It was midnight in Jasper, Nevada. A full moon hung low in the sky, illuminating a sleek red Aston Marton as it made its way down the lonely highway. A voice sang from the car, although no human resided within.

"For a bunch of squishies, their music isn't half bad." the Aston Martin, better known as the Decepticon Medic Knock Out, hummed thoughtfully. He was blaring a song, the genre rock and roll.

He eventually arrived at his destination, silencing the music and smirking to himself as he fell into line with a series of other vehicles. However, unlike him, these machines bore human drivers. None of which were aware that there was a robotic alien in their midst.

"Racers, you know the rules." a younger human female stepped onto the road to examine the six vehicles; three sports cars, two bikes, and Knock Out. "Drive fair, drive fast. First one to the marker wins."

"Drive fair, right." Knock Out scoffed to himself, sizing up this so called competition.

He'd wander away from the other Decepticons whenever he could, usually out of boredom, falling in with the young human racing crowd and rather enjoying it, the fact that he always won, and made sure he always won, probably added to his enjoyment. He'd become somewhat addicted to it and the five to his right tonight were nothing spectacular, easy pickings.

He grinned again as the teenage girl lifted both arms above her head, engines growling along the impromptu starting strip.

In a flash the girl dropped her arms, kneeling until she was bent to the ground, signalling the go.

The vehicles wasted no time, one of the street bikes peeling out into an easy lead.

The racers battled for first for some time, Knock Out eventually pulling to the front. He laughed as the others fell behind, no hope of catching him. "Oh c'mon, this is too easy."

His laughter caught as a light flickered around the last corner he took, advancing on him. "Single light, one of the bikes." he murmured, frowning to himself as it pulled up beside him, the silver and chrome of the machine reflecting the moonlight above.

It wasn't a bike model he could place, and he had studied the faster of Earth's vehicles rather intensely. This one seemed to hold bits and pieces from various bikes, heavily modified, no wonder it and it's rider could keep pace with him.

He studied the rider for a moment before snarling, unable to read anything from the human who wore all dark leather, their helmet tinted to hide their face.

They kept side by side, blowing past the finish line and small crowd, leaving the group murmuring in confusion as the pair of racers kept going.

The human turned to look at him, holding their gaze on him until they nodded slightly, a silent challenge. With that the bike pulled ahead, leaving Knock Out hissing angrily as he accelerated to catch it.

He'd been unable to decipher the gender of the rider, given that both engines masked most of the sound around them. His frustration grew as the bike slipped in front of him, their finish drawing near. "No way human." he lurched forwards, bumping his front end into the rear of the bike which sent it into a wobble, the Con chuckling as the rider struggled to remain upright.

He jerked to the right to avoid the rider as they fell onto their left side, the rider managing to control the fall so they slid feet and tire first across the pavement. Whoever they were, they were skilled.

There was a screech of metal and shower of sparks as the bike slid through the T shaped intersection, skidding off the road and into the base of an aluminum street light, a street light that bent at the point of impact to tip over and pin the rider beneath.

Knock Out halted as the light fell, his chuckle fading as he stopped and the night fell quiet again.

The human didn't move, only the light on the pole flickering as it finally shorted out and died. The light was bent over, just enough to keep the rider stuck in place, though most of the weight was on the bike, saving the human from taking the brunt of it themselves.

"Slag, didn't mean to kill the squishy." he grumbled, rolling closer to the downed rider.

In a flurry of movement the rider snarled, tearing their helmet off and managing to twist enough in their pinned position to whip it at him. "You son of a bitch!"

Knock Out was stunned, both that the little human had tossed it's helm at him hard enough to put a scratch in his hood, and that the human was a female with brilliant blue eyes and golden hair.

The woman grunted, trying to shift the post or her bike so she could get free. She realized she was pinned and moaned in frustration, letting her head fall back onto the pavement, her hands going to cover her eyes. "You didn't have to do that you asshole."

"I don't lose." he finally found his voice, moving forwards again and halting a few feet from the downed woman. He would have normally found this sort of thing to be amusing, and would laugh as he sped off. But he found himself inspecting what he could of her with her gloved hands covering her face. He almost jumped when she jerked her hands away, glaring up at him. Who knew a human could look so angry?

"You going to stare all night or help me out? Given this was your doing." she did her best to fold her arms in her position, scowling up at him.

He pondered a moment. "I don't usually play nice."

