From now on, dark! Peanut, and pink! Grape are used, and supporting adjectives on the counterparts. To make it easier for me to distinguish.

Dark Peanut stopped a few steps away from regular Peanut with curiosity, one of the common traits they share overcame his want to eliminate this intruder. "You seem to have the same collar tag as me. Same address, shots." he said in a interested manner. Peanut smiled, "I got this when I was first adopted by my parents!" Dark Peanut's eyes opened, "Really? Interesting..." he came towards the shaking light furred mutt and forced the collar off of him. "Hey!" Dark Peanut inspected it. "'s just like me, only lighter." he tossed it back to Peanut. "So your name's Peanut Butter Sandwich, exactly like mine, you look just like me just lighter toned, and smell the same." Dark Peanut smiled eerily just like Peanut. "I guess your another me!"

Grape was nervous, "I hope Peanut's okay." she said looking up at the window. "Wait..." she looked towards Tarot, "Can't you make a vision-thingy or whatever you call it?" Tarot shook her head, "Sorry, but my powers are limited due to the way how magic works, you already know that Turkish is the main magic language, not Latin." she said. Grape swore under her breath, "I'm going in." she said. Max tugged her arm, "We can't, Tarot and Sabrina told us not to make contact with ourselves, your other person might bump into you." he said but Grape went anyway.

She climbed towards Peanut's room, "Peanut?" she saw that the window was open, and she went inside. "Peanut! Where are you?" she said. "What the?" Peanut's room was completely clean to her shock. "One thing for sure, this Peanut is much cleaner." she thought. She looked towards the bookshelf, "Hmm, photo album." She opened the book, there on the front page was a mutt she later recognized as dark Peanut, and a pink cat with a yellow flower on her head. " that suppose to be me?" she saw more pictures of her with a pink teddy bear, a light blue collar and a green fish. "Ugh, my version is so girly." she thought. She then saw a picture of pink! Grape kissing..."Fox?!" she nearly gagged at the thought. "Man, this is totally weird." she thought.

Soon after several pictures of almost everyone in the neighborhood she sighed, "This Peanut either likes to take pictures or is just stealing them." She closed the album and placed it back in the shelf. She then found another book, "Manga?" she saw it was some strange anime stuff that Joey read and saw all the time. This one features a greatly jealously girl that killed her boyfriend and another girl after she believed that the boyfriend left her for the other girl much to Grape's shock. "Great, so this Peanut takes too many pictures, reads a lot of strange manga, and is very clean." she said. "He might not be that bad." she thought. They was all kinds of book, even one of those alchemy ones that scientists have. "He's probably smart just like my Peanut." A door closed at the front, "Peanut! I'm back home!" a effeminate voice said. "Must be her."

She went out of Peanut's room, and went to see the other Grape. She acted a little similar to Sasha though not nearly as ditzy as the German Shepherd. "Peanut? Where are you?" she asked. "I'm in the kitchen." he replied. The pink cat walked to the kitchen and Grape followed her, "Oh! Who's this, Peanut?" she asked clearly happy. "This is Peanut." dark! Nut said. pink! Grape scratched her head, "Huh? Two of you? That's very odd." she said intrigued by this mysterious sight. "Well, our parents is going to be here in about a minute or two." pink! Grape. "What should we do?" dark! Peanut smiled sadistically, "Well, I could take him outside." Peanut and Grape yelled at the time, "What?!"

All three turned towards the closet, "Who's there?" Grape cursed, "Peanut! We're leaving!" she yelled. She ran very quickly to Peanut and grabbed him by the arm. Dark! Peanut sighed, "Should have figured, if there's one, there's a bunch of them roaches." pink! Grape was confused, "Eh? What are you going to do?" dark! Peanut smiled towards his counterpart, "Simply put, kill them." Grape hissed, "You're not going near my Peanut!" dark! Peanut started to growl, "Move out of the way, cat!" Grape was a little surprised, "Peanut never referred cats to as cat, but he's different." Grape clawed dark Peanut's arm. "AH!" dark! Peanut yelled. pink! Grape became scared, "P-Peanut?" she ran to him. "Are you okay?" seeing blood come out a little. "Y-Yeah...I'm fine." he looked towards Peanut, "Why is his arm bleeding?" Peanut looked towards his arm, "AH!" he covered his arm.

