Chapter The First

"You look tired my Queen." The Huntsman said,

The queen was startled from her silence being disrupted at the sound of his voice.

"I am." The queen stated softly as she looked up from her lap.

She had been sitting silently upon the iron throne for nearly two hours.

She was only roused from her silence by the Huntsman; who's voice was thick with the taste of clover and the sweet water of the Highlands.

''Ah. What makes my Queen so tired?" Her Huntsman asked.

He knew the answer.

"I wear a cloak heavy with my Fathers iron throne, and my Mother's kirtle weighted down with an entire Kingdom's worries."

"You have become a linguist My Queen." The Huntsman said slowly as he inched toward her side.

"I am so very tired Huntsman." She said, sounding very much like a young child,. She shuddered a deep breath as she lay her head against his side.

He hesitated for a moment before he placed a large hand upon the top of her head.

The thin golden crown lay fifteen feet across the room- obviously having been tossed there some time ago.

In the four months since the Evil Queen Revenna had fallen and the fair Snow White had taken her rightful place as Queen.

The huntsman had seen very little of the Girl-Queen .

Yes, He had seen her in the daily meetings of the Queens Royal Council where he gave his reports from the happenings among the Queens Guard.
As head of the Queen's guard, a post very recently put upon The Lord Huntsman, His opinions regarding the current state of the castle guards actually mattered, much to Williams chagrin.; He was sure.

Other than the sparse few times they ha spoken during meals. He had not been this close to her since he had come to stand his horse next to her as she poised, ready for the battle- Her mail glinting in the sun.

He had not been this close to her since.

'Well enough.' he had thought. 'No Old, drunken bastard with a dick in his pants should have been aloud anywhere near one so innocent, so young and so very virginal.'

No. It was best if he stayed far away from the fair Queen Snow White.

"I know Child." He said, she sniffed slightly, as though she were trying to hold back tears.

Now that he was so very close to her, he wondered how he could have stayed away for so very long. There was something so very feminine about er.

He was not sure if it was the small swell of her bosom, or the white cream of her skin that seemed to set his blood so very thoroughly on fire.

He was contemplating all of this as he watched the firelight dance across the blue-black of her raven hair when she spoke.

"Many pardons my Queen, I was not paying attention." He muttered.

The smell of Rosewater brushed against his face as she moved her head from his chest.

"Will you walk with me in the garden Lord Huntsman?" she asked him- looking up at him with imploring green eyes.

He glanced out the tall window on the far side of the throne room.

The winds did howl as the sea crashed up against the stone of the castle foundations with the force of a thousand, vengeful angels calling on their horns.

The thought must have crossed his face.

"Now Huntsman, You know as well as I that I have fared far worse conditions than that of a small gale." The ever observant Queen stated.

They both knew the battle had been won.

He nodded slowly as he stepped off the slight platform and held out a hand to his Queen's aid.