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Chapter Four: Training the Madman

Before the sun was even up, Stoick had men out on boats, scouring the seas to find the island that Alvin and the other outcasts occupied. Dragons took to the air, leaving Toothless behind. The Night Fury sat outside the Great Hall along the giant wooden boardwalk that overlooked the harbor and out to sea. He was still, his eyes hardly even blinking as he kept his pupils trained on the horizon, waiting for a returning ship to bring back Hiccup and the others. Every once and a while, he'd look up, wondering if Stormfly or Hookfang or even Meatlug would be returning with news of having found them.


The village was extra quiet today, most of the men and women gone. The ones that remained watched after the lazy sheep or took care of household chores, their gazes always flicking out to the harbor whenever they got a chance, wondering for news.

The village was concerned for Hiccup and the other teens, but they were also concerned of what Alvin had planned. Kidnapping seemed beneath the man who everyone had believed would want revenge against Stoick and the tribe. If that had been the case, wouldn't he have just captured Hiccup, being the chief's son? No one could quite determine what the plan was, and that was what made the ordeal all the more frightening.

As the day drew past noon, Toothless began to get restless. He began to pace, his weight making the wooden boards beneath him creak and his claws scraping splinters out. Thunder rumbled in the distance and Toothless paused, looking out in the direction of dark clouds. They were just barely visible on the horizon, but the distant flashing of lightning and soft roar that followed it were clear. Toothless narrowed his eyes, wondering how many ships had gone out in the direction of the storm. Probably few. It was risky. Toothless couldn't help but feel that was where Hiccup and the others would be found.

He whined, tail lashing angrily. He turned and made his way down towards the village. He moved through it, stomping heavily. He hated being stranded, unable to assist everyone on the quest. He needed to be out there. Without Hiccup, though, he couldn't fly anywhere. And Hiccup missing just so happened to be the problem.

"Toothless," Gobber called, running over as well as he could on his peg leg. "Toothless, there you are. The sun will be setting soon, have you eaten?"

Toothless was caught between bewilderment and confusion at Gobber's question. No, he hadn't eaten, but food seemed least important right now. He wasn't sure how the man could be concerned about food at a time like this. He never took Gobber for being like, that, either. The man usually always seemed to keep up with what was going on about not.

Gobber chuckled, seeing the look on Toothless' face. "If you want to go flying, then you're going to need to eat so you don't faint from hunger."

Flying? What was Gobber talking about. Toothless had just been ranting to himself about how he couldn't fly right and now Gobber was going about, acting like Toothless didn't have a broken tail that prevented him from taking to the skies by himself.

"Come along, I'll show you," Gobber instructed, turning and hobbling off.

Toothless didn't exactly have anything better to do than be useless so it was worth following the man. Another rumble of thunder passed through the air. Toothless glanced up and saw that the dark clouds on the horizon were advancing, though slowly. They loomed threateningly, billowing like thick, black smoke. He looked back down and saw that Gobber was getting away from him so he jumped forward, easily catching up. The blacksmith was leading him to his workshop.

"Wait right there, I'll be right back," Gobber instructed, ducking into his shop. Toothless heard rummaging and then the crashing of tools and other random objects hitting the ground. Gobber cursed and Toothless had to chuckle lightly to himself despite the situation. He waited and his head cocked as Gobber reappeared.

The man was holding a strange contraption. It looked like Toothless' fake tail. He leaned forward, sniffing. Gobber proceeded to open it, revealing that it was, in fact, a fake tail. It looked eerily familiar to Toothless and he took a step back, trying to recall where he had seen the thing before.

Gobber chuckled and grabbed a metal rod, moving it in and out. The tail flap did the same thing and Toothless suddenly recalled where it was from. Snoggletog. Hiccup had given it to him so that he could fly by himself, without the boy riding on top. Toothless had used it to get Hiccup's helmet back for him, but then destroyed it. Toothless didn't want the ability to fly alone (except for right now...), he wanted Hiccup along. He liked depending on the boy. His best friend. He growled lightly at it, wondering how Gobber had found it.

"I built it myself," Gobber explained. "I figured you might have wanted to go fly and help the others. So I snooped through Hiccup's notes a bit and found the design for this tail. You're welcome to rid yourself of it later, but I thought you'd might like it until we get Hiccup back safely."

