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Chapter 4: Blood Tears

Katsuya refused to look directly at the monitor in front of him; it was a bit too creepy for comfort just being so close to Kaiba's image, how could anyone be expected to understand the genius or madness in Kaiba's mind. If I push 'open' it would activate the image and Kaiba would start talking. But Katsuya under estimated his master's true nature because the hologram responded to the presence of the blond in the room. His scent was enough to get Kaiba's larger than life image up and running. Ya know it's when the voice on the phone tells you to 'repeat that I didn't understand you.' Katsuya jumped out of his skin.

"How long are you going to set on that lovely ass and contemplate world peace?" Kaiba stood in front of the hacker, with a half smile on his face. Instead of his signature white suit and blue silk shirt, or vest Kaiba chose black leather skin tight pants that stopped just below his navel, a bright red silk vest which he left open, and dark crimson boots, the one's Joey dared Kaiba to buy years ago. A broad silver studded belt wrapped around his narrow hips and Kaiba hooked his pinky into the nonexistent hoops. Actually his hand disappeared just below the belt line. With his other hand he openly pushed a prefect strand of chestnut hair behind his ears. Katsuya's eyes rested on cerulean blues, after he mentally undressed his master from head to toe.

Silver and leather; same belt Kaiba use to tie him to the head post on his king size bed, one of the many games they played. Kaiba would kiss his bruised wrist all night. Slowly he moved his fingers away from the keyboard, and gently massaged his palm; he watched as the monitors came to life with the exception of one.

"Shit . . . you're one sick twisted bastard," Katsuya placed his hand over his heart; he couldn't control the tidal wave of emotions that threaten to consume his soul. He stumbled back and fell against a chair, surprisingly in front of the blank monitor. Once again all of Domino lay before his eyes including a few private rooms in the mansion. 'God what's behind door number three? Maybe his bedroom or worst,' Katsuya thought. He saw visions of himself over the years bound to Kaiba with invisible threads. These threads wrapped around his body so tight that drops of blood covered the floor. Loose threads guided by the wind gently caressed his cheeks. It sickens the hacker to know he was just a tool and a foolish one at that. Snap and the puppy wagged his tail and jumped through the hoops.

"I've been called worst, by smarter men, but you're amusing," Kaiba smirked and moved to a monitor on the far left. Let's see my injuries aren't life threatening, you've made arrangements to transport me to a private location, and my beautiful wife in under investigation, along with the board of directors and one-hundred party guests. We can take Ryou, your little toy off the list he's about as smart as you and I don't see him as a threat. How am I doing so far? . . . . So far . . . . So far?"

"Cut the crap Kaiba, you're blinking' out," Katsuya hissed. "Guess your program has it flaws. Go save your own damn self I'm through being your slave." With his pride in tack Katsuya headed for the door only to find the way blocked by Sebastian.

"I don't think so. . . . Ya can't keep me here. So move over Mr. Freaky. I'm through playing games, got it."

"Perhaps you'd like a cup of coffee, my master has great taste only the finest beans will do. I grind them to perfection every morning." Sebastian stepped to the side, allowing the festered hacker a little breathing room.

"Well you going to the hospital, looks like your grinding days are over. I don't drink coffee, it poisons the blood." Katsuya wanted to go to the hospital and kick Kaiba's butt.

"Visiting hours is almost over. I don't like to wait; I've ordered your special treats," Seto's hologram positioned itself behind the blond.

"Look cut the crap. Who are you?" he shifted his glazed towards the butler. "WHAT are you? Mr. High-Tech Machine –Man . . . I ain't doing a damn thing until I get some answers?" Now his confused feelings turned to angry. Katsuya threw a chair directly through the hologram. Kaiba floated away and Sebastian continued to speak.

"Humans are such a bothersome lot?" The man in black arched his brow and sighed. "I'm a demon employed by Seto Kaiba as a butler; some would say that I'm one hell of a butler. I'm able, strong, omnipotent, capricious, a performer, fluent, supremely talented, terrorist by nature, deathly, divulging, and the owner of Seto Kaiba's soul."

"Yeah, and I'm the tooth fairy," Katsuya wanted to shrug the comments off, but the look in the demon's eyes or to be more descriptive the bright glow and hot flames that escaped from his eyes waken that eight sense in his spirit. Katsuya was best friends with a five thousand year old pharaoh and an Egyptian thief. "Ok, devil . . . demon whatever you are. Why me?"

"Tooth fairy you're not, but the master shares a past with you that can't be denied." Sebastian produce a tray filled with treats, that momentary had the blond blushing. "Yeah we hung out together; Kaiba has a lot of friends."

