Chapter 2

After lunch, Nicolette and I helped our aunt clean up the kitchen. I was very grateful when she didn't serve us her meat pies. Don't get me wrong. I love my aunt, but her meat pies are disgusting little things.

I finished drying the dishes when my aunt said, "Bri, can you do me a favor and take this tray of food to Mistah Todd? He is the man that came by before. He owns his own establishment upstairs. A barber he is." I nodded while taking the tray. 'Maybe I can learn more about this mysterious man.' I thought to myself.

I made my way up the stairs and lightly knocked on the door. There was a gruffly "come in". When I walked in, Mr. Todd was standing by the window with his back to me.

"Hello, Mr. Todd. My aunt wanted me to send you your lunch." There was no answer. I stood for a minute before just placing it on the nearby table. "Well, I'll leave it here for you Mr. Todd."

"What's your name?" he asked, still facing the window.

"Ventura. Brianna Ventura."

"And wot is your business with Mrs. Lovett?"

"I-I'm her niece. From my mum's side. My sister and I needed a place to stay after the murder of our parents."

"Who may I ask murdered them?" I hesitated before answering.

"Uh…Beadle Banford, Mr. Todd. On Judge Turpin's order." He slowly turned around to face me face to face. His dark brown eyes locking with mine once again.


"Well you see," I started out, "my father was about to be given the position of High Court judge, a position Turpin seemed to so badly want. The only way for him to get it was to murder my father. I'd do anything to get my revenge." This seemed to grab his attention.

"Anything? You say you'd do anything to get revenge?"

"Yes, sir. If it means murdering Turpin to avenge my parent's death, then so be it." Mr. Todd started to walk towards me, his silver razor in hand. He backed me up against the wall and pressed the razor to my neck. I shut my eyes tightly. 'He's going to kill me! I didn't even say good bye to Nicki.' When I felt no pain, I opened my eyes only to see Mr. Todd staring at my face. He brought a hand up and brushed a strand of my raven hair away from my face. I blushed.

"Well then, I have a very promising proposition for you, my pet."