Toothless, though he had fist been hesitant about rewearing the strange contraption, couldn't pass it up now. It was his opportunity to help Hiccup. He turned, allowing Gobber access to removing the saddle and other prosthetic tail. The man quickly took them off. Toothless had grown used to having the saddle on throughout the day, it was practically a part of him. He slept with it off at night, but had grown to enjoy its presence. As it was taken, his felt like a piece of himself was coming off. It felt extremely weird when Gobber removed his tail, but then strapped on the new one.

Toothless lifted his whole tail and tested it out, spreading his tail flap out, moving it up and down. The other side mimicked it exactly and Gobber nodded in satisfaction. Even Toothless smiled at it, glad for the chance to get out there and help. He turned to Gobber and nudged him gratefully. The man laughed before swatting teasingly at him, pointing to a barrel of fish and then telling him to get going before the storm arrived full fledged.

What Gobber didn't know was that Toothless was going to head straight into that storm.

Alvin had been serious when he had told Hiccup that they would be punished. Back in the dungeon, water dripping along the walls as the outside world exploded in the storm, the outcast leader had hooked them all back up in their chains. He paced along, figuring out each method of torture he wanted to use on each child.

Hiccup and the others did their bests to stand up straight and tall. None of them backed down, except Fishlegs inwardly trembled, the fear obvious in his eyes. Astrid was feeling better, her blue eyes glaring up at the man fiercely and a scowl on her face, daring him to come at her. Ruffnut and Tuffnut had taunts sitting on the tips of their tongues. Snotlout, who was growing sick because of his head, was trying his best to act normal, though he was certain he would throw up any second now.

"You've been pacing for five minutes, man. You going to do anything or you too chicken?" Hiccup's cousin finally snorted, unable to contain himself. He was searching for his former attitude, trying to act casual. He couldn't let the men know just how bad his head wound actually was.

Alvin wheeled around to slam a fist into Snotlout's all ready broken head. Astrid was faster in that situation. As soon as Snotlout had started talking, she knew something was going to come, so she launched herself at the boy, shoving him to the side where they both tumbled to the ground, only stopped once they reached the length of their chains. Astrid feared she had knocked Snotlout's head worse, but she looked at him from where she was lying upon him, he was just grinning a stupid grin and obviously not in anymore pain than he had been before.

"I knew you'd come on me, Astrid," Snotlout chuckled. "Only a matter of time."

Alvin, after swinging at air, bulged with anger, his eyes practically turning red. Before anyone had time to think, he had Grabbed Astrid by one of her back legs and dangled her in the air. She struggled to maintain her composure but also her skirt at the same time. Looking Alvin in the face, she spat on him. He cried out in surprise and flung her, her body smacking against the wall before rolling to the floor.

Hiccup ran up alongside her body and touched her gingerly. "Astrid!"

She moaned and leaned up on her elbows. She shook Hiccup off when he tried to help her stand and pushed to her feet by herself. She turned to Alvin, eyes narrowed and hiding the fact that her bruised face was heating up again with a fresh round of pain. She didn't even seem concerned that the man was obviously pissed off to the point that he was probably contemplating the many ways to achieve her death in the next ten seconds.

"So, on to your punishments," Alvin scowled, his gaze traveling over each kid. "The girls here will spend the night in the Dark Pit, fat boy here will get to massage my feet, the other twin and Snotface can be my targets for my sword practice, and the Dragon Conquerer here can test out our water."

"Dark Pit?" Ruffnut questioned.

"Sword practice?" Tuffnut echoed.

"Massage your feet?" Fishlegs trembled.

Alvin nodded, pulling a boot off and stretching out his foot, wiggling his toes. A black substance clung to his foot, looking a lot like the gruel Alvin had tried to feed them that morning. A stench began to fill the cave that nearly made the poor teens faint. "I think they're a little ripe. They could use a good massage."

Fishlegs about fainted, but Alvin put his foot back into his shoe and turned. "I'll be right back. Gotta' get some more of my men to help me and I'll give you teens some actual food and water so you don't die on me."