"Must we play these games? You look uncomfortable, little master and that makes you less exciting. A frighten doe. " Sebastian waited for Katsuya to sample a hotdog slider from the tray and gulp down a frosty glass of raspberry lemon aid, before he spoke.

"Ok we had a few rounds, what's it to you?" Katsuya licked his lips; he could feel the sweat beading underneath his chin.

"It's called friendship nowadays, how entertaining. Sex comes to mind and not in this life time which is trivial, but a thousand life times ago you were lovers."

"Quit jerking me around, I've heard the story. . . . Kaiba's a priest and I'm a servant,"

"Your souls are linked and it's my pleasure to see that they stay together in this life time. I would hate to lose my decadent buffet after waiting a million years to feast," The butler's eye's blazed like fire.

"What the hell are you talking about? I'm the son of a drunk, a hacker that made a few good deals and fell for the wrong guy."

"Seto Kaiba was a priest and favorite of the pharaoh. You aren't the tooth fairy, but a young priest, Jou the bronze beauty in the service of Seto Kaiba. Relationships were forbidden, but the love shared between the two of you couldn't be denied, plus Kaiba is one stubborn delicious treat. This high priest made laws to protect the feelings that Jou inflamed. His desires were out of control. Wars besieged the lands and kingdoms were lost; the shadow realm took your soul in a vicious game and Kaiba waged war on the Pharaoh. His rage stripped him of all his human emotions and he's searched for your soul all these years. It was the sorrow and anger that let me to you. Ah . . . the sweet scent of innocent souls headed straight to hell."

"And I'm supposed to believe that load of crap. Kaiba only cares for Kaiba; he's the ice-man." Katsuya walked to the door and turned to face the unreadable face of the butler.

"Will Kaiba be safely transported to a hospital?"

"I'm capable,"

"And his condition is it stable."

"Rest easy"

"Then let me tell you a story, I prepared a midnight dinner with candle light and jazzy tunes. Romance was on the menu for my lover. I belonged to him with my heart, body, and soul. It was a dream, a silly fantasy of a boy that believed love conquered all." Katsuya pause and smooth down the bangs on his forehead. Kaiba used to stroke that spot and continue teasing him with little love bites that left a tingling sensation down his neck. Sometimes he drew blood like a damn vampire throwing him on the bed while striping the boy of all his clothes. Seto's lovemaking would consume Katsuya's mind for days until the next time he called. But this time would be the last time.

"My lover tossed me out of his life like day old garbage on a hot day. He used my heart for target practice and every dart hit the center," It was difficult to speak as the painful memories surfaced. "Kaiba was my lover."

"Get a grip, there's work to be done," Sebastian sighed. "Deny everything till hell freezes over, which it won't, but he's still your master. It's the perfect relationship for beast."

"Aren't you listening". . . . . Katsuya screamed? "He took it all! I traded my soul with the devil for money. Maybe a priest moved the world for his lover in a past life, but in this one I'm just a something caught in the crosswinds, a pet used to amuse a married man. Well I'm tired of barking and I won't roll over anymore. Got it." Katsuya adjusted his jacket and placed his shaking hand on the doorknob. Kaiba would need a transfusion soon and the pain would start all over again.

"Wait, Kaiba wants you," Sebastian volunteered, checking the time on his antique chain watch.

"Whatever Kaiba wants he gets?" Katsuya twisted his hands together, a nervous habit. "Why couldn't you say need? One little word and I would've followed him everywhere. Take me to him now."

"That's impossible,"

"Impossible, screw you . . ."

"What about Mokuba, he can't get through this alone, he trust you."

"Trust, I don't believe that's in the Kaiba's vocabulary. So tell me what's under door number three. That blank monitor and maybe I'll play."

"That's for my master's eyes only." Sebastian cleaned up the tea server on the fallen table from the chair Katsuya threw.

"Show and tell Kaiba . . . . Show me or I'll walk," every bone in Katsuya's body ached.

"It's getting late; I must prepare a report for the press," Sebastian ignored the blond. "I've prepared a room in the main house. It's what the master request."

"It's over man. You know where to find me, I've got a man and it's time I gave him the love he deserves," tears gathered in the blond's eyes. For the first time his mind started to function in a normal way. Kaiba didn't need him as a lover and it was time he understood. Katsuya slammed the door and reached in his jacket for his cell.

"Ryou, hey man. . . ."

"I'm fine . . . ."

"Kaiba . . . he's Kaiba. Ah . . . . There's something I gotta tell you. . . "


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