Faith wiped the sweat off her brow.


The lean muscular woman holding the punching bag motioned for her to stop. "Damn, Spencer! Give me a break for a minute."

Faith relented. "Oh, sure. Sorry, Mona."

She pulled a pack of Lucky Strikes out of her pocket and leaned against the chain link fence. As she lit the cigarette, the slayer glanced around the prison yard. Her eyes closed, she took the first drag of nicotine, her mind wandering outside the cement block walls and razor wire.

Thoughts drifted in and out, but somehow they always managed to end up in one place, one town, with the one reason she ever ended up where she was right now instead of turning up dead or strung out or just screwed up. Sure, prison wasn't the ideal place to grow and learn, but at least she'd made peace with herself. But what _about_ Buffy? Faith thought about sending some kind of apology, a note, a letter, a dirty limerick... something, anything... but every time she wrote anything, it just ended up in a shoe box on a shelf in her cell.

"All right ladies, play time's over." A guard herded the women inmates out of the yard. Faith took one final puff then tossed the butt on the ground.


Dear Buffy,

The pencil scratched into the surface of the yellow legal pad.

I know you probably don't even want to hear from me, but I-

Suddenly, something shook the building. Faith glanced out the bars of her cell to see several guards running across the main floor. An alarm began to sound. The cell doors opened and guards began hurrying the inmates down the catwalk.

Faith fell in line with the other women. "What's going on?"

"Shut up! Keep it moving!"

As they moved everyone onto the main floor, something burst through the ceiling. It had a thirty-foot leathery wingspan and giant razor sharp teeth. The beast swooped down, heading right for one of the guards. Faith tackled the woman just in time and rolled her into a corner. More creatures crashed through walls, showering the women with brick and metal. The guards seemed to have taken off, leaving the inmates trapped inside.

The brunette glanced around for some method of escape and spotted a large hole in the far wall. She motioned for others to follow her as she made a break for it.

Outside, the prison grounds were in ruins. All kinds of creatures that Faith had never even imagined were hellraising left and right. A large demon on a motorcycle revved his engine began to race in her direction. Faith picked up a six foot metal pole, and sidestepped the bike as she stuck the pole in the spokes of the bike, flipping it over and causing an explosion.

Then, as quickly as everything had started, it stopped. Silence. The demons were gone, but the damage remained. Inmates frantically made their way to the torn down barrier fences. The prison resembled a LEGO project someone had stepped on and then lit on fire.

And then, for some inexplicable reason, Faith threw up.