When Alvin returned, he had two other men with him. They brought meat with them as well as water, which Hiccup and the others devoured quickly. It wasn't until after they were done that they wished they had slowed down to avoid the punishments longer.

Alvin ordered his accomplices to take Astrid and Ruffnut away to the Dark Pit. The men vanished with the girls, despite the fact that Astrid elbowed her captor in the stomach, stomped on his toes, and all around made the trip all too difficult. While they did that, Alvin got comfortable in front of Fishlegs, pulling out a foot and waving it in the poor boy's face.

Fishlegs was gagging and choking the whole time. Luckily for him, he only had to do it until the men returned. Unfortunately, they took their time to return and, as soon as they did, Fishlegs passed out into a fitful sleep. Snotlout, Tuffnut, and Hiccup had all moved as far away as they possibly could have during the whole session, pitying Fishlegs but also themselves. While massaging Alvin's bunions was clearly a horrendous ordeal, none of them were quite ready for whatever it was that was in store for them.

Unchaining Snotlout and Tuffnut, Alvin's two helpers each grabbed one of the teens and moved them to the center of the room. Alvin reached to his belt and unhooked his sword, holding it up, still sheathed. He smiled at the two boys, rotten teeth looking only darker in the dim lighting of the room. He swung the sword around a bit, the sheath starting to slide off. He moved it back up and looked over at the boys. "Don't run, it'll only make me hit harder."

"Wait, what?" Tuffnut asked and, at that moment, Alvin ran towards him, drew back his arm, and swung at the boy's leg.

Tuffnut fell back to the ground and on his butt. He grunted in surprise but quickly rolled over and back to his feet. He turned to see Alvin had continued to swing and did the same thing to Snotlout. The larger boy copied Tuffnut's move and was soon back on his feet, as well. Both ignored the flare of pain in the calf that Alvin had hit. They readied themselves for his next move.

Alvin swiped out towards Tuffnut's stomach. That area still being Tuffnut's most bruised section made it so that he was on guard to dodge anything aimed at his midsection. He jumped back, sucking his abdomen in and curving his body. Alvin growled with anger as he missed. Tuffnut grinned and even let out a small laugh of triumph. When he looked back at Alvin, his face fell. "Uh oh!"

Alvin flung his sword so hard towards Tuffnut's head that the sheath went flying, soaring through the air and clattering at Hiccup's feet. Hiccup looked from it to Tuffnut, worried he would see his friend's head rolling across the floor. The sound of steel hitting metal was heard, though, and it was discovered that Tuffnut had ducked, only for the sword to collide with his helmet. It knocked it from his head and the thing rolled across the ground, curving and slowly coming to a rest beside the sheath. Hiccup opened his mouth slightly, looking down at the two objects.

"Oh, boy," he muttered, bending down and picking up the helmet. He tossed it back to Tuffnut, who caught it and jammed it back down on his head hurriedly.

Alvin strode over and picked up the sheath, placing it back over his sword. "Wouldn't want to swing my sword around without this right now. I like keeping my dungeon clean."

Hiccup, for the first time since first being captured, felt the same bravery against Alvin that he had felt when he gave himself in to the man all those weeks ago. Back then, he had been brave because he knew he would soon have Toothless with him and he'd be able to fight back. Now he felt it because, looking at Alvin the Treacherous, he just saw a man who felt the need to bully people who didn't have the abilities to defend themselves. Or at least not defend themselves well. The confidence must have entered in his gaze and body expression because Alvin snorted at him, laughing darkly.

"Don't act so tough, Dragon Conquerer. Just wait until it's your turn for your punishment," he reminded, then turned and hit Snotlout in the stomach before kicking the boy over.

Snotlout moaned, but rolled along the ground to avoid a powerful downswing from Alvin. The sheath hitting the cave floor made a startling noise, but didn't affect the wielder as he straightened right back up and charged for the boys again. By the time he was done, Tuffnut was bruised up and down his back. Snotlout's head was a blazing fire that couldn't be cooled even by the chill of the cave, and his legs shook from having run around so much to dodge Alvin's attacks.

Alvin's men chained them back up while Alvin tied his sword back to his belt, eyes penetrating over to Hiccup. He waited, watching as one man moved to release Hiccup from his bonds.

