So here's chapter 1 :)

It starts when Luce, Arriane and Penn arrive to Cam's party.

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"Welcome back"

Luce blinked while her eyes adapted to the light. The cacophony reigned in the room, but she could still hear Arriane's laughter. Cam shut the door behind her and took her by the hand, to separate her from the rest of the people.

"I'm so glad you came" he said leaning his head so she could hear him in the noisy room, and he put his hand on her back. He had lips to die for, especially when they said things like: "Every time someone knocked at the door I jumped out hoping it was you"

Luce didn't know why Cam had been attracted to her so quickly, but she didn't want to spoil it. He was popular and surprisingly attentive and his attentions were more than just a compliment. They made her feel more comfortable in that strange new place. She knew that if she tried to return his compliment the words would get caught up on her throat, so she just laughed, which made him laughed too, then pulled her to hold her again.

Suddenly, the only place Luce could place her hands was around Cam's neck. He hugged her so tight, lifting her slightly, and Luce felt a little dizzy.

When he placed her back on the floor and Luce turned around to see who else was on the party, the first one she saw was Daniel, and she felt that Cam wasn't of his liking. He was sitting very still on the bed with his legs crossed; the black light made his white shirt looked violet.

"Can I offer you something to drink?" asked Cam trying to get her attention. Luce moved and faced him, finding Cam's beautiful green eyes shining bright. She was about to answer when someone knocked at the door. "That's weird."

Cam turned and swung the door open.

"Can I come in?" Asked a female voice that she could not recognized. Luce took a look around and notice that Gabbe wasn't in the party, but still that voice lacked Gabbe's southern accent. Cam stood in the doorway not saying one word. Luce moved a bit to the side and realized that she hadn't seen that girl before a sword & cross.

She had long carroty hair with a nice bang framing her face; she had ivory skin and those intense and pretty grey eyes that caught Luce's eye: they were very similar to Daniel's. Noticing the girl's clothes only made her feel even more out of place. Despite that she was wearing black, just like everybody, her skinny jeans, the strappy black shirt and her leather boots made her stand out.

"Are you just gonna leave me outside? Where are your manners?" A mocking smile appeared on her face, while shifting the weight of her body to the other leg and leaning on the doorway.

"What are you doing here?" spit Cam. Luce was shocked. Just a few seconds ago he had been so gentile and polite with her and now he was treating that girl so hard. Though, she didn't even knew who the girl was, probably Cam had his reason to treat her like that.

"I'll take that as a yes." The girl get inside, pushing slightly Cam aside with her shoulder, stopping in front of Luce, carrying a big smile. "You're new here! I'm Izzy." Izzy extended her hand and Luce shook it nervous.


"Nice to meet you."

Cam shut the door close roughly "Isabel—"

"Daniel!" shouted Izzy excited as she ran towards Daniel, leaving Cam with the words in his throat. Luce followed her with her eyes, but she focused on Daniel's reaction: getting up fast to hug Izzy. She couldn't help to feel jealous for the way Izzy managed to drag a smile out of Daniel, who always looked at her with cold and judicious eyes.

"To Luce!" toasted Arriane offering her a sanctimonious smile "That was flying so high she missed my welcoming speech, and she'll never know how tremendously awesome it was, because it was pretty awesome; right, Ro?" She leaned down to ask Roland, and he patted affirmatively her ankle.

Cam placed on Luce's hand a plastic glass filled with champagne and she smiled at him as a thank you, at the same time everyone started cheering "Cheers to Luce! Cheers to Meatloaf!" making her blush.

Luce felt someone's eyes staring at her and she turned to find out that Daniel was looking at her, while Izzy talked to him. There was no sight of the smile that Izzy got out from him. She tried to canalize her attention on her conversation with Penn, but her eyes always found the way to Daniel.

"Let's see my dear outcasts." said Roland at loud to catch everyone's attention. The record-player emitted the static hum between two songs "The open mike moment of the night begins, whoever has requests for the karaoke feel free to tell me"

"Daniel Grigori!" shouted Arriane placing her hands as a speaker.

"No way!" said Daniel unhesitatingly.

"Oh, come on!" said Izzy patting Daniel's back to cheer him up. Daniel denied moving his head and his hands.

Due to Daniel's refusal, Roland changed the record and he initiated the karaoke round. Everyone was so focused on Roland's performance, that Luce was the only one-beside Izzy-that noticed Daniel sneaking out of the party. She stood up, no second thoughts; at the same time Roland stopped singing. She lied to get out of the party, encountering Cam on the door waiting for her.


