New York City, February 9, 1964.

Studio 50 was filled to the brim with screaming teenage girls. Some with their mothers and fathers. Others with their friends. Noelle was no exception! Being related to a Beatle's girlfriend has it's definite perks! After all, Noelle and her cousin, Cynthia Powell(who donned a fake black wig and fake cat-eye spectacles) acquired front row seats. The younger girl bit her long nails nervously, while the older girl fidgeted from side to side.

"FIVE MINUTES TIL' SHOWTIME!" One of the stage hands exclaimed in to the microphone. The multitude of crazed girls went wild. Noelle and Cyn instead of squealing and shrieking, stood up and did a bit of a happy dance; and sat back down.

Promptly at eight, Mr. Ed Sullivan walked across the stage, waving to the audience. The throngs of teenage girls went wild. You could barely hear Mr. Sullivan speak. As soon as The Beatles were remotely mentioned. It's as if the sound-barrier had broke! Noelle and Cynthia had to block their ears several times.

"Now for the moment you've all been waiting for! LADIES AND GENTLEMAN...THE BEATLES!"Mr. Sullivan pointed toward the direction of the huge curtain. Even more shrieks, now!

The grey curtain lifted upward; revealing the four lads from Liverpool: The Beatles. What a sight to see in person! Paul, George, John, and Ringo on drums dressed sharply in matching Edwardian suites.

Paul took the microphone as the familiar notes of "All My Loving" played. Both cousins bobbed up and down in their seats, trying to contain excitement. Next, Paul, ever-the-romantic, sang "Till There Was You," from the musical, The Music Man. Louder and louder screeching echoed throughout the studio. One or two of the young girls, even fainted! When the song finished, the lads wrapped up the first half of the set with "She Loves You." As the last note ended, The Beatles took a bow and the grey curtain came down.

Both girls tried relaxing and calming themselves down, as more acts performed. After the cast of the Broadway musical, Oliver! finished up their last song, it was time to bring The Beatles back to the stage! Once again the grey curtain opened up; revealing the quartet. Instruments in hand. Screams of "I LOVE YOU, PAUL!" and "BE MINE, GEORGE!" echoed throughout Studio 50. The familiar tune of "I Saw Her Standing There" blared. Last but not least, the boys ended with "I Want to Hold Your Hand."

Once the performance finished, the curtain closed and the teenage girls yelled for more. When The Beatles did not return to the stage, the teenage girls left; one-by-one. Noelle and Cyn stayed behind; sitting patiently in their seats. Both cousins had back stage passes tucked away in their purses.

After a half hour, the coast was clear. Mal, who was a roadie for the lads, came and retrieved the women. Each grabbed the small pass and hung it around their necks; ensuring access back stage. Noelle, the younger brunette, clung on to Cynthia for dear life! Since this was the first time ever meeting The Fab Four, she was nervous.

Finally after walking down a never-ending dimly-lit corridor, Mal stopped in front of dressing room number 09. "This is it." Mal gestured with his left hand toward the opened door; letting Cyn (who was losing circulation to her right arm) and Noelle (who clung even more-so tightly ) pass through. Barely!