*Chris and Piers were moving through the streets of Langshang, until they reached a playground*

Piers: "Hey, captain, look at this, a playground, looks alot like the one that me and my little brother used to play with back home."

Chris: "You have a brother?"

Piers: "Yes, he's about 15 years old, tomorrow's his birthday, once we finish this I'm gonna give him the best present ever, but enough of this, let's move."

*Piers turns around as he notices that his captain isn't following him and gazes upon a really embarrasing sight, his captain put down his weapon and rided the panda.*

Piers:"Captain! What are you doing, do you even care about the mission anymore or did you drank again?"

Chris:"I haven't drank anything ever since you dragged me off that bar, and I can't seem to control myself."

Piers:"You sure, you haven't drank?"

Chris:"I'm absolutely sure, something is controlling my body and it forces me to play with the panda ride."

Piers: "I can't believe what I'm watching, the legendary Chris Redfield acting like a child, I feel sorry for all the men that died believing in you!"

Chris:"How about you cut the monologue, and drag me off this thing, that will be a nice thing to do?"

Piers:*Sigh* Whatever you say, captain..."

*Piers attempts to drag Chris off the panda ride, but to his surprise, he can't seem to be able to touch him(

Piers: "Huh, what's going on, why can't I touch you?"

Chris:"Now you see what happaens, Piers?

*Chris and Piers suddenly hear a disembodied voice out of nowhere*

Gamer:"Hmm Chris, aren't just cute while riding that little panda?"

Piers:*Points his rifle towards the Sky* "Who are you? Show yourself!"

Gamer:"Easy there, hotshot, I'm not your enemy."

Chris:"That voice, it's like it's everywhere."

Piers: "You better show yourself before I put a bullet in your head!

Gamer:"You know something Piers, there is something I always liked about you, you are serious, you have a strong sense of responsibility, but seriously, you need to chill out."

Piers:"I will show you how I chill out when I find out where you're hiding, so why don't you show yourself and fight like a man?"

Gamer:"I don't have to show myself cause I'm already there my dear."

Piers:"What are you talking about?"

Gamer: "I guided you here, I'm the one who allowed you to even come this far, I have been controlling your every movement since the very beginning."


*Piers finally snaps and starts shooting everywhere, one shot almost hit Chris*

Chris:"Watch where you aim you fool!"

Piers:"Sorry, captain, but I just had enough of this guy."

Gamer:"I agree, you had enough, how about you chill out and play around a bit?"

Piers:"Oh no you wouldn't DARE!"

Gamer:"Yes I would!"

*The gamer plugs in a second controller and he enables co-op mode, thus taking control of Piers*

Piers:"I...I can't control my body."

Chris:"See that Piers? You are now on the same situation I am now!"

Piers:"No ! #^, captain!

Gamer:"Let's make you slide of a bit."

Piers: "My God, this is so embarrasing, no way I'm telling Mera about it!"

Gamer:"Yes you won't, because I broke you up with that harlot, she just wasn't good enough for you."

Piers:"What?! You can't do this! I proposed to her."

Gamer:"Well, you can't always get what you want."

Chris: "Hey, Piers, you never told me that the two of you were engaged."

Piers:"This is hardly the time to talk about that, and besides I wanted to keep it a surprise for you."

*The gamer, moved Piers on the panda ride along with Chris*

Piers:"So for how long are you gonna continue this stupid game of yours."

Gamer:"For as long as it takes, you two have such a polar relationship and are obssessed with being in the battlefield all the time, what you two are now experiencing is a time out, a chance for both of you to be normal for once"

*The gamer continued to keep forcing Chris and Piers to play on the panda ride for some time*

Piers:"So, captain, tell me, for how long do you think he is gonna be making fools out of ourselves"

Chris:"I suppose until he's satisfied."

Piers:"Perfect this is just what I wanted, I rescue your drunk face off that bar and the next think that happens is that some invisible jerk is making us act like kids."

Chris:"I suppose that you were acting like a kid when you were playing with your little brother."

Piers:"That was different, he was always sad when our parents left for work and I just had to do something to cheer him up, I was like a father figure to him."

Chris:"So tell me, Piers, when did it happen"

Piers:"What happened?"

Chris:"When did you propose to Mera?"

Piers:"I proposed to her during the night when we were going to that School where Dough was, we even had our first kiss and even had..."

Chris:"No, no, no, no, no, don't say it, I know what your talking about."

*The embarrasment continued for a few more hours until a strange woman passed by and to their suprised it was the very same woman responsible for the deaths of Chris' men back at Edonia, but she was wearing a red outfit and carried a crossbow with her*

Chris & Piers: "Ada Wong..."