He turned when he saw Daniel sneaking out. It would have been the perfect time to talk to Izzy, if she hadn't jumped into Roland's arms to hug him and take the mike of his hands, dragging Arriane with her.

But he noticed Luce walking fast to the door. He moved quickly among the others and stood in front of her, making her stop.

"Do you want me to go with you?" he asked, hoping she said yes, so he could spent some more time with her alone and to be away from Izzy for a minute.

"I'll be back in a minute." said Luce, rushing into the hallway. He stood there by the door for a minute, and then he swung it close.

He stopped for a minute and recognized Arriane's voice singing "Constant craving". He rethought the idea of going after Luce, analyzing her shy reaction when he hugged her in front of everyone in the room-especially, in front of Daniel-but letting him do it anyway, he didn't really thought that it was out of place and if she asks, he could tell her that he just wanted to make sure she was fine.

He grabbed the door knob willing to go after Luce when he heard her. Izzy was singing a duet with Arriane, dancing next to Roland. The mischievous look on his eyes made him jealous. He knew that Roland and Izzy were good friends, due to Daniel and Arriane, but still. He couldn't help but noticing that Izzy's voice surrounded the entire room, despite the fact that Arriane was the one holding the mike.

He walked towards them, leaning on his night table, right in front of Izzy. He sipped a bit of his champagne and relaxed his shoulders. When his eyes found Izzy's he couldn't swallow the champagne.

Izzy looked at him surprised, but she didn't stop singing. She just stared back at him for a moment, before turning towards Arriane and dance to the center of the room, singing. Cam noticed how lots of the other guys on his party had their eyes set on Izzy. Actually, he couldn't blame them, just like all of them he had his own eyes set on her.

When they finished singing, Izzy hugged Arriane smiling in the middle of the applauses and the whistling.

"Isabel Grigori, everybody!" shouted Arriane, spinning Izzy around her in front of everyone. "The girl who needs no introduction, 'cause she does it pretty well herself; and for all of those wondering: she's single!" Izzy poked Arriane on the ribs and burst into laughing.

Their eyes hadn't met again until that moment. The smile on her face vanished in matter of seconds and she looked at Roland to thank him. She passed behind Roland and started walking to the door, being intercepted by a couple of guys on her way out.

Was he going to spend the night reaching out for girls that tried to sneak out?


Izzy didn't turn-didn't stop either-when she heard him calling, and rushed to open up the door. He stopped her when she tried to shut the door down, interposing his arm. She stopped in the middle of the hallway as he shut the door behind him.

"So you sneak into a party and then leave without saying goodbye?"

"You're not the only one that left his manners outside tonight." She gave him a funny smile, willing to leave. Cam reached out and held her strongly by the arm. "Hey!"

"Don't even think about leaving without giving me an explanation."

"Explanation to what?"

"What are you doing here?"

"I burned down a house."

"Izzy, come on…"

"What do you want, then?"

"The truth." He wasn't sure if he wanted the truth, but he sure needed it. "Where were you all this time?"

Izzy smiled and run her hands through the neck of his black shirt. "I've been in so many places, Cam. England, India, you would've loved Brazil, trust me, if not: you can ask Roland"

"Roland?" Had Roland met her behind his back? Izzy nodded just once. "Why the hell did you come back?"

Izzy step back, restoring the distance between them. "For the exact same reason that you are here."

"Luce?" he said it just to annoy her.

"I'm glad we got things straight."

Izzy looked at him upset and started walking. Without even thinking about it, he grabbed Izzy by her shoulders and pushed her against the wall.


Daniel approached them along with Gabbe.

"Why the fuck did you had to leave, Izzy?!" She just looked at him frightened. The little amount of light that came through the window allowed Cam to see Izzy's watering eyes. "Are you going to answer or you just don't care enough to answer?"

"Enough." Dan made him a side, pushing him away from Izzy. "Someone could hear you."

Gabbe tried to hold Izzy, but she stood aside. "I'll see you later." said Izzy, looking at Gabbe and Daniel before leaving them alone in the hallway.

Daniel looked at him upset. "Cam, anyone could've heard you, even Luce—"

"I doubt she could hear, because she ran after you and hasn't come back."

He felt confused. He looked at Daniel, suspiciously and went back to the party. As he came inside, he noticed that Penn, Luce's friend, had the mike to her disposal.

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