Red River – Yuri Ishtar, The Red Dragon

*Notice*- Yuri's character is different in this story, she's still kind of tomboy but she is very smart, outgoing, naturally talented and beautiful and isn't afraid to challenge herself or speak her mind.

Chapter 1: Kail Mursili

Monday: School, work and Martial Arts lessons with Satoshi-sama.

Tuesday: School, work and piano lessons.

Wednesday: School, sparring with Sora-san.

Thursday: School, piano and Judo lessons back to back.

Friday: School, work, weapons training with the Katana, Jian and Iron Fans and sparring with Sora-san.

Saturday: Cram school, work and sparring with Sora-san...

It seems that Sunday is the only day that Yuri could relax for a bit until she's called away on something more important. Even though she's only the second oldest of the Suzuki Clan, she's very mature and all the other kids look up to her. Not to mention she is the best fighter in the clan, reigning second best to Sora Yukimura, who holds the number 1 fighter among the kids clan, he's even a match for the adults. Being in his shadow wasn't a very positive place for Yuri. No matter what she does to pass Sora, he's always one step ahead of her.

If this continues, there will be a never-ending rivalry between us.