Hey guys! I know that the ending to my last story was horrible, but I'm going to do my best on this one. I'll be updating mostly on weekends and days off from school and half-days and... Well, you get the point!

"Please let me kill her!" I cried.

Rachel just shook her head. I let out a frustrated sound and fell onto my bed. "Please?" I lifted my head in one last attempt to get Rachel to let me beat the make-up off of Maria. "No Sarah." was Rachel's answer and she went back to her lap top. "Poo." I groaned and dropped my head back on my pillow. "As much as I'd like to see Maria beat to a pulp, I don't want you in trouble again." Rachel pointed out.

Oh, I'm Sarah Jordan by the way. And that's Rachel Bryan. We're college room-mates and long life best friends. Maria (I have no idea what her last name is) is my worst enemy. I HATE her!

Anyway, I sat up, turned on the T.V. and screamed with joy. "What!?" Rachel yelped. "It's on!" I squealed. She rolled her eyes as I watched my favorite movie: How to Train Your Dragon. "You are obsessed with that movie." Rachel teased. "You can't throw a hammer, you can't swing an ax. You can't even throw one of these!" the T.V. said. "Hey! It nailed you!" I joked to Rachel. She mock-glared me, but a smile spread across her face anyway. Just then, a knock came from the door. I looked at the now busted down piece of wood and saw three men in black with guns and sacks. "Da da da! We're dead!" I squeaked. One of the men pointed a gun at me and I thew my hands up in surrender. He motioned for me to get up and I did. Rachel gulped and stared at the guys. None of them went after her.

But, I had a plan. I opened my mouth and a tiger-like roar escaped my mouth. The men watched in horror as my pupils turned to slits, my skin became orange with black stripes and whiskers grew from my cheeks. Soon, in my spot, stood a full-grown, female tiger. The men screamed in horror as I pounced on one of them and roared in his face. I moved off him and he scrambled out the door.

One thing I forgot to mention: (Rachel didn't even know 'til then) I'm sort of a shape-shifter. Heh heh. *Nervous face*

As most of you know by now if you've read my stories: that is the twist. Review and stay tuned!

~ Night Fury 321