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Because you asked for it… Callie's perspective.


She'd experienced drowning before.

One afternoon, on a sunny day in Miami when she was ten she'd drifted out too far on her boogey-board and got caught in a swell of waves. She'd lost her board and went head over heels underwater in a matter of seconds. Each wave felt like it was pushing her farther and farther down and she couldn't find her way to the surface. Luckily, her father made it out to her in time and pulled her out of the surf.

If only her father could reach down and save her now. Because it felt like she was drowning more and more every day.

She was able to hold it together through work, until something, like meeting the new head of Peds yesterday had pushed her over the edge and into the storage room. She was mortified when Karev walked in and absolutely lost it when she realized that he had perched himself against the door to stand guard as she wept.

So she let go and wept for Mark… and for Arizona.

Watching Mark slip away after his life-support was turned off later that day was one of the worst moments of her life.

She had lost her best friend and the father of her child and after grieving all night alone on the couch she'd finally found the strength to open the door to their bedroom and confront Arizona. She finally pushed, demanding that she get out of the bed and live and Arizona pushed back even harder against her, throwing off the sheets in an ugly reminder of why she was there in the first place.

She'd broken her promise to not take her leg. But she'd been forced to amputate it when her wife started to crash, when the infection threatened to take her life for good.

Now it felt like she was losing her all over again.

It hurt too damn much; she just couldn't breathe in that apartment anymore. So, even though she wasn't scheduled to come into work, she got Sofia ready as fast as she could to escape the apartment and tried not to watch as Sofia reached out her hand towards Mark's door on the way out and mumbled "daddy".

She fought the tears as she walked across the street, Sofia perched on her hip. When Sofia buried her face into her neck and sighed she lost a few. She may be heartbroken, but Sofia didn't deserve to lose her father and she knew that she missed her mama just as much. Arizona had yet to hold or even look at Sofia since she brought her home. And it was starting to take a toll on their daughter.

She tried to walk through the front doors without making eye contact with anyone, but almost stumbled as she passed Karev and felt Sofia push against her shoulder so she could look around.


One word from her baby's mouth and she was a goner. She did stop then and placed a hand on the back of Sofia's head as she tried to find her voice in a throat that was closed up with heartbreak and sadness.

"No baby. Ma-Mama's not her-here." She could barely get the words out as Sofia turned and she saw the tears begin to well in her daughter's eyes as well.

Her bottom lip quivered as she whispered, "Miss, Mama."

Callie pulled her head back into the crook of her neck and shifted so she could rub comforting circles on Sofia's back. "I know you do baby, I know." She started to walk again as she whispered brokenly, "So do I."

How she made it to the daycare center without sobbing hysterically was beyond her. In a daze she made her way to the attending's locker room and sat facing her locker, staring into space as she let her grief drown her deeper and deeper into the waters below.

She didn't know how long she had sat there before she realized that Karev was crouched in front of her shaking her shoulders gently as he searched her face saying something.


"Where are your keys Callie, I need you to give them to me."


"Yes, your keys. Where are they Callie?"

When she realized that she still had her purse on her shoulder she slowly dug them out. He took them from her hand gently.

"I'll be back, ok?"

She nodded without thinking. It was as if her mind had finally shut down on her as she just sat there in another daze, her mind jumping from one thought to the next. Memories of Mark and happier times with Arizona filtered through her mind until the memories turned darker… to those last final moments with Mark as he slipped away and Arizona's hatful words this morning as she ripped off the sheets to expose her leg.

The leg that she'd amputated and took away from her wife. From Arizona who-

And suddenly it was like breaking the surface again as all the little pieces in her mind seemed to snap back in place. She felt violently sick as she realized why Karev had taken her keys and what he was planning on doing.

He'd seen her sobbing yesterday in the supply closet and watched as Sofia had called out for Arizona in the hospital this morning. He'd put two and two together and was going to confront Arizona himself.

"No." She whispered, bolting from her seated position and running to the door. "No, no, no, no, no!"

She didn't bother to slow down as she rushed back to the daycare and grabbed Sofia. She felt only panic as she ran with Sofia on her hip across the street and up 5 flights of stairs, hearing her baby giggle at her frantic movements.

"Karev!" She yelled as she pushed open the door to their apartment and ran across the living room only to freeze in the bedroom doorway.

Karev was holding her hand. It was the first thought that ran through her mind as she took in the scene in front of her. Arizona had barely let her touch her since she brought her back home and Karev was standing there next to their bedside with a smile on his face and Arizona's hand in his.

"What are you-"

She freezes mid-sentence as Arizona rolls over and locks eyes with her. "I'm sorry." She's whispering the words out as fast as she can, afraid that Arizona will blow up at her any moment, "I wasn't thinking when I gave him the keys and I-"


One word from Arizona's lips was all it took for her mind to go completely blank. That one word finally isn't full of hate or anger. It's so soft that it takes her completely by surprise. She can feel Sofia turn abruptly in her arms and watches as her baby zeroes in on her Mama sitting upright in their bed.

"Mama!" Sofia giggles and reaches out a chubby hand towards Arizona across the room.

"Hi, baby girl."

It's the love she hears in her wife's voice and the tears on her face as she smiles at her daughter that breaks her resolve. She can't stop the tears as they stream down her cheeks as Arizona turns her eyes back to her and clears her throat.

"Can you… can you bring her in here? Please?"

She doesn't trust her voice so she only nods as she keeps her eyes locked on Arizona. It's only when she feels Karev start to walk past her in the doorway that she reacts and grabs his arm to stop him.

"Thank you." It feels like it's ripped from her throat because in that moment those two words aren't enough for what she wants to say to him. She doesn't know what he said to her wife, but she knows deep down that this is a turning point for Arizona and without him it wouldn't have happened.

He smiles at her before running his hand down Sofia's back. "Take her to her Mama; I think she's finally ready to see her again."

He slips out the door and she turns to see her baby reaching a chubby hand towards her Mama and Arizona holding both arms out for her child with a smile on her face and tears in her eyes.

It's like she's been saved from drowning all over again. Only this time, she has Alex Karev to thank for pulling her out of the surf.

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