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Kurogane had no idea what the hell was wrong, but all of a sudden he had no understanding of what the mage was trying to say. His words were all just a bunch of gibberish interspersed with odd clicks and sounds that before then he had not thought were humanly possible. He tried indicating that they had to find the kids, though they both knew how to defend themselves. This place just felt wrong. It was dangerous and he wasn't sure they would be able to handle what it threw at them.

Before they could leave to search for the kids and the meatbun, though, they were surrounded by people dressed in odd, partially-torn garbs and bodies painted with bright, vivid colors. Knowing a threat when he saw one, Kurogane internally cursed himself for not buying a sword for himself. He would not be of much use to the mage in this situation and it was quite clear that for once, the blond was not able to use magic. The leader of the savages addressed the blond, making sounds just like the ones the blond had been making, though the clicks were more pronounced and the gibberish a little more clipped. It was giving him a headache, listening to the thing talk, but the mage seemed to understand for he instantly brightened and responded with more gibberish.

Whatever he said, making several motions towards himself and Kurogane, it seemed to appease the savages surrounding them, for they lowered their weapons and welcomed them with open arms.

This was how Kurogane found himself becoming a part of the tribe of wild warrior mages, even if he did not possess any magic of his own. He was given a weapon, a staff with wickedly curved steel blades on both ends and brought to a small tree house. The mage prattled on and on for a little while before realizing Kurogane could not understand him at all. He looked pained for a second as he cast a small spell and briefly explained their situation.

The jungle was full of wild magic, though every night when the moon bathed the trees, the magic became more potent. That was when the Yasha clan of warrior mages would go to the plain in the middle of the forest with the glass lake to fight against the mages from the warrior clan of Ashura. Fai had made Kurogane out to be a magician whose magic had been crippled in a confrontation against the Ashura clan and he himself had taken on the identity of a wandering mage looking for a place to call home. The Yasha wanted to test their loyalties by sending them out to the glass lake that night.

If they won, they would be welcomed into the tribe, but if they were to fail, death awaited them. That was all the blond was able to convey before a trickle of blood flowed from his nose and he collapsed in a crumpled heap on the floor.

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