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Aizen stirred as he felt cramped and warm in the enclosed space he was in, he couldn't figure out where he was until he remembered what happened after defeating Yamamoto and the corrupted Spirit king…

Aizen drove his sword through the King's stomach after the long battle, the King stumbled backwards and uttered "May for every day and night except for the new moon, the body of a Beast you wear and go through its life cycle! The only way to break the curse is pure undiluted love directed towards you. Not the love of an owner to their pet but of a Lover!"

Aizen began to feel woozy and quickly collapsed as the spirit king faded away on the winds…


Kaiya smiled as she cradled the decent sized egg in her arms as she laid down to sleep, it had popped out of the forbidden scroll in front of her and her adopted grandfather but for some strange reason it would only let her touch it. Her grandfather gladly let her keep it and escorted her home; she smiled sadly as she whispered to the egg "All we have is each other…"

The preteen quickly fell asleep as her body heat warmed the egg that had been in a suspended state for over a year…

The next morning…

Aizen began to stir and move in his small space as he tried to free himself, he then heard a loud crack and began to renew his struggles to get free as he was starting to see day light…

Kaiya watched with excitement as the egg began to hatch, she gently encouraged the creature as suddenly the egg crumbled and left a puppy sized dragon on her bed! Kaiya stared in shock as the little dragon shook itself then sneezed as it reveal a pair of wings that flapped cutely, the small dragon was pure white with a cocoa brown mane and a hint of gold at the edge of its scales. It then looked around and up at her as it let out a chirp of utter confusion…

Aizen blinked as he was finally free but as he looked around, he noticed how small he was and then looked up at the only human in the room. He let out a quick exclamation asking what happened to him but only heard a soft high pitched chirp; Aizen froze as he thought "PLEASE don't let me be a bird!"

The young girl giggled then reached out to scoop him up when a wave of energy went between them as the girl touched his muzzle. Aizen shook his head free of the brief pain from them bonding as he was picked up and cuddled to his new Mistress's chest, Aizen blushed as they walked into the bathroom and the preteen placed him on the counter where the mirror was. Aizen looked into it and nearly had a heart attack at seeing the dragon hatchling in the mirror; he moved his tail just as the dragon in the mirror did and groaned as he realized what exactly the old king had meant with his final words.

Kaiya smiled then softly asked her new companion "You hungry?"

Aizen looked over at the blond hair, blued eyed girl and gently nodded as she beamed and gently scooped him up; she then wandered into the kitchen and heated up some instant ramen since that was all she had. Aizen looked at her in surprise when she fed him first then heated up a ramen for herself as he ate like he was starved. They both finished their meal and she gently picked him up as she told him that they had to see the hokage since the man wanted to know what was in the egg Aizen had hatched from…

They walked through the village as the girl ignored the glares and whispers that followed her; they soon made it to the tower where the secretary sent her in with a smile. Kaiya giggled at seeing the paper stack her grandfather had as he cursed whoever invented the evil thing called Paperwork, Sarutobi heard the giggle and smiled as he stopped what he was doing to look up at his granddaughter. His eyes went wide at seeing her little companion then started laughing; Kaiya tilted her head in confusion as did Aizen while Sarutobi motioned for Kaiya to come over to him.

Aizen then found himself gently plucked out of Kaiya's arms and gently examined, He was relieved to be handed back to Kaiya when Sarutobi and Aizen noticed a mark on her hand that looked something like a crown with a dragon surrounding it. Sarutobi then smirked as he said "I knew it! It seems you have become a Dragon rider by bonding with your companion here."

Kaiya looked confused as she asked what a Dragon rider was and Sarutobi explained about the world over 3000 years ago when Chakra didn't exist and Magic reigned supreme, he explained to her about the Dragon riders and how they had died out after a evil king had killed them all. He then told her about the three eggs that survived the attack and the young men that fought to free the world from the evil king; Kaiya listened in fascination while Aizen realized what he had become by bonding with the young preteen.

Sarutobi then smiled as Kaiya asked if she could still be a Ninja and Sarutobi nodded as he told her that he would have her companion registered as a Nin-animal partner for her. Kaiya smiled and gave him a big hug then Sarutobi suggested she go train until the team placements happen in a month, Kaiya nodded and then had an idea to help her grandfather as she asked "Grandpa, couldn't you use shadow clones to help with paper work?"

