A/N: The chapters will get longer as the story progresses, I swear. A quick update to give you all a little taste of what to expect. ;)

Yuui screamed and raged and kicked at the walls. Fai was dead. He had picked Fai, chosen to save his precious brother, his better half, but he was still dead. That man with the bat-insignia had stolen his brother from him. Pushed him from the tower, even though he had asked for his brother to be saved. Now he was the only one left alive. The curse of the twins was finally broken. He was free to leave, but…what use would it be if his brother was dead?

His skeletal fists beat against the frozen wall in anger, his blood staining the grey stone as he screamed and screamed and screamed at the unfairness of it all. His brother was dead. Fai was dead. That man had killed him. Even though he had promised he'd be safe, he killed Fai.

Now Yuui would kill him.