"I feel like a sandwich. My bruises are the buns," Tuffnut growled.

Snotlout was sitting down, leaning against the back wall. He glared up at Tuffnut. "You would make a disgusting sandwich."

"Fine with me. I don't want to be anyone's meal."

Hiccup watched his friends and even smiled lightly. It was good to see them conversing like they hadn't just taken a beaten by one of their greatest, if not their greatest, enemies. He felt a sudden grip on his left arm but tried to pull himself away. He looked up at Alvin with his mouth set in a hard line. "I can walk without you dragging me along. Just lead the way."

Alvin smirked before turning and heading out of the cave. Hiccup trailed, with the two men following behind him, cutting off any escape routes he might take. Hiccup wasn't even planning on trying to escape. He couldn't see what running away from men twenty times his size would accomplish when he was on a island... A certain form of landscape that just so happened to be surrounded by water and unless Hiccup planned on swimming back to Berk, he sure as heck didn't have the ability to steer a boat by himself.

Alvin turned right suddenly, into another long passageway. Hiccup followed, his steps slow as he looked around him. Water was pouring in from the roof in larger quantities here. He struggled to figure out how the mountain could possibly be leaking, but determined that perhaps the mountain wasn't made of much compacted material. Surely that meant that the whole structure was weak and could fall in on itself at any moment. He felt a couple drops splatter on his head and grumbled warily.

They entered a room. This one, much like the dungeon, was lighted by torches, as it clearly located within the depths of the mountain. The room wasn't as large as the dungeon and was actually taken up by a large pool. The water looked dark and murky. It reflected the firelight eerily. The walls wavered, the watery reflection dancing like snakes, looking both deadly and captivating at the same time.

"In you go, boy," Alvin ordered.

The voice bounced around off the walls and Hiccup felt like multiple men were telling him to jump in the water and not just one. He approached the edge and looked down. The water was still, like a thin sheet of ice. A water droplet was released from the ceiling above and hit the surface, causing a fan or ripples to reach out, expanding out until they hit the edge and vanished. Then the water returned to normal until the cycle repeated.

Then Hiccup was falling in. Alvin, having grown impatient, shoved him from behind. Hiccup felt himself overwhelmed and then his body practically froze. The water was colder than the ocean! It was also deep and, though Hiccup sunk down a couple feet, he still couldn't feel the bottom. It terrified him because it felt like an endless void of black water. Despite the fact that his blood felt like it was freezing in his veins, Hiccup pulled at the water with his hands and kicked. His one good foot was effective, but the prosthetic was useless. It provided no help to him and Hiccup could even feel the metal wanting to sink down.

Something grabbed his hair and Hiccup felt himself being yanked up, his neck protesting violently. He cried out with pain as his head breached the surface. He sputtered, spitting and gulping down the air, which suddenly seemed very warm compared to the substance he was in. He could hardly feel his body, but ordered it to keep moving, trying to warm himself up through thrashing.

Then he was pushed back under. Alvin's hand was gripping his hair tightly, nearly pulling it out. Hiccup kicked and pushed, but Alvin wouldn't let him come back up to breath. Just as Hiccup's lungs began to pound with a fierce desperation, Alvin pulled him back up again.

Hiccup couldn't see, for he had kept his eyes closed. The water was too cold, he felt like his eyeballs would turn to ice if he opened his lids. As he choked down air, water dripping down his face, he focused on just trying to stay alive, refusing to say anything to Alvin. He would not beg for the man's mercy. Besides, Alvin surely wouldn't kill him, would he?

Shoved back under, Hiccup had attempted to take in the biggest breath he could manage. It only half worked. The other half included an inhaling of water. Hiccup coughed underwater, gagging and needing to breath. His throat felt scratched up, burning like a wildfire. He continued his desperate flailing, but only wore his energy down faster. He couldn't feel his limbs, he couldn't breath, and his entire being was screaming for help. When Alvin didn't pull him up after a moment, Hiccup gave into darkness.

When Hiccup awoke, it was the next day and he felt awful. He was back in the dungeon. He could feel the chain around his wrist. He coughed, water spewing out of his throat as his eyes fluttered open. Despite the fact that his limbs felt weak, he recognized that he could feel them. They were even somewhat warm.

