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"Keep on Fighting"

He could feel the touch of Izzy's fingers on his skin even in his sleep.

"Cam…" her voice was so soft, he didn't want to wake up and not have her around. He could feel how warm her body was and how her chest moved up and down as she breathe so close to him, allowing him to feel the warm air coming out from her nose against his face.

He opened up his eyes slowly and blinked a couple of times until he found Izzy's grey eyes staring back at him. She was caressing his cheeks with her fingertips and gave him a nice smile as he woke up.

Cam leaned to look over Izzy's shoulder, seeing the clock on her night table marking eight thirty in the morning. "You've been watching me for an hour and a half?"

"An hour and forty five" Izzy corrected him with her tender voice, making him smile.

Cam reached out and caressed Izzy's naked shoulder. He set his eyes on Izzy's and noticed a glimpse of sadness appear on them. Cam took a deep breath as Izzy stopped caressing his face.

He knew it, but he would've loved for the sunrise to take a little longer to come up and start a brand new day… New day that meant going back to fight over Luce and try to make Daniel crossover to his side.

New day that meant leaving last night behind.

"I don't want to leave…" he said holding her gaze.

Izzy bit her lower lip gently and closed her eyes strongly. "And I don't want you to leave… but it's getting really late for a guy to come out of my room in boxers"

The smile that came through Izzy's face amused him. "I'm way more than 'some guy'…"

"You don't have to tell me that" Izzy came close to him and hugged him.

He held her tight as Izzy leaned her head on the crook of his neck and inhale his scent.

"You still smell like the beach" she said without breaking apart, making him tickle as she giggled.

"You've always loved the beach"


Izzy broke apart slowly and turned to get up. He sat on Izzy's bed and run his fingers through his messy hair, to then caress the sunburst tattoo he had on the back of his neck. He got up and walked towards the table he had left his clothes on.

"I still want you to leave those pants" said Izzy.

He turned to look at her standing on the way of her closet looking up for something to wear.

"Then I guess it's really getting late for me to walk around like this"


"I'll see you later" he said as he grabbed his shoes and the jacket he wore the day before.

Izzy turned and smiled at him. "See you, Cam"

Cam swung the door open and glanced to see if there was anyone walking on the hallway and left Izzy's room walking fast and with a weird feeling set on his chest.


Sitting on his bed, Cam was trying to figure out all of the feelings that run through his body at that time.

Everything had been so simple without Izzy around… He knew that the night before wasn't going to change how things were between them: Izzy would keep on helping Daniel and he would keep trying to steal Luce from him. What for? He wasn't going to make it really far by lying to himself, he knew that with the course of time –and against his will- he had developed feelings for Luce and not having Izzy around had made the job easy, allowing him to explore those feelings: he could fantasized about Luce, enjoying her company and he'd even have sometime for himself and surrender to other earthly pleasures.

But he couldn't do so anymore…

He had always loved Izzy, since the first moment he heard her sing for him and for him only. He had been so angry at her for so long, that he had made the worst choice by falling for Lilith and allowing her to break his heart one more time. But finding Izzy had brought back to him something he had left behind. Both were afraid, Izzy was still on God's side while he had a sunburst shaped tattoo on him, yet Izzy never walked away.

Lucifer wouldn't be the only one angry at him if he changed his mind… But still, Izzy always managed to make him feel alive. She was a small piece of heaven that decided to stick by him. Iz wasn't like the others, she never tried to convince him to come back or to back down, she simply wanted him… Or at least she had wanted him sixty years ago. No… she still cared about him and he was aware of that, it was him the one that had doubts. Doubts that had nothing to do about his feelings for Izzy or how strong his feelings were, they were about those newly found feelings for Luce.

He stretched out his arms to relax them and then masseuse his shoulders in order to release the tension he felt.

He stood up and pulled out a notebook and a pencil from his backpack. He didn't really know what to write, because he couldn't really figure out who he was writing to.

Was it time for him to actually step aside? He'd do it for Izzy a thousand times and more.

Finally, he decided and started writing.


