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Starring: Temari, Kankurō, Gaara, and the rest of the Konoha 12

Setting: Konoha High

Plot: The Sand Siblings first day at Konoha High


Temari woke up early that morning to Kankurō pounding on her door. And because all high school fics begin with the main student waking up. She stormed over to it and furiously yanked it open sending her brother toppling to the ground.

"Kankurō, what the hell?" she demanded. "I'm sleeping!"

"Morning, Sis. You're looking as hideous as always today," Kankurō answered as he got up.

"Seriously, what do you want?" Temari asked again impatiently.

"Today's our first day attending Konoha High!" said Kankurō excitedly. "We've got to get going if we're going to make it to school on time."

"What? Why are we going to Konoha High? We live in Suna," said Temari in confusion.

"There are a couple options. Either we're trying to escape our bastard of a father, a foreign exchange student program, we're outcasts in Suna, or Gaara and I are trying to get out of the dark gang we've gotten into here to name a couple," replied Kankurō listing them off on his fingers. "But whatever the reason, me, you, and Gaara are going to Konoha High! So get dressed and make us some breakfast, woman."

Temari groaned at her brother's sexism but followed his instructions. The forces that be had declared she was to go to this Konoha High, so she'd rise to the challenge. She was just setting the food she'd made when Gaara emerged from his bedroom and took a place at the table.

"Morning," Temari greeted him cheerfully. Gaara just stared at the table in silence as if contemplating something.

"Am I supposed to be Axe Crazy Gaara or Post-Naruto Gaara?" asked Gaara with a frown.

"What the heck are you talking about?" asked Temari staring at him weirdly.

'It varies," said Kankurō entering the room and taking a plate for himself. "We'll go with Post-Naruto Gaara for this one. We've got a lot to cover and don't have time for your transformation into a person with feelings today."

Temari decided to just regard the conversation as "boy talk". That way she wouldn't have to worry about not understanding. Or get them a therapist.

"Well, we'd better get going if we don't want to be late," she announced as she grabbed her purple backpack from the counter. "I'll drive."

The drive to Konoha High wasn't short but the view was nice. The school was in a very outdoorsy neighborhood with many trees and flora about. Temari couldn't help but admire the scenery despite her reservations about switching schools.

She parked their blue Ford Focus in the parking lot with the rest of the students. Her and her brothers emptied out of the car and started walking towards the school.

"We've got a nice car. So we're the rich kid version of the Sand Siblings?" asked Gaara looking back at their parked car.

"Yup. But don't worry, it doesn't make us any less susceptible to tragedy," replied Kankurō leading the way towards the entrance.

"I'll never understand men," muttered Temari as she followed the two boys down inside.

The trio of siblings walked down the hall receiving many stares along the way. It was to be expected with them being new, but Temari couldn't help but think they could try to be a little bit subtler. The gawking was getting out of hand.

Kankurō stopped when they reached the principal's office and the secretary Shizune called them in and told them to head into the room and the principal will be right with them.

Temari plopped into one of the plush chairs seated in front of the principal's desk. She could get used to it here if all the rooms were like this. From what she'd seen this school had cash flow. No girl turned her nose up at comfort.

"Hello, you three must be the Sand Siblings," said who she assumed to be Tsunade from behind them. The woman looked a little too busty to be a high school principal in Temari's opinion, but whatever. She wasn't one to judge. The blonde in front of them had a commanding air as she presented them with their schedules.

"Now seeing as Suna High has such a different system than we do and your classes don't line up we've decided to stick you all in the same grade. Plus it helps make it easier to develop the plot," explained Tsunade. "Now head off to your homeroom. Keep your noses clean. Don't start fires. The usual new school bull."

Temari looked at her schedule to see she had homeroom with Kakashi Hatake in room 107. Her brothers were in a different homeroom with Kurenai Yuhi though so she was on her own. She quickly found the room and despite being pretty late the teacher wasn't present.

She debated what to do for a moment before taking a seat between a pink haired girl talking to the blonde behind her and a sleeping dark haired boy. The pink haired girl immediately turned to scrutinize her.

"You must be new!" she exclaimed with excitement. "I'm Sakura Haruno. This is my best friend Ino Yamanaka. Welcome to Konoha High."

"Temari," she responded with a smile. "Nice to meet you."

All of a sudden Kankurō burst into the room and rushed up to her desk. "Temari! Aren't you forgetting something?"

"Uh, what?" asked Temari in confusion.

"Arceus help me," muttered Kankurō before whispering in her ear. "You didn't describe their outfits!"

"Is that important?" Temari didn't think so but Kankurō smacked his forehead in irritation.

"Is that important?" He mimicked her in a high, nasally voice. "Fanfictionita is going to kill me for letting you ruin her story."

"You can break the fourth wall, but I'm in trouble for not describing outfits?!" demanded Temari.

"I have to do everything around here," said Kankurō darkly before turning to look at the girls.

