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John rushed back in the master suite.

"Okay, Jack is asleep, Charlotte is asleep. Jamie got back up, but now he's back in bed. All children and the dog are accounted for and not in this room! It may not last, it never does," he said, peeling off his shirt. He looked to the doorknob. "Right. I had better lock that."

John locked the door and turned back around to face the bed. Donna was laying on it with her back to him.

"You didn't fall asleep, did you?"

He then heard sniffles and a sob.


The sobbing grew heavier. "I'm fine."

John approached gingerly. This was not turning out to be as promising an evening as he had thought when he set off to put Jack and Charlotte to bed. "Are you crying?"

This query unleashed an all out sob.

"Donna? What's wrong?"

John watched Donna's body shake as she cried more. He crawled behind her on the bed.

"Donna, what is it?" He paused. "It's not some woman's issue and you've just seen an advert with a lost duckling or something, have you?"

She stopped sobbing. "I am not on my period!," she snapped.


Donna resumed sobbing.

"You're not pregnant, are you?"

She stopped and glared at him once more.

"I mean, it's fine if you are. I mean, not fine, well, better than fine, really. I'm happy, well, assuming you're happy and-"

"I am not pregnant!," she shouted.

"Oh, sorry-"

"What is it with men?," said Donna. "Why is it every emotion we have must be dictated by our hormones? Sometimes we're just angry because our husbands are great, blooming idiots!"

"Okay," said John.

She glared at him a few more seconds.

John swallowed. "Why are you crying?"

The tears once again flowed freely. "Because it's all going to end."

"What is?"

"We are!"

John shook his head. "Donna, I told you I had never seen that girl. Check my mobile, my email, whatever you want-"

"I know."

"Then what are you talking about?"

"You. And me. What do you even see in me? Why aren't you off with someone else? Someone prettier, cleverer-"

Jon took her face in his hands. "Donna, stop it."


"I think you're perfect. I don't think anyone could ever be any better. There is no one else out there worth looking at, not in the world, not in the universe, in fact." John took Donna in his arms and pulled her close.

"Back at the office, that first day," said Donna, looking up to see him, "what did you ever see in me?"

John thought on it and looked back. "I saw the woman I wanted to spend the rest of my life with," he answered with a smile.

After the party had cleared, Charlotte noticed her parents, grandparents, Auntie Sarah Jane and Cousin Jack speaking in hushed tones. She and her siblings were unceremoniously pushed into the kitchen, where the boys were content to hunt the pantry. Zoe colored as Charlotte tried to listen through the door.

"Did they say what it was about?," asked Charlotte.

"Something about the truth coming out," Zoe mumbled.

"The truth?," Charlotte frowned and cracked the door open.

"Okay," said Donna, "what is this? Play a practical joke on Donna day? Ha ha. Very funny."

"It's not a joke, sweetheart," said Geoffrey. "I'm sorry."

Sylvia wouldn't even look up at Donna, just stared at her feet.

"Sorry for what?!," Donna shouted. "Never telling me I was adopted or making up this rubbish story?!"

"It's the truth, Donna," said Geoffrey.

"People didn't talk about it in those days," said Sylvia.

"Donna-" started the Doctor.

"Shut up!," Donna shouted. She whipped her head back round to interrogate her parents. "So, what? Some man just dropped me off and said, 'Here, go ahead and raise her' and you went along with it? Who does that?"

Jack looked up from a laptop. "The UNIT database is showing some sort of disturbance originating in London that day."

Donna now turned to Jack and Sarah Jane. "You two investigated me before I got married, right?"

"Yes," said Sarah Jane.

"Up and down, left to right, my whole life."

"Yes," said Sarah Jane, increasingly nervous about answering the next question.

"At any point, did it happen to come out that I was from another planet?"

"All he said was that you would be alone in the universe," said Sylvia, still not looking up.

"Were those his words?," asked the Doctor. "In the universe?"

Donna snapped back. "I am not a bloody Time Lord!"

"No, you're a Time Lady," said the Doctor.

Donna scowled. "Do I care?!"

"Donna, at some point, you are going to have to start facing the fact that you are not human! Well, you are now, but not really."

"I am not."

"Of course, if you opened the locket, we could settle this question once and for all."

Donna stalked over to the front door.

"Where are you going?," asked the Doctor.


The Doctor shared exasperated looks with the other members of the discussion. He got up and ran after her, following her out onto the pavement. "Donna, where do you think you're going?"

"I don't care!"

"Okay, if you're a Time Lady, what's the worst that could happen?," he asked, trying to keep pace with her.

"We were happy!," she shouted.

"I'm not following-"

"We were happy! John Smith and Donna Smith and our children and we were happy! We had a great life! No one could ask for a better one!"

"I agree," admitted the Doctor.

"Then why did you have to ruin it?!," she screamed.

She stopped walking. The Doctor was frozen in his tracks.

"Do you think I don't realize that?," he asked. "I tried to hide it from you, Donna. I did. It didn't work."

"Yes and look what's happened since! You're off all day to God knows where, Zoe is an outcast among her own siblings! Her twin barely talks to her! Can your superior Time Lord brain grasp what that means to her? Her twin!"

"I know it's been hard."

