Jay wasn't sure how it happened, but somehow she found herself completely out of her body. Like she was having one of those full on out of body experiences. It was pretty freaky at first, but as the hours kind of passed by she sort of got used to it. Though she hoped that she could find a way to get back to her body safely. Since she really didn't want to stay in a ghosty vapory form forever.

Since find herself in a form she wasn't used to she had totally panicked and ended up looking for Rory to try and help her get back to her body. But for the moment it seemed that Rory wasn't able to pick up on her. Thought from time to time she noticed Rory was noticing something was off as she would turn her head and peer in her direction or tilt her head to the side as she was trying to listen for something, but not sure what she was listening for.

That didn't stop Jay from trying to keep getting Rory's attention, but for now she settled for following her friend around. Waiting for the most opportunist time to try and make contact. Though at the moment it seemed like Rory wasn't up to much anything, besides running another errand. Or at least Jay thought it was another errand. She wasn't entirely sure since Rory hadn't said anything about what she was doing. So until she finally figured out what her friend was doing she kept herself busy, by playing the game guess the crime with pedestrians who were walking by.

Though it didn't take long for her to start getting a little outrageous with her guesses. Like how she saw a somewhat elderly woman, and had guessed that the hobbling woman was actually a high-priced hit man for hire who has warrants for her arrest in twelve countries. Jay had been about to do another person when she felt her entire vapory existence ripple for some odd reason.

Jay turned to check on Rory as her little game had distracted her for a moment. Just as Jay turned around she saw just in time to see someone bump against Rory from behind which made her lose her footing. She tipped forward and almost fell into the street, but Jay had rushed forward and without thinking grabbed onto Rory's arm and pulled back with as much strength as she could muster.

Surprisingly when Jay had pulled Rory's body followed so instead of falling forward she fell backwards, and landing on her butt on the concrete sidewalk. Rory sat there on the ground for a moment to try and get over the feeling of just having been startled. Once the shock was over she carefully climbed back onto her feet and looked around, she had felt someone tug her back, and she wanted to know who it was.

But as she looked around she noticed that there was no one really looking at her, or they were completely ignoring the fact that she was there. Which was weird for her as she would have thought that if someone had tried to pull her back that they'd stick around long enough to make sure that she was ok.

Jay looked down at her hands as she was rather surprised that she was able to really grab on to Rory like that. But since she was able to do it a first time she decided to try and poke Rory on the cheek to see if it had any affect on her like before.

Just as Jay had poked her Rory had jumped as she had definitely felt something poke her cheek. But she knew there was no one there standing next to her. When she had jumped she also let out a very small surprised noise. As soon as she had she quickly covered her mouth and hoped that there was no one looking at her right then. Jay couldn't help but smile mischievously at the scene she had caused.

Prompt: Leave a "Haunt Me" in my ask, and I'll write a drabble about my character watching over yours[as a ghost, watching from a distance, or otherwise, feel free to specify.] Here I went with an out of body experience.

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