Sakura was wearing jeans with a white long sleeve over a red tank top. Her light makeup accented her emerald eyes and she wore a tiny silver clip to hold her bangs out of her face. Her hair was face length and the most surprising shade of pink, but it seemed to suit her.

Ino had a more feminine look with a black skirt and cream top. Her long blonde hair was pulled into a ponytail and her makeup was expertly done. She had on tiny heels that made her legs stand out even more. She seemed to care about fashion a great deal.

Kankurō then turned to Temari with a sigh.

Temari's first day outfit consisted of leggings with a long sparkly purple shirt and brown boots. Her dark blonde hair was pulled into a interesting hairstyle of four ponytails and she wore little to no makeup. Her look was unconventional, but stunning in its own unique way.

Kankurō then looked down at his own outfit of jeans and a black hooded sweatshirt. The sweatshirt has purple lining in the hood. His sandy brown hair was messy in the way that girls always seemed to like.

"And that's how it's done!" he yelled when he was finished. "Now you do Shikamaru. I'll do girls, I'll do my own sister, and I'll do myself. But I refuse to describe another dude!"

Kankurō fled out of the classroom after his little speech leaving Temari in a daze. She looked over at the boy next to her assuming him to be Shikamaru. Though how Kankurō knew his name escaped her.

His hair was pulled into a ponytail and she could tell her was pretty tall. He wore simple clothes, jeans with a dark green t-shirt. Before she could make any more observations the boy opened his eyes to see her staring at him.

"Who're you?" he asked sleepily.

"She's Temari! She's from…"trailed off Sakura. "Where are you from?'

"Suna," answered Temari noting the sleeping boy had brown eyes that were dull but warm. "Today's my first day."

"Me and Sakura will totally show you around," said Ino. "But since this is a high school fic and you're the main character, you'll probably hate me."

"What? Why?" asked Temari startled.

"Everybody hates Ino," answered Sakura as though the answer were obvious.

"I'm a slut," said Ino simply. "Often a party girl too. Sakura here is a braniac and a cheerleader. We're in a group with Hinata and Tenten too. You'll meet them later."

"Uh…okay," replied Temari hesitantly.

"I'm Shikamaru," said the dark haired boy. "I like to sleep. And I'm a genius."

"I'm Temari," she said in response. "I like fans, like the object you use when it's hot. I'm pretty smart."

"Did you see that?" asked Sakura to Ino. "Their interaction signals true love! And with the same homeroom it's inevitable! How romantic!"

"That's one less guy for me to whore around with," said Ino with a depressed sigh.

"Do I have a say in this?" asked Temari with a scowl.

"Nope," answered Sakura.

"Definitely not," agreed Ino.

Before Temari could answer Kakashi came in and took attendance right before the bell rang signaling homeroom was over. She had English class next with Jiraiya so she followed the door numbers to find the classroom.

Sakura had English the same hour as her too and was sitting next to a stoic looking boy and a smiling blonde one. The blonde introduced himself as Naruto and the other was Sasuke.

"Wait, did you say your name was Naruto?" asked Temari trying to remember the name from somewhere. "I think I've heard my brother mention you."

"You're Gaara's sister? I just met him last hour! He and I are really tight!" Naruto told her excitedly. Temari wasn't sure how they were so close already but she just went with it.

"I'm going to be principal one day!" declared Naruto. "Believe it! And Sasuke here wants to avenge his family."

"Oh, uh, that's nice?" said Temari as more of a question.

"Thank you!" replied Naruto.

After talking to her Naruto kept trying to talk to Sasuke with little success. He usually only got grunts or one word answers in reply.

Oh right, thought Temari. Outfits.

Naruto had on a bright orange sweatshirt and black sweatpants. He had pretty bright blue eyes and strange lines on his face. Sasuke had on dark blue jeans with a plain white tee. Both boys were pretty good looking, Naruto in the golden boy way and Sasuke in the tall, dark, and handsome way.

You'll have to forgive her, she's really bad at summaries.

Sakura couldn't seem to keep her eyes off Sasuke. She noticed Temari had caught her staring and winked at her.

"We're in love," she whispered. "He just doesn't know it yet."

The rest of the class was filled with a lecture from the white haired teacher Jiraiya, who was strange but likable, on punctuation. Temari knew she was going to enjoy this class.

The next hour she had biology with Orochimaru and met a couple more of Sakura's friends. Kiba who had wild brown hair and an even wilder personality actually brought his dog to school. Her brother was also in the class and seemed to have made friends with Kiba as well.

Hinata was also in the class. She was a shy bluenette and Temari thought she was a sweetheart. She had on a large light purple shirt and long white skirt. She was shy, but once you got her talking she was very intelligent.

"Do you have a strange goal?" asked Temari to Hinata hoping she was different.

"I want to date Naruto," replied Hinata simply.

Boy obsessions, they seemed to be infecting the place thought Temari shaking her head.

After the creep of a teacher gave a lesson on cells Temari had gym. She changed into black shorts and a gray t-shirt and listened as their teacher Might Guy, a strange man wearing a green spandex suit with a bowl cut and alarmingly bushy eyebrows, divided the class into two teams for volleyball.

