On the morning after Krystal and Panther returned from their stay at the hotel, Fox decided to visit Panther's place (which he bought to live in with Krystal on Corneria) to get his revenge.

Panther's house was somewhat unusual.

Instead of the front door opening inward, like on his house (and practically every house he's seen), Panther's front door opened outward.

Fox figured he could use this to his advantage as a hit-and-run type of revenge.

He drove his car to Panther's address, which he found in the phone book, and walked quickly and silently to the front door.

"Heh heh," Fox snickered, "Just wait until I'm finished with you, Caroso! This is just part one of my revenge. There's far more to come…"

He rang the doorbell a single time, and stood off to the side of the door in the direction it would open.

It took about a minute, but Fox started to hear footsteps approaching the door.

The door opened up. "Yes?" Panther's voice said while opening it.

Fox, who was hiding in the blind spot behind the door, slammed it into Panther's face.

A crash was heard from inside, indicating that Panther went flying backwards, and knocked something over.

"I hope that hurt, cat-boy!" Fox yelled through the door.

The vulpine turned and ran back to the car, laughing insanely.

He ignited the engine and started to reverse out of the driveway fast.

Just as he shifted into "drive" to start leaving, Panther opened his door again, now with a black eye, and aimed a machine gun at Fox's car.

Several chains of loud bursts and sharp clanks went off; Panther fired the gun and many bolts hit the fenders and doors.

Fox ducked. "Hey, Caroso," he said to himself, "haven't you ever heard of 'suppressors'?" He drove off while still being showered with a barrage of laser blasts.

If he thought he could put enough distance between himself and Panther by simply hiding around a corner, Fox should have thought again; Panther got in his own car and began to chase Fox.

Firing his fully-automatic weapon, Panther had to periodically steer clear of any cars incoming, and to be careful not to let the gun slide off of the rear-view mirror on the side of the vehicle.

Fox lured Panther onto a busy highway, where he had a very hard time maneuvering his way through traffic to keep up with Fox.

He kept firing the weapon when he could, not even caring who heard it.

"Damn!" Fox shouted inside his car, "This guy just doesn't know when to give up!"

Several Cornerian police cars began to get behind Panther and attempt to get him off the road.

"Stop the car!" One of them yelled through their speakers. "PULL OVER!" Another one said.

But Panther pointed the machine gun behind him and began to fire at the police vehicle.

Many of the cops pointed their blaster pistols out the windows and fired at Panther's car.

Fox continued to flee, flooring the accelerator and avoiding everything else, whether it be car or laser bolt.

Panther continued his assault, periodically alternating the direction of his weapon between Fox and the police.

"He wreckin' my new car!" Fox said, "This thing was just polished!"

At that moment, Fox heard a loud bang that didn't sound like a blaster shot.

An officer had blown out one of Panther's car tires.

This happened twice.

Now that both of the rear wheels were gone, Panther began to lose speed.

Panther kept his finger on the trigger, but then the rifle stopped firing and beeped.

He's out of ammo.

Panther put the brakes on and obviously decided to submit himself to the authorities.

Fox pulled over as well; he wanted to see what would happen to Panther.

All of the officers stepped out of the cars with their blasters drawn.

"Get out of the car!" One of them shouted.

Panther stepped out and raised his hands, still holding his rifle.

"Drop the gun!" the same cop shouted, his blaster aiming at Panther.

Fox stepped out of his car with a blaster pistol and aimed it at Panther as well. Holding the weapon in both hands, Fox put his dominant finger on the side of the barrel, and his non-dominant finger on the front of the trigger guard.

Soon, Fox and all of the police units had their blasters pointing at Panther, who placed his rifle on the pavement.

The officers moved in and made the arrest, handcuffing Panther and escorting him into one of the vehicles.

"You easily deserved this, Caroso." Fox whispered under his breath, placing his weapon back in his car.

Panther was very shaken up. "You can't do this to me! I didn't hurt anyone! This is tyranny!" He shouted as he struggled to get away, but was too restrained to do so.

I should probably leave this to the police… Fox thought, wouldn't wanna end up interfering.

Fox got back into his car and drove off.

When he made it back to his house, he glanced out the window anxiously, but as far as he could tell, no one followed him.

"Well, I hope going through all that shit was worthwhile." Fox said to himself.

"If not," he continued, "I'll be right back at square one."

Fox grow impatient, but simply decided that waiting would be the best choice for him.