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Summary: Harry landed hard on his bum in a Diagon Alley far different from what he remembers. And the abuse to his butt has only just begun! Apparently he's in an AU where Voldemort has a claim to his ass and has decided that Harry is his to take! What's a BWL to do?!

Warnings: Slash, Alternate Universe/Reality, insanity, and language… that's all at the moment.

Word Count: 2204

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Mine to Take

Chapter One: I'm dreaming…right?

'It's a nightmare.' Harry thought as he looked around in horror at what appeared to be Diagon Alley.

Only it wasn't the Diagon Alley he remembered. Sure, it was in really good shape from what he could see, but all the pro-Voldemort items… it had to either be a really sick joke, or a nightmare.

Everywhere that Harry could see from his hiding place was riddled by posters of the Dark Lord, banners celebrating Lord Voldemortor flyers with Tom Riddle being hailed as the most handsome ruler the Wizarding World had ever known.

Granted, even Harry could admit that Tom Riddle was a good looking bloke. Hell, that damn diary image of Tom had played many a staring role in his fantasies once puberty hit, but still… It didn't matter that he was his handsome self, it was Voldemort!

And Voldemort was EVERYWHERE. The worst part? Everyone seemed happy about it!

'I've got to be dreaming.' Yes, that had to be it! Harry was trapped in a realistic nightmare.

Too bad his initial landing had completely negated that theory right off the bat. Harry had fallen, hard, on some lovely asphalt. And he could feel the bruise on his arse to prove it!

'Better a bruised bum than a cracked skull I suppose.'

Then again, all things considered, he wouldn't be surprised if he HAD hit his head and was hallucinating or something. After all, last time he checked he had been happily destroying Voldermort's horcruxes. Now it was like he was in another world or something… It was just too bizarre!

And even if Voldemort had managed to take over the Wizarding World in Harry's absence, this didn't make sense. The banners and whatnot, the way people were acting, everything was off! None of that could have happened in the mere MONTH Harry had been gone from the Wizarding World.

It just wasn't possible. Things like that take time, and a month sure as hell wasn't enough time for someone to take over and have everyone love them. It just didn't work like that. No, to obtain this level of reverence took YEARS…

Harry gasped and ducked further into the alley as he heard footsteps heading his way and pressed himself into the shadows to conceal himself as best he could.

"Isn't the Dark Lord dreamy?"

The girl's question piqued Harry's curiosity. Seriously? Who would be asking such a thing aloud?

'Stop it Potter, you don't want to give yourself away.' Harry thought, but then a little voice in the back of his head pointed out that they were just little girls and posed no threat.

After a short internal battle, Harry decided that sneaking a peek at the group couldn't hurt.

He was greeted by a very unexpected sight. Three girls, no more than thirteen or fourteen years old, stood before a shop window about five yards from Harry's alley. But what really floored him was the fact that the trio appeared to be a Black, a Malfoy, and a Weasley.

'What a strange combination.' An impossible one at that, seeing as Ron and Draco were currently the only descendants of their respective families close to that age, and both were definitely male.

Unless one counted Ginny, but the red head was definitely not Ginny.

"Yes, but he's taken, Malfoy. And there is no way anyone can challenge that man's claim to our Lord." The black haired girl stated and Harry's eyes widened.

There was NO WAY that there was a MALFOY female that age! What the bloody hell was going on?!

"Pffft, Malfoy… guess you said something stupid for Cass to call you THAT, Roselyn." The red head laughed before a serious expression replaced her mirth. "I heard that he went missing though. The Dark Lord has been looking high and low for his lover, but has yet to have any luck. And it's been a month! If he isn't found soon…" The red head trailed off.

"Then our Lord will need to move on, Jesta. Besides, he needs an heir. If his lover isn't willing to take the potion that will allow him to continue the Slytherin line, then the last Heir of Slytherin needs to find a partner that will provide." The blonde girl cut in, sounding every bit the Malfoy the black haired girl claimed she was.

'Tom Riddle is gay?' Was the only thought running through Harry's mind.

So Voldemort's lover was MIA, what did that matter to Harry? There was nothing he could do about it. Even if he did manage to get his hands on the Dark Lord's love interest, what good would that do? The bastard was probably powerful if the man had managed to gain Voldemort's attention, and Harry didn't feel he was ready to take on Snape, much less someone stronger.

"Don't speak about my Godfather so carelessly." The dark haired female, Cass, warned. "They believe the Order might have used an old friend against him, but they have been unable to verify the information." The girl sadly stated. "I'm worried for him, as is Father, and I feel bad for our Lord…"

To Harry, this was insane. They made it seem like the Order were the bad guys! Using underhanded tactics to lure someone away as if the Order of the Phoenix were prone to such measures. It wasn't like the Order tortured people, that method was the Dark Lord's favorite.

Not only that, but they felt BAD for the Dark Lord? Sympathized with VOLDEMORT?! What was the world coming to?

'Seriously, I have GOT to be dreaming.' Otherwise he would be tempted to commit himself to St. Mungos or something.

"He really does love him."

The red head's comment snapped Harry out of his musings. Dream or not, Dumbledore had said that Tom Riddle cared for NO ONE. So hearing that he did care… that he LOVED? Well, it was worth listening to right?

"My grandparents talked about how cruel our Lord used to be, how angry…"

'And he isn't now? My scar told me just yesterday that he's still the cruel, incredibly angry, insane bastard he's always been… so are we really thinking about the same person?' Harry wondered, because the way these girls were talking sounded as if Voldemort wasn't, well, Voldemort.

