Try to imagine Sierra Boggess from the original Broadway cast of The Little Mermaid.

He did not kiss her that night. Not then.

Understandably, she was devastated. She had only one more day as a human, and her time was running out.

Another part of her was distraught for a different reason.

She wanted to feel his lips against hers. She wanted to feel his arms around her waist, her arms around his neck.

She wanted to talk to him, tell him everything and nothing. She wanted to go sailing on his ship, and just spend the day together.

She wanted to stare at him unabashed, memorizing every detail of his features. She wanted him to stare back.

She wanted to learn little details of his life. She wanted to know how he had acted as a child. She wanted to know what his parents had been like. She wanted to know if he had been in love with the sea and ships even as a young child.

She wanted so many things, and words would have fixed everything.