"Hiccup, you're awake!" a voice called to him.

Hiccup turned his head, having been looking at the ceiling of the cave. Fishlegs was sitting there, holding a torch.

"Fishlegs?" Hiccup gagged.

He managed to push himself into a sitting position, his body aching in protest, but he ignored it. Blinking, he looked to his other side and saw Snotlout and Tuffnut, each holding a torch of their own and seeming somewhat pleased with themselves.

"What happened?" Hiccup muttered, looking back to Fishlegs.

"Uh, we saved your life," Tuffnut answered.

Snotlout laughed. "Yeah, we just saved the Hero of Berk. I think this earns us some kind of medal or something."

"I hear that," Tuffnut agreed.

Hiccup rolled his eyes, still looking at Fishlegs.

"Well, Alvin brought you back and you were all cold and wet. So Tuffnut, Snotlout, and I managed to grab some of the torches from the wall and we've been waving them over you, trying to dry you," the boy explained, shrugging lightly. "Did it work?"

Hiccup smiled it disbelief. "You guys did that all night?"

"Yep. Think it'll impress Astrid?"

Hiccup ignored the second part of Snotlout's declaration and shook his head. "I can't believe you guys did that. Thanks."

"Anytime," Fishlegs smiled nervously.

The sound of footsteps approaching signaled the arrival of Alvin and his men. Hiccup turned to look at them as they entered while Fishlegs, Snotlout, and Tuffnut tossed their torches into a puddle, extinguishing them and sending the dungeon into an even dimmer lighting.

"All right, Dragon Conquerer. Time for you to keep your promise."

The boys were released and led back up to the beach, though Hiccup, Snotlout, and Tuffnut all seemed to struggle with every step. As they entered into the outside world, Hiccup discovered that it was still raining. Hard. Thunder and lightning were no where to be seen or heard for the moment. The dark clouds above hid the light of the sun and Hiccup wondered if it was even daytime.

"Now, Dragon Conquerer. Show us how to ride dragons," Alvin laughed.

Hiccup was all ready weak because of the torture last night. At Alvin's words, though, he shook not just from weakness but from a sudden realization. Would any dragons even return to the island? He couldn't imagine they would. It was also pouring. What dragon would be about, flying around in a rainstorm? No sensible one, that was for certain. He looked up to the sky with dread. If Alvin wasn't flying on a dragon by tonight, Hiccup had broken his promise.

They were all dead.

And just because Alvin couldn't ride the dragons, that didn't mean Berk was safe from the madman.

He turned and glanced behind him, seeing Alvin still laughing. Tuffnut, Snotlout, and Fishlegs were all looking at the sky, trying to locate a dragon for Hiccup to train. Eventually, Snotlout gave up and kicked at the sand, sending clumps of it in the air before they came smashing down on the ground.

Many more outcasts were arriving, ready to watch Hiccup accomplish nothing. Two of them came dragging Ruffnut and Astrid out. Neither looked too shaken or beat up, just tired. Their eyes were red and rimmed with dark circles, though Astrid only had one dark circle, the other eye still covered by the purple flesh of her bruise. She and Ruffnut were shoved over to the others, where they joined them in a line and looked out at Hiccup with hopeless gazes.

Hiccup couldn't look at them. He turned away and gazed out at the raging sea, the water spraying this way and that as waves fought against each other, swirling and diving. Rain splattered down, supersaturating the soaked beach and reminding Hiccup of last night, being held under the water and unable to breath. The water that hit him now wasn't quite as terrifying, though, as it wasn't near as cold nor overwhelming. He sighed into the air, his breath visible and curling around his face.

A roar split the air. At first, Hiccup through it was thunder, but when he looked up, he realized why. A Thunderdrum was skimming along the surface of the water, beating its wings to stay just above the splattering waves. It was flying toward the island and Hiccup looked back, figuring it was probably looking to seek shelter in one of the caves of the mountain. As the dragon neared, however, it noticed the gathering of people and halted its approach. It made to turn around and seek shelter elsewhere.

"No, no! Please!" Hiccup called into the air.

