*Hours later*

They touched down in Connecticut. Everyone stepped off of the plane into Airport. Laura sniffed the air and joked that it was "good to smell clean air again". They went to pick up their luggage and left the airport, hailing a taxi. "Take us to 728 Sherbrook Street. In Bristol," instructed Kate to the driver. "It's on the west end of town."

They were dropped off at home, and Ted took it upon himself to tip (fighting off Roger- "Let me- no really, I insist!"And Ted 'accidentally' knocked Roger's wallet to the floor of the car so he couldn't pay). was in the lawn, carrying plates and walking towards the house. It looked like she was cleaning up what was left from a one o' clock meeting with and the other DAR gossips in the backyard. She saw her two daughters standing in front of two men and opened her mouth in shock, but quickly composed herself and walked up to her daughters and grabbed them by the ears.

"Ouch, mother!" cried out Kate and Laura in unison.

"Inside, NOW." dragged her daughters towards the house. Ted snickered, but Roger had the decency to stay composed.

As soon as they got inside, dropped them in chairs and began scolding them.

"You have some explaining to do, young ladies," said threateningly. "You know what I told you about bringing home riffraff Katherine! And you didn't even tell us you were coming!" Remembering that there was twomen outside, she added, "teaching your sister bad habits-"

"Mother, he's my fiancée!" retorted Kate, slightly offended that Roger was referred to as 'riffraff'. She shared a bewildered look with Laura.

"That sleazy looking man is your fiancée and you didn't even think to call home?!" reached over and pinched Kate's ear.

"Ow," yelped Kate, rubbing her earlobe.

"You're lucky it wasn't more, Katherine."

"He's really nice, mother," interrupted Laura.

"Don't you get into this Laura! And you bringing home who knows who- at least he looks respectable.. he wasn't snickering like an immature adolescent.."

Laura and Kate shared another look.

"Mother, who do you think is in a relationship with who?" Cried out both of them, baffled.

gave a condescending look, and replied, "The nice handsome blond one is obviously smitten with Laura,"

Kate, who wanted to burst out after "smitten with Laura", held her tongue until her mother finished.

"and that riffraff with dark hair- probably a womanizer –is Kate's fiancée."

"Mother, you have it backwards," exclaimed Kate.

Shocked, turned to Laura. "You can do better than this, Laura! You honestly have more choices than Kate, you don't need to be in a relationship with some like-"

"I love him!"

"You don't know what you're talking about Laura, your sister has obviously hypnotized you in some way, acting as scandalously as you do now! You were always such a sweet little girl."

Incredulously, Laura shared a glance with her sister, surprised that their mother had actually believed what Kate had told her.

Outside, Ted and Roger were standing around awkwardly and tried to strike up a conversation.

"So, uh, what do you do for a living," asked Ted.

"I'm a reporter," replied Roger.

"Funny, you don't seem to act like one. You know the usual sneaky, womanizing, heavy on the alcohol.."

"I'm certainly not like that," said Roger, managing a tiny smile. "And you're a co-pilot, right?"

"First officer," replied Ted with a grimace. "First officer."