"No shit."

"But, perhaps I may. Just this once, if you ask nicely." he purred.

"Fuck you." she snorted, turning away from him and trying again to free herself.

He laughed, rolling back some. "Do try not to scream hmm?" He began to transform, the metal of his body sliding and shifting as he did so.

The woman turned to watch him, holding a poker face until he had finished the process.

"Pretty fabulous right?" he smirked, dusting one of his shoulders off.

Her eyes roved up and down his body, an eyebrow finally lifting out of confusion. "Either a science project gone crazy, or you're not from around here."

"The second one." he replied, frowning a little as he looked down at her.

She was so calm, no hint of fear on her face, only the ebbing rage from earlier. "How far."

"Far far, other solar system far." he shrugged, bending to easily pluck the pole from her.

"I see." she carefully gathered her feet underneath herself, pushing her body upright with a groan. She moved to her bike next, righting the silver machine. "Oh you ass, look at my baby, ruined! The paint, the chrome!" She flicked it's kickstand out, kneeling to inspect the bike.

"Your baby?" he scoffed. "Look at me! Your stupid helmet scratched me, maybe dented it. Do you know how annoying that will be to repair?"

"You started it." she snapped, rising with a slight grimace of pain. She set her hands on her hips, turning to face him.

Knock Out found himself inspecting her again. When he first arrived on Earth, he had been rather surprised to see that humans held the same bodily structure as his species, two legs, two arms, stood upright, etcetera. It made it easier to evaluate them. She seemed attractive enough, for her species anyways. Her blonde hair had been twisted up into some sort of bun, although a few wisps floated about her face in the night breeze. She was quite thin, but her hourglass body promised she held muscle beneath her gear.

"Got a name?" she asked, snapping him from his musings.

"Of course."


"And what?"

She rolled her eyes. "What is it?"

"Why would I tell a fleshy like you?" he folded his arms, raising a brow at her.

"Because I asked so nicely you bucket head."

He blinked a little at the insult she easily flung back at him. Despite himself, he found a grin on his lips as he spoke. "Knock Out."

"I suppose that's suiting." she grumbled, looking back at her bike. "I'm Di."


"Diana, Diana Kerrin." she glanced back to him, shrugging gently.

"Well, Diana Kerrin, you should consider yourself honored to meet me." he smirked, tucking one hand behind his back.

"Uh huh." she kept her hands on her hips, studying him with those vivid blue eyes. She eventually sighed, turning to her bike again. "This is going to be such a pain, so much buffing." She smoothed a finger over the deep scrapes.

"I could do that." he spoke without thinking, freezing as he realized what he'd just offered.

She seemed surprised as well, looking over her shoulder at him. "And why would an ass like you do that?"

He didn't really have an answer for the moment, only that he found himself rather intrigued by this girl, but he'd never admit it. "I'm a Doctor, and given that my race are like me..." he trailed off, gesturing about with the hand not tucked behind his form.

"I'm assuming machines are your specialty then." she looked between her bike and him. "How do I know you won't simply crush me into oblivion?"

"And get all dirty from your fluids and innards? Disgusting." he scoffed, waving a hand.

She laughed for the first time, the sound surprisingly delicate. "Big alien robot, scared of gore."

"Not gore." he corrected. "We're made of wires, cabling and other parts, whereas you and your kind are full of nothing but goo and filth."

"Uh huh." she smirked, going quiet a moment. She jerked one thumb westward towards the highway. "About thirty miles that way, left on Rose Road. There's an older metal shop, old garage. That's me."

She walked nearer to him and Knock Out found himself taking a step back, worried she may try to touch him. Instead she bent, collecting her helmet and turning to walk back to her bike.

"Tomorrow morning." she said, slipping her helmet back on. "Oh and, for the record. I may have been sliding, but I still crossed the finish before you." she hummed, winking at him before dropping her visor down and starting her bike. With a rev of it's engine and squeal of it's tires she was gone, tail light disappearing in the dark.

Knock Out stood where he was for some time, staring down the road after her. A smile was on his face before he even realized it, and he shook his head to clear himself. This was going to be interesting.

Well, if you've come this far, I hope you liked it! I've fallen in love with the series, and Knock Out of course. (Because who hasn't fallen for that voice?)

I'd like to remind everyone that I own nothing from the Transformer universe, I claim only my original content and characters. :)