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Chapter 1: Seto's Secret

Night it's beauty ever so incredible, a divine being that only became more wondrous with time. I loved the night it always gave me great comfort and restored the restless feelings that tortured my young heart. I'd sneak into the back alleys and open door after door to the shady dens; indulging in illegal activities which kept my mind occupied till the wee hours of the morning. In the good ode days I'd been called a computer programmer, but that's another story. I'm Katsuya and work is work, the night had become my lover.

"Care to kill a few hours and walk the walk, let's shoot the shit . . . hey we're almost there," Katsuya always talked to himself when he was nervous, and tonight the needles drew blood.

"Yo!" Next he passed a fool with his hand hidden behind his back. He probably had a knife would have stab me in the gut for twenty dollars and a few coins. But the look in my eyes let him know that I'm kin, worthless shit.

"Hey, just passing through . . . . ." I walked over a drunk lying on a lump of dirty old clothes, most likely all he owned. I didn't care. Next I knocked on a wooden door near the end of the alley. A guard rolled back an old bamboo blind, the dust smelled of stale cigarettes that drifted in the air.

"Open the god damn door," Katsuya spoke; agitation mirrored his words as he spit on the ground. "That's if you want to keep your jewels," he palms his own crouch and wiggles his hips.

"Why you little punk . . . let me at him," The smaller guard spoke to his partner. Nothing more than fancy thugs they open the door and started swinging blindly at Katsuya. The blond easily side stepped the guards and blinded the larger one with a can of mace, he emptied the whole can. It was easy to trip the smaller guard who tumble to the floor bringing down his buddy. Katsuya rubs his hands together and let out a chuckle as a sly grin spread across his face. It felt good to blow off a bit of steam. A voice down the dim hall averted his attention and once again he was on the defense.

"Ha! . . . Ha! . . . Must you embarrass the help Goldie-Locks? Good help is so hard to come by" The bar-keep was an old friend of Katsuya's almost like a father.

"Those jerks, they couldn't guard my pet monkey," Katsuya's smile widen to a full grin as he hit the man on his back. "I told you to quit with that 'Goldie-Locks' crap, that was a long time ago."

"Yeah . . . Yeah . . . ." he turned towards the bouncers who were busy untangling their muscled limbs. "Get back to your post, before I throw you out in the gutter with the rats, dumb shits." Nishikubo , known as Shou operated and owned a string of gambling houses in the red light districts of Japan. Domino was his first and favorite house.

"Next time look between the blinds before you open the god damn door," Katsuya gave the guards the finger and returned their glare.

"Hey what's with that face. You look like shit." Shou's hands were rough but with a gentle touch he turned Katsuya's face towards his own. "Anybody giving you a hard time just let old Shou at them."

"Nah, I just need a warm bed and a set up. A secure place; the best you got." Katsuya whispered. A chill hit his spine as he spoke. Shou was the only man he trusted in such matters.

"Well I'm going to need a little bit of time. This is not something you'll find at the local market." Shou thumbed Katsuya's head. He turned around and grabbed a bottle of spirit water which he poured over a small glass filled with ice. The water fizzed as it touched the ice; next he added a lemon twist and turned back to his friend. "What kind of job is it?" He pushed the chilled glass of mineral water to his adopted son. Katsuya ignored the last comment.

"Tomorrow . . . I gotta roll. It's best you don't know, so stay out of my business old man." Once again Katsuya smiled. The liquid numbed the acid building up in his throat.

"Must be heavy," Shou mumbled.

"I said no questions just do it." Irritation mirrored in the hacker's voice. He drowned the drink in two gulps and pushed the glass back across the table, "Next time add two twists and a cherry please."

"Yeah . . . . Yeah . . . . There's an empty table in the back. I'll send you instructions once I get it together. Now get outta my face, brat."

Katsuya moved to the back. He rested his ass in the chair but threw his legs and feet on top of the table. He listened to the sounds coming from an antique jute box. The song brought back memories of a time when he was foolish and in love. It was a time buried in heart but not forgotten.

"Why now . . . . . . .?"


Katsuya stood in front of a small mirror, merely a shard of glass he'd taped to the bathroom wall. He'd plastered down the last unruly wave just over his left eye and smiled at his reflection.

