Ayame's Journey

Chapter 5- Dealing With Bullies!

Ayame woke to the sound of a knock at her door. In response she groaned, floated to the door barely off the ground, and opened it.

"Hi Ayame. Can I come in?" It was N. Ayame nodded groggily, and moved allowing him to come in, landed on the ground, then closed the door.

N chuckled and said, "You look tired." Ayame smiled a bit at this and said, "That's probably because, I am.". Both of their stomachs growled, and N chuckled whilst Ayame giggled.

"I guess we're hungry, huh? Well, let's go down to breakfast. Nobody ever sits with me, so you can if you want." N then led Ayame, Lillipup, Minccino, and Myra to a large room that looked like a cafeteria. With N, is his Pokemon; Purrloin, Pidove, and Zorua.

After both N, and Ayame got there breakfast, they sat at a table in the very back, followed by their Pokemon, who each had bowls of their own Pokemon-Type-food, and they all shared a large tin of water that was on the table.

"Ayame, after breakfast do you want to battle?" N looked at Ayame taking a bit of his cereal. Ayame looked a bit shocked by this, and said, "Sure. I'd love to I guess..".

As Ayame finished this sentence, a boy about sixteen or seventeen came over, with two guys who looked to be the same age.

The first boy has shaggy brown hair, and dark eyes. He has on a pair of black pants, a dark grey T-shirt, and black shoes, he has a spiked choker on.

The other boys were wearing the same thing, the second boy's hair is dirty blond and his eyes are blue, the third boy has black hair and green eyes.

The first boy leaned on the table, and glared at the two as if they were evil beings. N and Ayame's Pokemon were on the table (they were drinking their water), and turned, glared at the boys, and took fighting stances.

"What are you doing sitting with the loser; newbie? Don't you know your not ALOUD to?" The first boy sneered, causing the second boy to look confused and say, "But… if she's a newbie then how's she gonna know that bo-" he was interrupted as the third boy smack the back of his head and said, "Shut up stupid!".

Ayame only glared back and said, "I'm not scared of you losers!" N looked at Ayame worriedly, and said, "Ayame don't.".

"Aaaw da wittle loser standin' up for his giwlfwiend?" the first boy said talking like a baby, Ayame growled and was about to punch him when N grabbed her arm, and shook his head 'no'.

Ayame growled and sat back down. "Fine. Who are you lame-o's anyways?!". Earlier N had told her that Sarah was out shopping all day today, so Ayame decided she could call these guys anything she wanted since Sarah wasn't their and no other adult was there.

The first boy's glare became harsher and he said, "The name's Michael, this guy," he pointed to the blond, "is Cody and this is," he pointed to the raven-haired boy, ". THIS is my right-hand man; Kolton.".

Ayame rolled her eyes at the 'right-hand man' thing. Michael noticed. He reached over, grabbed the ends of Ayame's ears, and pulled.

"Dude's! There real!" Michael said, laughing as he pulled her ears harder as though he expected them to come off revealing normal human-sized ears.

Ayame growled. "Leave her alone!" N shouted, he was a bit confused as to how Ayame wasn't screaming in pain, Michael had such a tight grip on Ayame's ears, that some blood began trickling down her ears.

Ayame squeezed her eyes shut, and shouted, "STOP IT!" and opened her now Glowing-white eyes. Michael didn't notice her eyes glowing because he was still pulling on her ears, and was laughing with his eyes closed. The other two also had there eyes, closed, and were doubled over laughing while clutching their stomachs.

N's eyes widened a bit, and decided to take a few steps back, as did his Pokemon, Minccino, and Lillipup. Myra only jumped off the table, and sat under Ayame's chair.

Ayame was close to tears now, and decided to do something she did NOT want to do. Ayame with the speed of light, punched Michael, but he kept his grip on her ears, and yanked on them harder then he was already pulling them.

Tears began to flow down Ayame's face though she paid them no attention, as she reached up to Michael's wrist, squeezed on them and two loud bone-crushing (literally), sounds were heard, and Michael stepped back in pain, Ayame then snapped her fingers, and both Michael's wrists were bandaged up- but still broken.