He ran out down the beach, struggling to get through the sand. Reaching the edge of the ocean, he kept going, splashing out into the shallow waters. He waved his arms and continued to call to the creature. "Come on! It's okay. You'll be safe here. We'll help you!"

The Thunderdrum narrowed its eyes, seeming to think. Finally, it started drifting back forward and Hiccup felt relief washing over him. A smile graced his features despite the fact that he knew he was only using the dragon. As soon as he thought about this, he winced, but knew what needed to be done. The Thunderdrum came to a landing on the beach, looking over at the outcasts with a suspicious glare and claws digging into the sand.

Hiccup came back up onto land and smiled at the creature, soothing words falling from his mouth in a rush. He motioned Alvin to come over and the man made his way up.

"Okay, watch," he said softly, turning back to the Thunderdrum.

He continued to speak kindly and slowly began to approach. The Thunderdrum sniffed the air, uncertain. He didn't growl or snap at Hiccup, though. The boy moved forward some more, slowly reaching a hand out. The dragon, not currently screaming its head off, was flat and lower than even Toothless. It looked up at Hiccup with wide eyes. Hiccup stopped a foot or so away and smiled.

"It's okay, buddy. We can be friends."

The Thunderdrum stepped forward, sinking under Hiccup's hand. Then it raised its head, pressing its noise into his palm. Hiccup smiled, loving the feeling of knowing the creature trusted him. It crumbled his heart as he realized he was betraying the trust all ready. He looked back at Alvin and motioned him to come closer.

The man approached. The Thunderdrum stiffened, but relaxed when it saw Hiccup reach out and take Alvin's arm. Hiccup held Alvin's hand out for him. He felt Alvin tense and the outcast started to growl under his breath. Hiccup hushed him and told him to say hello.

Alvin glared at him, having no interest in greeting the dragon. Hiccup narrowed his eyes, though, so Alvin grunted. "Hello, dragon."

The Thunderdrum dipped its head slightly, then raised it to accomplish the process of pressing his nose into the palm of Alvin's hand. The Viking seemed about to pull away, his free hand starting to inch towards his sword, but once he realized the dragon didn't plan on attacking, he stopped. The rain pounded down around them and Alvin glanced up towards the top of the mountain, to the ledge where the main room was. He knew that room would be big enough for the Thunderdrum and, if the creature flew him up there, it would prove that Hiccup had kept his promise.

Hiccup watched as Alvin looked at the dragon. It seemed to think, then took its head away and bowed.

"You can ride him now," Hiccup reported.

He examined the Thunderdrum. It was a blood red color, perfect for Alvin. Its scales seemed darker under the watery spray of the storm. Alvin slipped on top of it and ordered it to rise. The Thunderdrum beat its wings and began to rise into the air. Alvin began to howl with a glorious triumph, grinning wickedly. He reached over and snatched the back of Hiccup's shirt, pulling him onto the back of the Thunderdrum.

"I have no more use for you, Dragon Conquerer," Alvin hissed. "Out to sea, creature! I request one thing of you before we go to the safety of a cave."

The Thunderdrum turned and started off over the ocean. Hiccup snatched the back of Alvin's shirt to keep from getting thrown off. He looked back and saw Astrid running out after them, stopping once the sea rose to her knees. She cried out his name and Hiccup felt his heart tug with sadness. He knew from Alvin's words that he wouldn't be coming back to that island. He wouldn't be going back to Berk, either.

He watched the island shrink. Soon, it vanished through the veil of the storm, unable to be into through the rain. He looked back forward, wondering what Alvin wanted to do to him.

"Stop, dragon," Alvin commanded and Thunderdrum obeyed, hovering out over the ocean. Alvin turned to Hiccup, making sure not to go sliding off of the Thunderdrum's back. "This is where we part ways, Dragon Conquerer. Don't worry, you kept your promise so your friends will live. For now."

Then the man grabbed Hiccup's shirt, holding it tight between clenched fingers.

"What are you doing?" Hiccup gasped, then felt himself flung.

He was falling. Falling to the middle of the ocean. He saw Alvin turn the Thunderdrum away to go back to the outcasts' island. Then Hiccup hit the water.

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