Summary: They knew that they were immortal. What they didn't know was that it would come for a price. A price they had yet to pay. Rated for language, character death, violence, and possible smutting. Shounen-ai/yaoi. Some inconsistency with canon.


Luck Gandor

New York City, New York : 0300 hours

What month is it? What day is it? How many years have passed?

Wake up in the middle of ascending in the night,

Another day, another bloodstain on the knife.

With some tears on my pillow and this blood on my knife,

A new one had appeared where there was not one before.

And my soul has stained the sheets but they're pulled off to the side,

He must've been out killing again.

Who's blood could this be, is it yours or is it mine?

He didn't know he'd been doing it.

Take the knife and twist it, where's my heart you missed it,

How many people had he killed again? How many wanted him dead?

You know I don't wanna die but baby you insist it,

He didn't want to know. He didn't mean for them to die.

Breathing is a luxury that I just shouldn't have,

He shouldn't have lived.

My heart just keeps on beating and it's more than you can stand,

So many wanted him to die, and he even wanted himself to die at this point.

Baby, please just tell me how we ever went so wrong,

Everything was fine before all of this happened.

We use to sing together when we used to sing a song,

He remembered the somewhat happy days of the past year, before July 7th.

We can never sing forever, cause now my voice is gone

Now he couldn't even remember what his own voice sounded like. He only heard Him.

So what are you going to do now, boy?

"I'm going to get rid of you." He positioned the knife over his heart. "Even if it means killing myself to do it."

Try it.

Guess I'm gone forever and you knew it all along...

[AN: Welp, I'm back guys, with a Baccano! fanfiction. Just for a little bit of background on this story before it fully develops, there are some inconsistencies with canon. For one, Eve and Dallas got a hold of the elixir and became full immortals. Eve later shared it with Jacuzzi and Nice, so they are now immortal as well. Jacuzzi later shared this with Claire, who showed it to Chane. Despite her father's earlier warnings, she took it as well. The rest of the characters are normal. The song used is "Mother Murder" by Hollywood Undead.]