"Her eyes, I remember the most… It wasn't the crimson color; rather, it was the fact that they shone brilliantly."

He has tailed his target for a while now; she's been wandering in a residential neighborhood She has been staring at the ground with her head slumped downwards. Her steps were ragged and forced, as if each step required a great deal of will. Her clothes were tattered, and stained with trace amounts of dried blood. Pathetic was the word to describe her physical state. She was heading due west, towards the setting sun.

The cloaked man is well hidden, some five hundred meters from his target. He is armed with an automatic carbine, which was uniquely master crafted. This man was not the average assassin/bounty hunter; but the crème de la crème of his profession.

His task was to track and capture an escaped subhuman. Having been was told that this "diclonius" had the mentality of a young girl and that her primary weapon is some type of telekinesis with an effective range of three meters That is, she could kill anything within a three meter radius. Director Kakuzawa had personally briefed him on the subject.

The sun is nearing the horizon, painting the sky, trees, and the surrounding houses a yellow-red color. It is the perfect time to strike, for the sun's rays will blind her somewhat.

The cloaked man walks calmly into the street and aims his weapon. There was no fear, no emotion, only cold confidence. At this point, there is still more than twenty five meters between them. She notices, stops walking and looks up at him.

There were tears in her eyes.

The assassin pauses at this sight of her, for he not seen her face; it is awe inspiring. She looks angelic, the sun shining on her face made it glow. Her eyes were dark green; they projected years of loneliness and its associated pain; yet they were calm. Her tears are brilliantly lit, reflecting the dim golden light of the setting sun. She is the incarnation of beauty; in his eyes.

The assassin regains his composure quickly. This is a mission; she is but an object that I will exchange for payment. That is all.

This is perfect; her crying/emotional instability will be used to my advantage. He lowers his weapon, and starts to walk toward her at a moderate pace; staring directly, and solely into her eyes; she responded with the same.

He understood that her mind is of a young girl's. He understood that she was a lonely, desperate creature; with uncontrollable powers. He understood that such a creature can be dealt with without the use of a fire arm.

He embraces her tightly; holding her close, feeling her tremble his arms. The horned girl is surprised but does not resist, after a few moments she embraces him back burying her tearful face into his chest. I am but a random stranger who has at one point aimed a gun at this girl, yet I get such a reaction. My gamble has paid off.

After a few moments, the assassin stealthily reaches into his pocket, pulls out a hypodermic needle, and in a single action, injects her with potent tranquilizer. Immediately her breath becomes irregular, and her body goes limp. He does not allow her to fall, for he still holds her tightly. She looks up for but a split second; he does not know what those eyes mean.