Grape grabbed Peanut and kept running away from them, "We need to find Tarot, Sabrina and Max." she said to Peanut. "But where are they?" She looked around, "They left!" she thought. She practically dragged Peanut away from those two pets. "Grape, it's King!" Peanut told her pointing to the corgi. Grape sneered, "Why him?" she asked Peanut. The mutt shrugged, "Let's see." They went to him. "King?" Peanut called to him. The corgi turned around, his fur was lighter all around. His collar was black with a white stripe, now it's white with a black stripe. "Who's King? I'm Rook." the corgi said to them. He gave a smile worthy of Santa Claus, "Nice to meet you!" he offered them a paw. Grape was used to King's anti-social behavior, "Um, hi." she said awkwardly. Rook tilted his head a little, "Do you need anything?" he asked them. Peanut smiled, "Can you take us to your house?" Rook nodded, "Sure!".

Peanut and Grape followed Rook to a surprisingly clean house. "I live with the Milton wolves, they're a little rowdy but the children are as tame as dogs." he said with a smile. Peanut's tail wagged, "Sounds nice!" he said to Rook. Grape was thinking, "Why is his name Rook?" she thought. All the pets so far had the same name but King's wasn't. Rook unlocked, "Hey guys! I'm home!" he yelled to them. Miles came fully clothed like in the other universe though had more of a offset kind. "Hey Rook! You brought some friends over?" he said in a more childish tone than Miles back home. Rook nodded like a kid being accepted candy, "Yeah!" Miles laughed, "Haha. Your last friend who came over seemed less willing to be here." he said. Rook nodded, "Bino's not the type to be talked to I guess." he said to him.

Peanut was really surprised, "Bino's your friend?" he asked to Rook. The corgi smiled, "Yeah! He's shy at first, but opens up to you when your a good friend to him." he said. He led them to his room. "Here we are." Grape looked around in amazement, "Wow, Pridelands' fan much?" she said to Rook. Posters, Toys, Books, Movies, and more merchandise from the series were around. Rook nodded, "Ever since I first read it, I loved it!" he said enthusiastically. Grape smiled, "Maybe Tarot can switch Rook and King around." she thought. Peanut and Rook were already role-playing scenes from the book. "Hey, want to play?" Rook asked to Grape. The cat shook her head as much as she wanted to, "No, I got sometime to think about." Rook starting grinning, "But Peanut's having fun!" he said to Grape. Peanut smiled, "Let Grape do whatever she's doing."

Rook's grin grew more childish, "Oh, but Grape must play." he tone grew stranger, "I won't take no for an answer." Grape looked towards Rook, "What?" Rook giggled, "Silly cat, you must play with me." he said in a very childish tone. Grape started noticing something strange about Rook. His eye started twitching and his tail wagged so quickly that the carpet started swishing like a helicopter. Rook sighed, "You know, my favorite part about Pridelands, is the part where Saso gets tortures horribly." he giggled, "It's a funny thing huh?" She then remembered the manga where the girl acted similar to Rook. "Oh ****, Peanut were leaving." she said. Rook's head tilted towards the ground, "It may sound like a cliche story, but I will tell you anyways." Peanut went to Grape. "Rook's really creepy, let's go." he whispered.

