So here's my second fanfiction :) I've just started it!

It's based on Fallen, by Lauren Kate. I've written it as a parallel story, following the same course as the Fallen series from Fallen to Rapture :)

Disclaimer: I do not own Fallen, story and characters belong to Lauren Kate :)


Despite everything she was not frightened. She wasn't afraid of her punishment, even if it meant falling. Deep inside she knew that she had done wrong and she was truly sorry. It didn't matter to her having everyone around her, waiting for the announcement. She had her brother beside her, looking up for her, and she had Him standing in front.

She had never felt before the need of looking at His face. If He was going to send her down or take away what she appreciated the most, she wanted to look at him in the eyes as he did. She knew that thinking that way was wrong, and those feelings were the reason she was standing there.

She had dishonored him. From the first moment of her existence, all that He had asked for was her devotion. And she had failed him that afternoon in the garden around the Meadow.

"I can see you are sorry…" When she heard His voice, she couldn't help but to shiver and looking down at her feet, staring at her white clouded land, ashamed.

"She is," cried out her brother, recklessly.

"Quiet" Her brother held his breath for a moment. She reached out for his hand resting on her shoulder and held it tight "You have to remember your place. You both should" Both nodded just once "As punishment; I'll take away what you brag so much about, taking along a part of you"

"Taking away her singing is already taking a part of her!" She smiled to herself, wishing from him to stay silent, otherwise they'll both get punished "Would you deprive everyone of her voice?"

"Well your brothers and sisters have showed discretion and respect" His voice sounded even more serious and intense than before "But I won't deprive everyone from hearing her"

A small blue ball of light appeared in front of her and she understood. She felt her soul tearing, leaving her half empty. Suddenly, her wings weighted more than what she could bear and she dropped them, making her fall down to her knees. She looked up and saw the blue light falling down to Earth.

"This isn't fair!" raged her brother, worried.

"I know very well what is and what is not fair"

Hope you enjoyed it ! :D