Temari was pretty athletic and got into the game. Another girl on her team named Tenten was decent too. She introduced herself to the brunette and thought they'd be fast friends. She liked girls who weren't afraid to be active.

After gym she met up with Tenten who had changed into white capris and a pink top. They left for lunch together.

"Anything I should know about you?" Temari asked Tenten as they walked.

"I wish. They don't even give me a weird obsession," complained Tenten. "Assume I'm in love with Neji though."

Tenten lead her to the cafeteria where they sat at a table with Sakura, Ino, and Hinata.

"So Temari," said Sakura with a smile. "How's your first day going?"

"It's going alright," she answered honestly. "I kind of miss Suna though."

Sakura was cut off from answering by a group of boys sitting down at the table with them. It included Naruto, Sasuke, Shikamaru, Kiba, her brothers, and a couple of others she hadn't seen before.

"Hey everyone," said Tenten. "Meet Temari."

"Already did," announced Naruto. "So did my emo sidekick. The other stick butt here is Neji, bushy brows is Lee, the tubby one is Chouji, and the silent one is Shino."

Temari gave each of them a nod as they were introduced. She went to eat her lunch but received a kick from under the table. Kankurō was looking at her and gesturing at the others. She flicked him off and studied the new arrivals.

Neji was good looking in a slightly girly way. He wore a white collared shirt and khaki pants. He had really long brown hair that he tied in a low ponytail. Next to him was Lee who looked eerily similar to her gym teacher with the same bowl cut and eyebrows. At least he wasn't wearing a spandex suit. He had on black wind pants and a dark gray t-shirt.

The tubby boy was stuffing his face while chatting with Ino and Shikamaru. He had on a large green sweatshirt and casual jeans. He had reddish brown hair that he kept short.

Shino wore sunglasses and a large coat so she really couldn't tell what he looked like.

Oh, and she skipped Gaara earlier but he was wearing a red long sleeve and jeans. And he had flaming red hair.

"Who's our rival group at this school?" asked Kankurō as they ate. "Is it the Akatsuki? Is Team Taka here?'

"The Akatsuki have all graduated thankfully," answered Kiba. "Sasuke's mood has increased drastically since Itachi is gone."

"You'd be able to tell if you saw him before," said Naruto after their looks of disbelief. "And give the asshole a break. He's had a tough time."

"We've all had a tough time," points out Shino speaking for the first time. The group nods in agreement with him.

"What do you mean?" asked Temari trying to follow the weird conversation.

"We all have dark and tragic pasts. It's pretty common," said Sakura with a shrug.

"All of you?" she questioned skeptically.

"My brother is a murderer," said Sasuke casually. "He killed my parents."

"I grew up with no family," added Naruto. "And strangers hate me until I dazzle them. I've also got a demon inside me."

"My family thinks I suck and I'm supposed to take over as the leader but they think my little sister will do a better job," said Hinata quietly. "Everyone shuns me and insults my weakness."

"Everyone made fun of me as a kid because I was fat. They wouldn't let me join in any reindeer games and laughed at me," said Chouji with a reminiscent frown.

"A majority of the fandom hates me and calls me useless, a whore, and a bitch among other things. Also my family shuns me because they don't understand my career," chimes in Sakura.

"Nobody gives a shit about anything I do. I don't even have a backstory," said Tenten bitterly.

"My family placed a seal on my forehead that commands my obedience," acknowledges Neji.

"I have bugs inside me…" said Shino.

"My parents keep pushing me to be a genius and my beloved sensei will die. Also, spoiler alert, my dad," said Shikamaru.

"Spoiler alert, my dad dies too!" cries Ino. "And I'm unjustly always the slut of the story!"

"My dad left us and I have no idea who he is," said Kiba petting his dog solemnly.

"People didn't accept me because I have no natural talent. And a very bad haircut," added Lee as the final one.

Temari absorbed all of this with wide eyes. "And this is normal?"

"Yup," answered Tenten with a shrug. The others agreed with her.

Temari put her head on the table. This new school was too weird.

"Don't worry, I'm sure something bad will happen to you too," said Hinata comfortingly assuming she was upset.

"We've got daddy issues," said Kankurō.

"Awesome!" exclaimed Naruto. "You're in!"

The boys then left to go outside for the rest of the lunch period leaving the five girls alone.

"Meet any cute boys?" Ino asked Temari raising her eyebrows.

"Ino, she's got Shikamaru," said Sakura shaking her head. "It's love at first sight. I've got Sasuke, Hinata's bound to get Naruto someday, and Tenten has Neji."

"Who do I have?" pouted Ino.

"Kiba?" offered Tenten.

"I guess," grumbled Ino.

"He's not that bad once you get to know him," said Hinata.

"Does this story have a plot?" demanded Temari.

"It's a coming of age love story," replied Sakura. "This is the plot.

Temari slammed her head back into the table. She'd rather eat sand for days than stay with this whackjobs.

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