A/N: This story is going to be a series of short chaptered drabble-ish sort of chapters. Those who have read This Bitter Taste of You and Faryaad will know what to expect in terms of length of the chapters though there are a few chapter that will be definitely longer and then there are chapters that would be very short. (In case you are wondering, this story is all written out till the very end so updates will be regular. Maybe something like twice a week or whenever I am free to put up a chapter.)

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Time had been rewound by Clow Reed's heir, but Fei had seen what the future held for him if he reached out for the magician. He would have preferred a pawn with magic, but choosing that path only led to failure. His divinations had revealed as much to him, and right before he had decided to zero in on the twins of misfortune. That label, of course, had been his own creation, to ensure one of the twins would be his blind follower in the future. Of course it had taken effort on his part to ensure the people of that world believed in the curse, but now… it seemed all of that had been wasted effort.

He had decided to reach out for the boy who would grow up to be a ruthless warrior instead. The ninja was much better suited to his purpose than the magician. The witch would no doubt seize the opportunity to reach out to the remaining half of the twins-for he had already killed one of them when his plans changed- and bring the boy into her fold. He would get the other boy before her, though. The boy, after all, had never had the chance to see his parent's murderer.

A tiny rift in space revealed the burning lands of Suwa with the sole survivor of the massacre raging on against the endless hordes of demons. The Tsukoyomi would never be able to get to the boy in time. Fei Wang Reed grinned to himself as he cast a spell to banish the demons.

Yes, this was working out perfectly. Hitsuzen was on his side.