Sarutobi's eyes went wide and then Kaiya watched as he pulled out a piece of paper that said "Hit head here" and place it on the desk as he began to hit his head slowly in a timed motion on the paper…

One month later, a day before the team placements…

Aizen had misgivings about what his mistress was doing and clung to her tightly as she began to run, his wings flapped on instinct and he was then gently tossed into the air as he flapped his wings causing him to gain altitude quickly. He let his instincts take over as he had the feeling this was very important to his growth, he soared into the sky as white hot energy filled him not once but twice. He let out a roar as the final bits of the heat left his body and then landed back on the ground to find his rider lying on the ground unconscious, he walked over gracefully as he realized he was almost the size of a one story house. He then nuzzled his rider who had matured a little do to the energy that had flowed through them, Kaiya groaned as she opened her eyes to reveal dragon like pupils in her sapphire orbs.

Kaiya looked at herself as she realized her clothing was too tight and too short for her body, she squeaked as she realized she was not built like a boy anymore and had just the right amount of curves for her age. She then noticed the water in the pond and dove for it as she looked at her face; her whisker marks were now very thin and barely noticeable and her face was a little more mature. She pulled back then looked over her shoulder as she felt something nuzzle her back, she gasped as she looked at her companion who was certainly bigger then her.

Aizen couldn't help purring as she rubbed behind his feathered ears and then he nuzzled her happily, Kaiya smiled and then sighed as she said "I still haven't come up with a good name for you and it been a month…"

Aizen then softly growled as he said softly "If it wasn't for this stupid curse, I would be able to tell you my name…"

"What Curse? What do you mean by that?"

"Wait…Did you just understand me?"

Kaiya then realized what she had just heard and nodded in shock as her dragon also had a gobsmacked look on his face; Kaiya then shook her head and softly said "You said something about a curse? What did you mean by that?"

"I was cursed to live the life cycle of an animal but I don't think this is what the Old Spirit king had in mind…"

"Spirit king?"

Aizen sighed and nudged her to his side as he lay down and explained about the worlds of Soul Society and Hueco Mundo, he then told her what he had done to get the corrupted king off the throne and how he was cursed for his reward. Kaiya was outraged and said angrily "But that's not fair! You were doing what you thought was right!"

Aizen blinked in surprise then gently nuzzled the young preteen as he said "The past is the past and there is nothing that will change it, all we can do is move forward past the bad and good times…"

Kaiya looked at him then huffed as she said "I still don't think it's fair!"

Aizen chuckled as he nuzzled her and told "When is life ever fair?"

The next day…

Aizen was perched on his mistress's shoulder as they found out he could shrink his size so no one would get suspicious of why her companion had grown so big in such a short time. Kaiya hurried to the classroom and sat in the back as she had been able to buy some new clothes before everyone realized who she was because of the change in her looks. Aizen curled his tail around her neck gently as she looked down consciously at her new outfit. She was wearing a simple black tube top with a fake sapphire stone in the middle, black cargo pants and a simple light green Trench coat with the kanji for Dragon Rider on the back in red. The other kids filed into the room and never noticed her as they sat down near the front, Kaiya sighed softly as she scratched behind Aizen's small crest of horns that looked like a crown causing the small dragon to purr happily.

One hour later…

Aizen was bored out of his skull as they listened to Iruka talk about the new genins' duties to the village, finally the man then said "Time for you to know your team placements!"

Kaiya paid attention to the teams and then when her team was called, she then began to bang her head on the desk at having Sakura and Sasuke on her team. Sakura then screeched "But Iruka-sensei! Kaiya failed the test!"

Iruka told her to sit down and shut up then explained that Kaiya passed later after they found out that someone switched her test with some else by accident. The students blinked and accepted the excuse as they all settled back down into a bored stupor. Iruka then finished and dismissed them for lunch; all the other kids stampeded out of the room while Kaiya just sat there and opened her lunch she had packed for her and Aizen. Iruka smiled and then walked over to sit and eat with her; he then asked her what she was going to do about explaining Aizen to her teammates. The dragon and its rider both raised an eyebrow as Kaiya said "Is it really any of their business, Ni-chan?"

"Touché, Kaiya…Touché."

Kaiya then smiled softly and thanked him for defending her against the traitor Mizuki; Iruka grinned and told her it was no problem as Aizen gently nuzzled Kaiya for the piece of jerky in her hand. She giggled and fed it to him while she munched on her peanut butter and jelly sandwich, they then watched after Iruka left, the other kids returning to the class room.

Two hours later…

Kaiya sighed as she waited for her team to notice the man behind the door; she finally had enough and stood up with the excuse of going to the bathroom as she left the room. Her teacher then whispered "The bathroom?"

She looked at her god brother and smirked as she said "Like you can do any better?"

Kakashi playfully glared and told her to head to the roof, she grinned and headed up to the roof as Aizen who went flying earlier, landed on her shoulder and went to sleep. Kaiya stroked his scales gently and settled down for the long wait ahead…