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Pairings: Sesshomaru x Koga, Inuyasha x OC, Shippo x OC

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Chapter 1: The Chaos Continues

I have had an interesting life...being pinned down to a tree by woman I once loved, being freed by her reincarnation, searching for jewels in order to stop an evil spider demon, dealing with an older half brother that wishes to kill me, and just trying not to die from the random encounters of monsters. Even my group is a weird bunch, a girl that looks like a dead priest from the future, a perverted monk with a black hole in his hand, a fox child, and a demon hunter looking to save her undead brother. Yup, you can say my life is a strange roller coaster of death. Luckily for me, we were able to defeat Naraku, the name of the evil spider demon, and I made a wish on the jewel shard so it can never be found again. I thought after all of this was over, my life would go back to semi-normal. I even made amends with my half brother, and we actually started to become family. I could finally be with Kagome and have a life I never had...or so I thought.

A month after Naraku's death, Sesshomaru had invited us to his kingdom and wanted to tell me something about myself in private about my demonic heritage. Me, being a stubborn idiot, told him if he had to tell me something to say it in front of my friends. I thought no matter what happened and no matter what I was, my friends would be by my side. I was partially right. Sesshomaru went to explain about how mating worked in the demon world and how I needed to find a mate. Of course, I mentioned how I wanted to be with Kagome. Kagome blushed and held my hand, looking at me. She looked and seemed so happy knowing that I wanted to be with her. Sure, I would outlive her and watch her die, but I love her and would be with her until I watched my beautiful wife took her last breath. Sesshomaru cleared his throat and told me the most horrible news that I would ever hear coming out of his mouth. Uke...I was a submissive uke! I was the weaker one of the demon world, the one who was the mother and gave birth. Yes, I was upset about this, but that information did not matter to me because I was going to be Kagome so what did it matter. I turned to Kagome and then I saw that face. It haunts my dreams at night, even closing my eyes, I can still feel the pain when I looked at it. She looked at me with pure shock and disgust. She immediately let go of my hand after Sesshomaru explained what I was and backed away from me. I didn't understand. What did it matter? I was going to be with her, what did it matter?! But in her eyes, I was weak and just someone who bent over to any man who wanted me. She pointed at me and told me how I was a sinner and was going to hell for what I was. I tried to understand why she was so angry. I asked if she still loved me and why she was acting this way. She said...and I will remember those words, "I could love someone has flirty as you. You should have just wished to be a human like I wanted." I was quiet for a moment. Sango and Miroku gasped at what she said. Shippo looked at my blank face trying to understand what was going on. I couldn't hear anything for awhile. I just saw Kagome's lips move and everything else was white noise as my world crashed around me. "She never loved me," I said to myself, shaking from the realization, "how could she be so upset about something that does not even matter with us? Why would she string me along like this?" I felt the need to cry but all I could do was just sit there. I felt Shippo small hands tug on my sleeve to get my attention but I couldn't move my mouth.

"Silence! All of you!" Sesshomaru's voice thundered through the room, waking me out of my spell. Sesshomaru looked over at Kagome and glared at her. "There is nothing filthy about our ancient demon way of life or Inuyasha." "But he is.." Kagome tried to retort. "He is a uke, a male who is able to birth children and nothing else! He is still Inuyasha, the apparent shield you used to protect yourself, and would give someone the strongest pups in this land besides my own." I looked at Sesshomaru in surprise. He was actually defending him and seemed very angry with Kagome. "He is no less of the man he was when he was with you then he is now," Sango and Miroku nodded in agreement at his statement. I finally looked down and gave Shippo my attention. "And we can be uke brother together so I won't be lonely," Shippo smiled up at me, wagging his bushy fox tail. I had almost forgotten about Shippo being a uke and ruffled up his hair a bit. Shippo pouted, not liking his hair being messed with so roughy and it made me smile a bit. Kagome sat up from Sesshomaru's office that we were in and walked out the door. I looked as the door slammed behind her, her anger covering the door. Sesshomaru looked over at Sango and Miroku, trying to hide his irritation. "Monk, Hunter," Sango and Miroku looked over at him immediately, "go tend to her so she doesn't get kill by my guards for that mouth of hers." They immediately ran off to go after Kagome with Shippo following behind him. "Guys! Wait for me!" Now it was just me and my brother...alone. There was silence for a moment until I finally asked, "Why are you defending me and being so nice?" Sesshomaru got up from his desk and opened his balcony door, beckoning me to follow. "Inuyasha," Sesshomaru said looking over his cherry blossom garden, "did you know we are the last of our clan?" I looked over at him and then out in the garden. "I figured since I haven't seen any white dog demons around besides us." Sesshomaru looked me. "This is one of my decisions I decided to stop fighting you. You are the family I have and we alone must keep our clan strong." Inuyasha nodded but then turned and looked at Sesshomaru strangely. "You aren't trying to say that you and I sho-.." Sesshomaru laughed a little, going back to his stoic mask. "No, Inuyasha," Sesshomaru said trying not to laugh anymore, "I have no desire to mate with you." I let out of sigh of relief. Sesshomaru cocked his eyebrow. "Do you not find me attractive?" Sesshomaru said pretending to be hurt. I gave him a look. "No, that's not it," Inuyasha smirked over at Sesshomaru, "you just wouldn't want Koga thinking that." Sesshomaru didn't look at me but I could see I was right. "I knew it!" I said in triumph, smiling to myself. Sesshomaru looked over at me and pinched my cheek hard. "Ow, ow, hey!" I swatted his hand away. "It seems you are feeling a little better," I nodded and smiled a bit. "Yeah," I frowned again and looked away from him. "To be honest, I almost expected this. Nothing in my life has ever gone right. Why should I expect it to now." Sesshomaru put his hand on my shoulder. "You may have lost one, but you still have your other friends. You have to live...for your own sake." I looked at my brother for the first time without anger, hate, or disgust. I actually looked at him as the older brother he was suppose to be. "I do have one question though." I headed into the office and looked back at him. "How did you know I liked the wolf prince?" Inuyasha gave him a look and pointed towards the garden. "Koga's favorite tree that he never gets to see in the mountains are cherry blossoms and if I remember from you yelling at me correctly how you hate how the petals seem to cling to your kimono and armor." Sesshomaru smirked a bit and looked at his brother. "You are smarter than you look." "What's that suppose to mean?" I gave him an angry glare only to get silence in return. "Hey, I'm talking to you! Sesshomaru!"

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