She hadn't met Cam since he'd left her room in the morning and the strange feeling burning on her chest made her believe that something was going wrong.

"You slept with Cam?" Gabbe stared at her with an I-can't-believe-it look on her face.

"Like you said: 'slept'… not that we can do much more than that" Izzy smirked a sideway smile and kept on walking.

Truth was that behind the terraces a big and beautiful forest just came alive and she loved it there. She didn't use to talk to Gabbe and Arriane about Cam very much, but it had been a long time since the last time the shared.

"You sound like a teenager" said Gabbe with amuse. "You don't know how much I hate that you dropped this conversation at me right now, my nails didn't dry…" Gabbe blew the nail on her index finger and softly touched the nail polish of it to check it.

"Who sounds like a teenager now?" Izzy laughed and Gabbe looked at her with a mocking annoyance. "Anyway, we look like teenagers and been treated like that since we arrived here"

"I can't fight you in that…" Gabbe stopped and bent over to pick up rose sprout. "Oh! Poor baby…"

Izzy smiled. "Who knew there were some beautiful things in this hideous place?"

"I might've helped a little" Gabbe left the rose sprout on the floor and look at her fingertips. "Do you think that Cam will leave Luce alone?"

"I would have to walk all the way to the Mount for that to happen…" Her voice sounded sadder than she wanted it to, earning a sad look from Gabbe. "And I don't do stuff thinking it'll make Cam leave Luce alone"

"Your pain should be worth something"

Izzy looked at her with pain. "You don't have to be so mean"

"I know…, but you're my friend and I really don't like seeing you like that over a boy who's trying to steal your brother's girlfriend"

Izzy laughed along with Gabbe, amused of how teenage-ish that sounded.

The sound of fast footsteps caught their attention as both saw Daniel appear behind the trees.

"Sweetie, are you all right?" asked Gabbe as she noticed Daniel's concern look on his face.

"Have you seen Luce?" Both look at him confused. "I asked her to meet me, but she didn't come and I have this feeling that—"

"The cemetery" They said it at the same time. Izzy knew very well where he had taken Luce and so did Gabbe.

Daniel stopped. "She can't be with Cam, not after what happen yesterday…"

"Do you not know Cam?" She said more to herself than to her brother. She cursed herself for actually believing that Cam would step aside.

Daniel started running towards the cemetery followed by Gabbe and Izzy.

"Danny, wait!" asked Gabbe while running. Daniel opened the back door of the cemetery fast. "What did you mean with 'after what happened yesterday'?"

Daniel stopped suddenly and turned to look back at both of them. "We kissed yesterday…"

"What?!" Gabbe seemed quite upset. "What were you thinking?"

"I don't know—"

"She's still here…" Daniel turned and stared at Izzy, nodding just once. "How?"

"Luce is still alive?" Gabbe whispered as she denied with her head repeatedly. "No, it doesn't make any sense…"

"I know it doesn't make any sense, but she's here…" Daniel run his fingers through his hair, showing his frustration. "Well, not 'here', but she's still—"

"Cam!" Gabbe and Daniel gave a weird look. "Cam doesn't know, he might—"

Daniel didn't let her finish, he just started running again.

"Try getting a better boyfriend next time" Gabbe turned to look at Izzy with her eyes filled with anger. Despite the fact that she knew Gabbe didn't meant that, she couldn't help but to feel ashamed. Gabbe started running to reach Daniel, but she couldn't move. Izzy stood there at the entrance for a moment before running faster to reach both of them.

It didn't take very long for her to meet them, but she'd rather not running after them. Right in front the three of them Cam was holding Luce with one arm on her lower back about to kiss her.

She knew Cam and it would've been idiotic for her to not expect a move like that, but seeing Luce kissing him back really got to her. She moved aside, leaning her back against a tree as a little sob slipped out from her. What if she loses him, if Luce chooses Cam? Things just couldn't turn out like that… Daniel turned to look at her and she saw the reflection of her pain on Daniel's violet eyes as his own pain coming from them.

Gabbe was the only one that stood up: she walked with determent and grabbed Cam strongly from his shirt neckline, making Luce fall down, to then pushing him with one leg crushing his face against the ground.