Ayame's eyes stopped glowing and she quickly blinked a couple times.

Ayame turned afraid to see N's expression but knew she was going to have to face him, and seen his shocked and slightly scared expression.

Ayame's tears were still flowing, if anything they'd begun falling quicker. The pain Ayame felt was like every bone in her body was broken, only they weren't and the pain was in her ears only.

Myra jumped carefully onto Ayame's shoulders, being EXTRA careful not to touch her ears, Minccino carefully climbed onto Ayame's foot, and held onto her leg. Lillipup jumped up, wanting to be picked up, and Ayame did so.

Ayame was scared of what N would say, and since she knew she was scared so much she probably couldn't walk very well since she could barely stand, she began to float, and quickly flew back to her room.

Just as she flew up the first flight of stairs, she heard the front door open, she turned and seen Sarah, she walked into the room where they'd all had breakfast and screeched.

Ayame flinched and crying even more, she quickly flew back to her room, even faster then before. Finally reaching the door, she held onto Lillipup with one arm, while she quickly flung the door open with the other, flew in, closed the door behind her, set Lillipup on the bed, carefully did the same with Myra, then pried Minccino off her leg, and set him on the bed.

Ayame flew to the bathroom door, opened it, and looked at the large mirror that was on the door. Ayame's ears were swollen and puffy-ish.

Ayame had never really cried this much before, but she felt as though every bone in her body had been broken, but the pain was in her ears, that mixed with an ear infection, music blared to as loud as a speaker could go (which is VERY VERY VERY loud to her ears), and like fifty-million people screamed in her ears at the same time.

Ayame was thinking of what to do when her bedroom door opened and in walked N and Sarah. Ayame gasped, and said, "Go away..!" her voice was hoarse, and she sounded like she'd gargled nails while being in a desert for two years without any water.

Sarah walked over, and Ayame immediately curled up into a ball in mid-air, with her head tucked in between her legs the best she could with the Cyniclon ears, and them being in pain that was practically from the darkest pit of hell didn't help much.

Sarah gently patted Ayame's head, this caused her to flinch, but Sarah didn't say anything.

"Ayame..?" N carefully walked over, Ayame didn't want to look up, so she just connected all three of their minds momentarily, and then mentally said, "Wh-what do you want?".

N having read many books, knew what was going on, and mentally said, "A-are you ok..?" Ayame only mentally responded with, "Do I look ok?!" Ayame noticed that Sarah had left a second or two after their minds connected, and fearfully and slowly lifted her head, her face was now tear-stained, her eyes were as puffy and red as her ears, which were immensely bleeding.

Sarah was standing next to N, handed Ayame a bottle of water, and smiled comfortingly. "You probably need something to drink…" was all she said.

Ayame thankfully took the bottle mentally said, "Thanks Sarah.", and drank it all quickly, then broke the connection between their minds.

"A-am I in trouble for breaking Michael's wrists?" Ayame meekly asked, she was afraid of the answer, and was still crying, she spit into the sink because when she talked she got some of her tears in her mouth (YUCK!).

Sarah shook her head 'no', "No, your not. Ayame, I was talking to Professor Oak, Gary, Ash, and the others and they informed me of your situation.".

Ayame's eyes widened a bit and she said, "Th-they did..?" Sarah nodded, then went to leave and said, "I don't know what to do about your ears, but I think you and N need to talk, huh?" then she left.

"Um.. N?" N looked at her and nodded, she continued, "I'm REALLY sorry about what happened…" Ayame's voice was still a bit scratchy, and she sounded like she's crying- which of course she is.

"It's ok, I understand completely." then he smiled and said, "How bout we have that Pokemon Battle AFTER your ears recover? Sometimes it can get loud, and it might hurt your ears more in the condition they're in.".

"Thanks, N." Ayame nodded thankfully, and the sat down and Ayame began to tell him of her family, why she's stuck there, and about a few of Emiko's adventures from helping Ash and Pikachu.

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