"So, why don't I just open the locket and see what havoc I can wreak on what's left of the family?!"

"So, that's what this is about?," asked the Doctor. "You're afraid for the family? You know you're a Time Lady and you're just hoping to put it off? To what end, Donna?"

"What?," asked Jack the younger.

"Mum is a Time Lady," said Charlotte.

"How?," asked Jamie.

"How do you think? Same as Dad. She's got a locket. Only she was a baby when she came to Earth."

"Then Mum can be like us then!," said Jamie.

"We can travel in the TARDIS!," Jack added enthusiastically.

"Don't be stupid," said Charlotte. "Even if Mum's a Time Lady, she won't want to travel in the TARDIS. Can you imagine Jamie on an alien planet?"

Jack snorted. "I saw him. He was rubbish."

"Was not!," said Jamie.

Charlotte put her hands on her hips. "You went on a trip in the TARDIS?!"

"By accident!," said Jamie.

"You weren't supposed to say anything!"

"You said it first! Besides, we'll still be stuck with Zoe!"

Zoe looked up. She ran out of the room. Charlotte turned to the boys.

"What did you say that for, you idiots?!," Charlotte snapped.

"It's not out fault we have superior intelligence," said Jack.

"Mister Bentley said so," Jamie added.

"Shut it!," Jack snapped.

Charlotte narrowed her eyes. "What has Mister Bentley been saying? What special project have you two been working on?"

"None of your business," said Jack.

"It's just I can't imagine anything you two clods would be good at," said Charlotte.

"Oi!," said Jack. He rushed forward and grabbed a lock of Charlotte's auburn hair.

"OW!," Charlotte screamed loudly.

Jack the elder entered and looked at the fray. "Okay. What is it I'm supposed to do here?"

"You tell Jack to stop being such a plonker!," said Charlotte.

"You're insufferable! And your nose is big!," said Jack the younger.

Charlotte reached around and grabbed Jack the younger's hair by its root. He screamed in pain.

"Yeah," said Jack the elder. "Does anybody want more biscuits?"

Donna entered, quickly followed by the Doctor. Geoffrey and Sylvia had left as well as Sarah Jane. Jack was standing in the sitting room with Molly.

"Where did you two go?"

"Uh, Tesco on the high street before she turned around," said the Doctor.

"Your parents and Sarah Jane went home," said Jack, passing the baby to Donna. "Kids are fine, maybe missing some hair, but I've got a question about Zoe."

"Yes?," asked Donna.

"When little kids say they're running away, are you supposed to ignore them? Because I just sort of said okay and she's packing a bag. Also, she says she's taking the dog."

Donna shook her head. "What is with these children and running away?!"

"I'll talk to her," said the Doctor.

The Doctor walked upstairs and into Zoe's room. Greta was perched on the bed observing as Zoe was stuffing a large rolling suitcase with most of her toys.

"Oh, you pack like your mother," said the Doctor.

Zoe didn't answer. She went to her wardrobe and got her Cinderella dress. The Doctor sat down on the bed and started petting Greta.

"Just where are you going?"

"I don't want to be here! I don't want to be a Time Lord!"

"Time Lady," said the Doctor.

"You can't make me!"

"I'm not making you."

"Mummy is like you! She's from Gallifreya!"

"Gallifrey," said the Doctor. "Zoe, I won't make you do anything, but being a Time Lady... it's waiting for you and it's not so bad. You don't need to be afraid of it."

"Then why's that locket so scary?"

The Doctor for once didn't have an answer. "I don't know."


Donna awoke, checking the clock out of habit. It was three AM. One of the twins should have awoken her an hour before. She then realized that her husband was not in bed with her. She got up, threw on her dressing gown and headed next door to the nursery.

Jamie was still fast asleep, which was basically unprecedented. Zoe wasn't in her cot, though.

Donna walked downstairs to continue her search. She found John pacing up and down the sitting room as he held Zoe.

"And I would walk five hundred miles and I would walk five hundred more just to be the man who would walk a thousand miles to fall down at your door..." He looked over to see Donna. His face reddened ever so slightly. "You heard me."

"Yeah, sort of did," Donna said with a sly smile. She walked over to peer at Zoe as John cradled her. "I didn't even hear her wake up."

"Oh, Zoe and I have a thing. I get up, take her for a turn in the sitting room, put her back down."

"You never said."

"Why should I have said?"

"Because you're a man and you like to moan about housework and child-rearing."

"You know, I can do things."

Donna watched as he rocked Zoe back and forth.

"Don't you have to get up for a run soon?," asked Donna.

"Twenty miles."

Donna shook her head. "You are such an overachiever."

"You know, I think she's the special one..."

Donna dropped her jaw. "John! You prat!"


"You can't have favorites among your children!"

"I didn't say favorite..." John stammered. "I said special. There's a difference. Like I'm sure Winston Churchill's mum loved her other kids, but looked at Winston and said 'You know what, he's going places.'"

"Winston Churchill?"

John looked at Zoe. "They have the same cheeks..."

Donna sighed. "Put her back when you're finished and don't you dare wake Jamie." She gave him a kiss on the cheek.

John looked back at Zoe. "You are the special one... and I would walk five hundred miles just to walk five hundred more..."