"How many time have you tried to messed this girl up?"


Daniel had actually kissed her? It seemed so unreal, even ridiculous, yet Luce was right there looking at him with fire in her eyes. What was he supposed to do? The idea of Luce kissing Daniel had blocked him out.

Yet, Luce was standing there…

"Go to hell" she spit roughly.

"You're confusing" He reached out for her, standing just a few centimeters of her face. "Listen, I know things have gotten a bit out of control these past days, but I like you, Luce, I really like you" What was he doing? "Don't go with him, without letting me kiss you first"

It didn't seem like a terrible idea. After all, Daniel had kissed someone else at some point too, Izzy had hooked up with that Nefilim and Luce must've had affairs of her own with the course of time, so what stopped him from that?

"It wouldn't change anything" Luce assured him.

"Play with me: let's pretend I'm a soldier and you fulfill my last wish" It had worked out for Daniel, hadn't it? "I promise, just one kiss"

"Just one kiss…" Luce started, but he didn't need to hear it.

This time it wasn't just a little kiss or a brush of their lips, it was an actual kiss. He had been waiting for so long for that kiss, yet, he had this weird feeling running through his body… No. He had to stop thinking about anything he was about to think, because at that time he only needed to focus on Luce's smooth and warms lips. He could feel Luce's body relaxing and surrender to his kiss and the felt a wave of heat covering his body.

That until his body crashed on the grass.

He got up angrily only to find Gabbe and Daniel standing there behind him.

"All right, which one of you is up this time?"

"I am" Gabbe gave him a sanctimonious smile and that just pushed him to go for it. Gabbe crossed her arms around his chest and took one step towards him while he rolled up his shirt's sleeves and got near her.

"What, again, Cam?" Luce's voice sounded tired and appealing. "Haven't you had enough fights this week?"

He just smirked at her. "Three's a charm"

Or at least that's what he thought. Gabbed kicked him right on his jaw, knocking him down. He put his hands on his face and saw the blood that run from his mouth.

"It's a shame I have to kick your ass when I've just gotten my manicure. But what are we going to do…"

Gabbe kept on kicking him on his stomach. It wasn't the fact that Gabbe was kicking the shit out of him right there, it was the fact that Luce was standing there watching the whole scene what really hurt his pride. It have been too long since the last time he got beaten up like that and apparently he had really underestimated Gabbe, who grabbed him by his arm and twisted it on his back. He lift his head up and moaned, seeing Daniel dragging Luce away with him.

"Sure you can put up with me?" Gabbe asked him, squeezing him hard.

Cam struggled in vain trying to let lose. "Ok… fine"

"I can't hear you" Gabbe managed to squeeze him even harder.

"I give up" he spit at her and then spit the blood he had on his mouth. Gabbe let go of him and pushed him onto the ground hitting his face one more time. He leaned on his elbows, breathless and spit again.

"You stay out of this or I swear I'll—"

"I think he got it, Gabbe" Ok… Luce watching him getting his ass kick was humiliating; Izzy watching managed to make him even more humiliated.

"Stop defending him. Daniel and—"

"Please…" Izzy's voice sounded supplicant. Gabbe remain quiet for a minute before heading back to the school.

Cam dropped himself on the grass, turning to sit down and leaning back on his elbows again. "I…" he started saying, but stopped as he realized how badly his jaw actually hurt.

Izzy walked slowly towards him and sat bending on her knees in front of him. "You're such an idiot… but frankly, I don't know what that makes me" He glanced up, meeting Izzy's watering eyes staring sadly at him. "How…?"

Cam reached his hand to held Izzy's, but she moved back a little. "Iz, I… I'd be lying if—if I told you I kn—knew that I was thinking…" he acknowledge.


"She kissed… kissed Daniel" he started. "And I just… I don't know, at first I didn't buy it—"

"He can't believe it either"

"I didn't came here to kiss Luce—Ah" Izzy leaned one hand on his stomach and held strongly his shoulder, pushing it back fast making his bones snap.