"Yeah I'm hot. I'm hot and tonight I'm goin' do it." His spirits were so high. With practiced ease he slid the comb through his hair and applied after shave to his neck and underarms. A bit in his crouch and the boy was ready. "Kaiba I'm going to light up your world," he whistled and waited impatiently for the limo to arrive.

"Mmm . . . mmm . . . good. Mmm . . . mmm . . . good. . . . that's what Katsuya is . . ."

Inside the private club Katsuya chats with the bar keep; Jin wasn't a pompous ass like so many of Kaiba's rich friends. Jin actually treated Katsuya with respect not like a pet. Yeah he knew that was what the rich pricks called him. Kaiba's pup, didn't mean a damn thing to him he loved Kaiba with all his heart. Katsuya shifted his foot under the table and felt a warm glow generate beneath his skin his master was near.

Cold hands grabbed his slender neck and swiftly like a snake, fingers slithered up his nape, entwining between the golden locks that covered his neck. Kaiba fisted a hand full of hair and wrenched Katsuya's head backward. He stole a kiss with one deep thrust of his wet tongue. Katsuya mind went blank as he struggled for air, the game had begun.

His lover liked to play rough as he pinned Katsuya's arms around the back of the chair. To the naked eye the act could have been one of violence, but between these two lovers the erotic passion Kaiba unleashed was pure pleasure.

Drool mixed with the finest scotch seeped down the sides of Katsuya's mouth as he struggled to break free. Kaiba a heavy drinker since fourteen loved to drown Katsuya's virgin throat with the acid liquid, knowing it made the boy lose his will. Katsuya would become his slave and do anything Kaiba wanted . . . anything. Next Kaiba would pull him swiftly up into his arms and continue kissing him blindly, leaving his lips swollen and his body aching for more.

"You're like a bitch in heat," Kaiba smirked. "So how should we do it tonight, naughty boy?" Kaiba pulled Katsuya's bottom lip down scraping the insides with his nail. The scotch burned as it went down. Kaiba's close friends chanted, "More . . . . more . . . .

Katsuya started to sweat and he could feel a warm fluid run down his legs. The sensation brought him back to the present . . . .

"Must have been one hell of a dream," Shou pointed to the boner between

Katsuya's legs.

"Piss off,"

"Ok, you got one hour, here's the information. Equipment is already there. Don't waste the time. Circuits are really jumping with that special going around town, you know."

"Yeah . . . . Yeah . . . Kidney man, some bastard looking for a kidney worth millions of dollars," Katsuya answered.

"Don't laugh it's a sweet deal. Would have went down to the center, but my shit is all dried up," Shou grabbed his gut. "I'm taking both mine to the grave."

Katsuya grab the address and headed straight to the john. Just as his ass hit the cool porcelain his mind decided to rewind back to the past . . . . It was the worst nightmare of his life.


Seto released the boy from his prison in the chair. Swiftly the two fought for dominance on the dance floor but ended up moving in perfect harmony, Kaiba was being good tonight. Katsuya pulled his lover to a quiet corner smiling as he gazed intently into the brunette's prefect blue eyes.

'I've made up my mind,' Katsuya thought. His heart filled with joy. Katsuya boldly pushed a small box which he carried in his hand to Kaiba. "Hey lover boy that's a present."

"Don't want it," Kaiba spoke. He'd decided it was time for Katsuya to service him; didn't have all night to play games. "Later," he threw the box on a nearby table, "you got a job to do, lover."

"Seto it's important, so don't dish me off. I know you got millions, but I'm going to open up a shop someday. I plan to make lots of money." Katsuya pulled Kaiba close. "I want us to be together, you know side by side."

Seto couldn't contain his shock and laugh for the first time in months. It'd been ages since he'd been so amused. Then he disappeared, leaving Katsuya speechless.

It took a few minutes for Katsuya's brain to reengage and realize he was alone. A messenger handed him a small envelope and informed the boy a limo was ready to take him where ever he wanted to go. Katsuya cried himself to sleep and cursed the stupidity that controlled his thoughts for the past year. Katsuya took the money and enrolled in special night classes. Teachers pushed the determined boy to achieve greatness in the computer technology. He belong to the elite group of hackers known as 'white hats' those that debug or fix security problems. He lived well with his father, sister, and mom. However gambling, lured in the shadows and redirected the course of Katsuya's family life. They lost everything. He became a top notch hacker; those that operated under a code, which acknowledges that breaking into other peoples computers is bad, but paid the bills.