Rook looked towards them with sad eyes, "My childhood has been always lonely." he said to them, "I wished for company but no one came, until I learned that people come to you when you present them with hospitality, and plenty of love." he emphasized the last word in a deadly tone. Peanut and Grape realized it's too dangerous to stay here. "That's a nice story Rook, but we need to go." she said, she started off with Peanut when the door locked. Rook smiled, "Well, I've never really let people my room... well except for one. Because he was no fun." he said. Grape then saw more detail of Rook. The eyes were now pink with a yellow center, and what really caught Grape's attention was there was a speck of blood on Rook's left paw.

She broke the door's knob and opened the door. She then turned to Peanut. "Peanut!" Rook was choking him, "There's no point in keeping him around is there?" Peanut was desperately gasping for air, "G-GRAPE! H-HELP ME!" Grape ran towards Rook who took out a pink knife, "M-mh, wouldn't want little Nutty here to get hurt, wouldn't you?" Rook held the knife to Peanut's neck, and really began to strangle. "H-ha, poor Grape can't save her own brother." he said with a completely different voice. Grape became furious, "Scratch that Tarot, keep King over there." she thought.

Peanut was so scared that he was sure that he wouldn't make it. "G-go. I'm sure that Tarot can do time travel or something to bring me back." Rook grinned, "I take that as I get to slice your head off!" Grape came from behind and tackled Rook, "Let Peanut go!" Rook smiled, "Ah, kitty come to play?" he bunted Grape's nose with his head. And after she fell to the ground Rook jumped on her stomach knocking wind out, "Too easy." he said. Grape struggled as Rook tried to cut Grape's head off. Peanut growled for the first time in his life, "NO!" he punched Rook's head really quickly. Rook's head took so much force that Rook instantly was knocked out.

Grape was shocked and then impressed by Peanut's strength. "Nice." they ran out of the room. "We need to find Max and Tarot now!" Grape said Peanut running through the neighborhood. Grape looked back to check when she bumped into someone. "Ah...sorry." she said dazed. She looked up and saw a husky with black and white fur. "My apologies." he then turned to Grape. "Name's Fox." Grape started to blush at the sight of this Fox. His eyes green, and the warmest smile ever made. "Your Grape's boyfriend right?" she asked to him.

He nodded and smiled towards Peanut. "Who's your friend." he asked. Peanut winked, "Peanut, nice to meet you!" Fox shook his hand. "Why were you running?" Fox asked to them. Grape scratched her head, "H-heh..." Peanut became frightened, "Rook just tried to kill us!" Fox started to shake, "So, you figured out him huh?" Peanut nodded quickly, "He's going to chase us and kill us!" he yelled. Fox nodded, "Leave this place, I've learned that he's a ruthless one, won't stop until he's got every bone of your body in a puddle of acid!" he said very paranoid like. His eyes wide with fear, his ears flat against his head, sitting on the ground shaking. "H-his laugh." he muttered.

Grape went to comfort the grieving husky when another dog came to him. "I-It's Fido!" they seen him earlier dealing catnip to cats, his trait of comfort and compassion crossover-ed to this universe. "Fox, Rook is not here. Please snap of it!" he slapped Fox several times to bring his senses back. "Sorry, weak moment." he said to Fido. "Poor kid's lost it." Spo said. Grape grimaced at the thought what Rook did to break the mentality of Fox.

Fido looked towards Grape, "Is that you Grape?" he said to Grape. The cat shook her head, "No, she's back home with Peanut." she said. "Okay, well I'm taking Fox home." Peanut tugged Fido's collar, "How long has he been like this?" Fido shook his head, "Maybe 2 or 3 months, he's been getting worse, I'm trying to help him, but as long as Rook is alive..." once more he shook his head. Peanut and Grape nodded, "Can we come with you?" they both asked. Fido sighed, "I don't know my owner doesn't normally allow strangers." Peanut gave his best puppy eyes, "Please?" he said putting his hands together. "Fine." they left for Fido's house. Meanwhile a certain corgi was watching them, "You thought that I've let you go?" his eyes glowed yellow, "We will see about that."