"Sorry" Izzy was breathing loudly and she glanced down. Cam look one of his hands and noticed he had a cut in one finger, probably from Gabbe pushing him onto the ground. Izzy seemed to hesitate for a moment there before sliding one hand on her pocket and pull out a grey kerchief he already knew.

"What were you doing with it…?"

"I always carry it with me" Izzy took a deep breath and glanced up to face him. "Just in case I needed a reminder that I was trying to forget about something"

Izzy reached her hand and carefully wiped the blood he had on his mouth with the kerchief. After doing that, she held his hand and rolled it around his finger to bandage it. He held her hand when she finished and, surprisingly, Izzy accepted his hand.

"You know…?" she started saying without letting go. "You used to fight over me and win…"

He suddenly felt heavy, like if someone had just put a big weight on his shoulders. Tears run down Izzy's face and he held her hand tightly. "I can still do that"

"No, Cam…" Izzy stared at him, with pain settled across her face and a weak voice. "You fight over Luce now… and you lose"

She didn't let him answer back; she stood up quickly and run back to the building.

Cam glanced down to his hand and focus on the kerchief Izzy had raped around it and saw she had turn it so he could see what was written on it: 'forever ours'.


He could hear the excited yelling of everyone contemplating the fight. The place was filled with people chanting his name and he recognized many men that must've been there at least ten times to see him fight and gamble. He always bet on himself, because he always knew he'd win, and it amazed him how skeptical the new ones were about him and bet on the other guy.

He spit after sipping half bottle of water and got rid of his shirt. Izzy always pick up on him saying how hard it was for her to get rid of the blood stains.

He had already seen his opponent a couple of times before, but it was the first time he fight him.

He glanced up to see over his opponent's shoulder and managed to see her standing up, watching him closely. Izzy insisted on twisting her hair on a braid during the day, so he really missed seeing her long blond locks falling over her shoulders. She was wearing the pretty olive green dress he had bought for her with the money from the last fight.

He spit blood and focused his eyes on the man in front of him. With a surprising speed, he lunged and a minute after the guy was lying on the floor unconscious and people started yelling even louder.

Cam bent over to pick up his shirt and left the ring in the middle of cheers and people petting his shoulder. He moved his left shoulder, sore and wiped away a bit of the blood he had on his face with the back of his hand.

"This has been the best job you've had" Roland approached him and offered him a bottle of scotch.

Cam accepted it and drink from it. "Hurry up and go get our money"

"Careful, outside the ring I'm the one in charge" Arriane joined them and grabbed Roland by his arm. "Now, if you excuse us, we'll go get our money"

He laughed and sat down on a wooden bench. He took another sip of the scotch and wiped the sweat of his face with the shirt.

"Just because I don't want blood in it, doesn't mean that you can dry your sweat with it" Izzy reached out for him and grabbed his shirt. Cam hugged her surrounding her legs and brought her closer to him, making Izzy giggle. Izzy glanced up at his face and pucker her lips. "Do you have to let them hit you on the face?" She pulled out a kerchief from under her dress sleeve and gently cleaned the blood off his mouth.

"If they didn't beat me, you wouldn't do this" he said, smirking.

"I can't believe you enjoy this, Cam" Izzy looked at him reproachfully and he held her hand.

"This one is very worn…" he started saying, grabbing her kerchief.

"That is because you fight every two nights, not—"

"Hush…" Cam pulled out from his pants pocket a nice embroidery grey kerchief. "This is for you, in case you need to remember this someday" He held Izzy's chin with his hands and gave her a quick kiss as he gave her the kerchief.

Izzy smiled. "I really hope that 'this' doesn't mean you'll start fighting at daylight"

"I'm talking about this" He turned the kerchief and extended it so she could see.

Izzy read: 'forever ours'. "Just like the letter…" Her grey eyes looked at him with joy and he smiled at her.

"Forever yours, Iz"

"Forever yours"

*End of Flash-back*

He undid the knot Izzy had made and squeezed his hand hard.

Iz had kept her word… He: not so much. He could feel the anger burning on his chest and running through his body. For the last sixty years he used to hold back his feelings.

Not anymore.

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