"They believe Cælum changed him. If something were to happen to Cælum…" The red head trailed off.

"I don't even want to think about what would happen." The dark haired girl said softly and the other girls agreed.

"I'd gladly give up a chance to be with that hottie if it means he doesn't become that way again." The blonde sighed. "But what could cheer him up aside from…" The blonde trailed off and Harry realized she was looking right at him.

'Oh shit.' Harry thought, silently berating himself for listening in long enough to be noticed.

Not that the annoying curious part of himself had been able to help it. He was just glad he wasn't a cat…

As Harry turned to escape he felt something hit him in the back and cursed. But rather than feeling the effects of a spell, he was surprised as sparkles and lights burst all around him. Sadly the pretty display managed to do a bang up job and temporarily blinded him.

"Oh my Lord, we found him!" Harry thought it was the blonde who spoke, but he couldn't be sure.

All he knew was this was bad, and he needed to get away from the trio.

"Quick, anyone got a pregnancy potion on hand?" Harry's eyes widened at the blonde's question.

A bunch of fourteen year-olds better NOT have a pregnancy potion on hand!

"Roselyn, you are NOT forcing one down his throat."

"Though that would be funny." The red head, Jesta, laughed. There wasn't a doubt in his mind that it was her, because her particular tone was rather reminiscent of twin Weasleys… "I'm just happy to know my Dad and Uncle's newest prank works brilliantly."

Harry sighed and wished he could see his… attackers? Hard to believe that a trio of children could be so formidable…

Then again he, Ron, and Hermione had managed to do quite a bit of damage and caused a good amount of chaos in their own right. So it really had been foolish of him to underestimate this trio.

'Oh lovely.' Harry thought as he took in his surroundings and sighed.

It figured that the item used against him was more than just a pretty light show. Because now that the temporary blindness had subsided, he found himself in a cage of… was that glitter? Well, whatever the material, the cage was made of ashiny something which caused light to bounce around and distorted EVERYTHING.

'I think I preferred the blindness.' Harry thought, irritated, then paused when what the red head had said finally dawned on him. 'Wait, her Dad and Uncle's prank? And she looks like a Weasley… Fred and George? NO! That's impossible… Neither have even managed to get married yet, let alone have a kid her age.'

Things were just getting weirder and weirder. But that didn't matter! What mattered was getting away from what he had previously thought were helpless young witches who wouldn't be able to harm him.

'Looks can be deceiving, when will I ever learn? Constant vigilance, that's what Moody always says and I really need to start taking that to heart.'

"Voldemort will be so pleased."

Okay, Harry REALLY needed to get away now! There was no way that he was going to let a bunch of kids hand him over to the man who has tried to kill him for ages.

'Where in the world is my wand?'

It had been in his pocket when he landed! That's why he had such a painful bruise on his bum!

Green eyes widened when he heard the crack of apparition and he began to struggle against the cage.

"You said the Dark Lord's name, I hope you ladies had a good reason to do so." A deep voice stated firmly and Harry increased his struggles.

"Yes, sir. Look who we found." The blonde's voice came and Harry could just imagine that she was pointing pompously at his helpless self.

'Felled by children, how humiliating.' Harry thought, not bothering to contemplate the fact that the girls didn't appear to be more than two or three years younger than himself. 'Wait… this is a dream, so why should I be panicking?' He asked himself and stopped his struggles.

Harry heard the man gasp and was tempted to try and get away again but kept calm. If it was a dream, which this HAD to be, then there was nothing for him to worry about. These people could take him to Voldemort and all the Dark Lord could do would be to give him a headache.

Which he would wake up with anyway, as he always did when he shared a vision or whatnot with the Dark Lord.

'This is probably some weird ass dream that Voldemort is sending me… like that time with Sirius…' Yeah, better not to think about that. It was still a touchy subject.

Needless to say, he knew he shouldn't allow this vision to control his actions and he might as well have fun with it. Honestly, why hadn't Harry thought of it earlier? The last thing he remembered was smoke coming from the horcrux he had been destroying… and then there were some strange lights and a feeling much like apparation and portkeying combined… and then he fell…

But what if he had dreamed it all? Like Alice when she had chased the rabbit and fallen down the rabbit hole. She had been asleep under the tree the entire time and just dreamed that she had chased a rabbit and everything went from there. What if he had just dreamed he had destroyed the horcrux?

'And Alice felt pain too, right?' Then again, Alice in Wonderland was a story. THIS on the other hand…

But as Harry had felt time and time again, his "visions" were rather painful. So it wasn't too far fetched to believe that this was a dream.

'And if it's a dream, I don't have to worry about being captured.'

"You found him…" The man started. "But that's not…" There was a pause and Harry assumed he had turned to talk to the girls when he heard the man address them. "Your work is much appreciated."

There was another crack and Harry had to force himself to remain calm.

'I'm dreaming…'

"Rosier, escort these lovely young ladies to the castle. I'm sure our Lord will wish to speak with them." The man apparently addressed the newcomer. "Treat them well." He warned before Harry heard the man's steps head his way.

'This is just a dream. It's just a dream. Stay calm, this is just a dream.'

"You have a lot to answer for." The man stated as he grabbed Harry's arm and a bar of the cage.

Before Harry could say anything he felt like he was being squeezed through a tube and had to fight to keep his stomach from coming up…

A/N: Cælum is Latin for Heaven if I'm not mistaken… translators, you can't always trust them XD lol As you've probably figured, Harry Potter is in an Alternate Reality where his decisions were different and the Harry Potter of that reality became... you'll see lol

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