"Ouch" Katsuya chuckled he'd almost zipped his junk up.

He finished his business and washed his hands and moved once more into the shallow traveling the back allies, time was running out.

Katsuya checked the door one last time, cut off his cell phone, and resorted to using candle light instead of electricity. It was important that his actions wouldn't be traced.

Laughing he felt like a secret agent. His fingers flew over the keyboard. With loving care he opened his favorite file, or should we say virus; a computer program that can replicate itself.

Red-eyes, she danced wildly through websites at his command, sometimes playing on her own. Red-eyes could function as malware, including but not limited to adware and spyware programs. She was the ultimate toy for an independent hacker. It was her flames that danced from computer to computer and roamed the bowels of Kaiba Corp. Maybe it was the challenge or just faith, but Katsuya opened a program that burned so deep into the Kaiba Corp network it caused him to piss his pants. He played around with the information but didn't understand what the hell he was looking at half the time. Only the fact it belong to Kaiba made it worthwhile that was the first time.

Now for the last time Katsuya was inside Kaiba Corp's system; he opened up private files that outline Seto Kaiba's deepest secrets. After reading his final instructions Katsuya deleted all the information linking him to the site. He buried all his contacts in the hacking underworld, before regret set in and emotion clouded his vision.

With little hesitation Katsuya closed his eyes and destroyed the borrowed lap top he'd deal with Shou later. Before dumping his cell phone in the gutter he checked his emails. All of them were from Ryou and his crew. 'Guess I should see them one last time before I split,' his spirit grew heavy. He prepared for bed and his last sleep under a Domino sky.

"Yo, you heard the news?" Ryou a good friend punched Katsuya in the shoulder. His private wish was for the blond to fall in love with him. He often had dreams of been carried away in his arms to a far away land. "We been looking for you dude. The search is over; someone's going to be stinking rich. You know vampire style."

"What the hell are you talking about?" Katsuya playfully pushed the cutie back.

"The 'kidney-man' found a donor. Man that sucks I guess it's back to the shit hole," Hiroto continued the conversation.

"Yeah . . ." Katsuya answered.

"Don't change the subject where did you go last night." Ryou asked again.

"Look you're not my nurse maid, don't need one. I go where I want to." Katsuya spoke. It was time to make his move. Cautiously he chose his next words and smiled while he pieced them together. "I got this gig up north, so I'm smoking."

Ryou panicked and nearly jumped into Katsuya's lap. "What about me . . . . You just can't leave. We got plans and jobs to do?"

"Look here's the specks for a new job and a little start up." Katsuya threw an envelope at Hiroto. Any traces of a smile vanished from his face and he turned to go, good- byes always suck.

"I don't want your money" Ryou screamed. "I only wanted you," dust on the wind that was the weight of his plea.

Katsuya had a few more stops to make, because in the next few hours his life would change. As he waited at the appointed spot, the hacker thought about the contract he'd just signed. It was through his hacking that he found out the identity behind the largest pay off to hit the wire. Seto Kaiba was the aka 'kidney man.'

Kaiba had gone underground shopping for answers to cover up a secret. He was sick, the man was dying slowly. Kaiba needed a kidney and with his rare blood type the changes were next to zero, or to be more accurate, one in a million. It would have been easy to go the conventional way but he'd be dead before a donor was found.

The deal was easy and the pay-off worth a poor man's gamble. Who wouldn't trade a pot to piss in for something better? First the blood match and other factors would determine if the person was even useable. If so they would receive one million up front to be delivered discreetly over the wire. Katsuya was a perfect match, first installment of one million dollars was on the way.

For the next six months the donor would live a life of luxury in a secret location as he prepared for the surgery. After the kidney was removed and the transplant successful the donor earned one million dollars, once a year for the rest of his life, but there was a special clause. Every six months the donor had to donate blood, he needed to lead a clean life, and it couldn't be in Japan. The donations would always be in different parts of the world for security. Only then would the person collect his money. It was a sweet deal and identities would be hidden, even from the recipient. Katsuya closed his eyes he'd passed the entire test, except one; he knew the name of the bastard that had enough money to buy a person's life. His laugh was long and sadistic in nature. It reminded him of a fart let lose in a crowded room. You wondered would ate the god damn beans, veggie freak. It was the same man he gave his heart too years ago. It was the man that reduced him to working back alleys. But it didn't matter; he was caught up in the wind . . . . . .


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