. What's the point of being called a magician when can't do magic. I sat down on the floor and looked up at the ceiling.