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Mine to Take

Chapter Five: He's my WHAT?

Last Time:

"Since everyone is here, are we ready to welcome Harry to the land of the wakeful?" Hermione asked and Tom nodded.

Oh, this was going to be amusing.

"Harry! HARRY! Wake up! You're going to be late for Potions!"

In a flash Harry had bolted out of bed…

And landed on the floor…


To hear Hermione wake him up for something as mundane as Potions class had been a major relief. After all, it had been one hell of a dream he'd been having.

But then it dawned on him as his arse hit the floor for the third time in the past twenty four hours.

'It's summer.'

Yeah, school wasn't in session. Meaning what Hermione had yelled was for the sole purpose of waking him up and getting his butt out of bed.

"What the hell Hermione? Why did you scare me like that? The last thing I need to be worried about right now is that dungeon bat coming after me. I've enough nightmares as it is!" Harry ranted as he got up and dusted himself off…

Only to come face to face with a fore mentioned dungeon bat.

"I see you haven't lost your uncanny ability to put your foot in your mouth, Mr. Potter."

The green eyed teen just stood there and stared at the Potions Master for a couple seconds, before out of nowhere Harry screamed bloody murder.

"Mr. Potter." Snape growled after he had covered his delicate ears. "Would you kindly shut the hell up!"

Yeah, like that was going to work...

"This is the worst dream EVER! Honestly, I'd rather have a naked snake-man than a clothed dungeon bat. I always knew you were a Corpse Muncher, Snape, but seriously?!"

"Corpse… Muncher?"

Harry turned Avada Kedavra green eyes towards the person who asked and froze.

It was Sirius. Though the man was older, he was very much alive and well… and trying his damnedest not to laugh his arse off at Harry's nickname for Voldemort's army.

"Did you hear that, Snivillus? You're…"

"About to hurt you, Mutt." At Snape's serious tone, and the wand he had pointed at the man, Sirius made the wise choice and clammed up.

"I've got to be dreaming."

"Awww! Mini-Cælum thinks I'm a dream!" Bellatrix giggled from a corner and Harry stared at her in horror.

'Bellatrix? Here? That can't be good…' Then again, the fact that Sirius said she was okay was worrying as well…

"I wish I could say you are, Harry, but you're not." Hermione stated softly from behind him before the woman enveloped him in a hug.

The Muggleborn had always been Harry's "voice of reason", so to speak, in most instances. But in this case…

"Oh Harry!" The brunette cried and Harry sighed. Bookworm, voice of reason, and all around know-it-all Hermione might be… but it didn't change the fact that she was a rather emotional woman.

And Harry hadn't a clue what to do.

On one hand, it was Hermione. On the other, it was an older Hermione that he knew nothing about and wasn't even sure was real.

"How can you be sure it's him?"

Malfoy. Figured the Ferret would have it in for him…

Then again, if they were sure he was Harry Potter, then why hadn't Voldemort tried to kill him?

'It's a dream. Duh.' Even though he kept telling himself that, Harry had started to wonder if it truly was a dream. It felt too real for his liking.

"Trust me, I know when one of my horcruxes is nearby." Was the Dark Lord's response to Malfoy's question and Harry froze.

"What do you mean?" Harry was sure that he didn't have any horcruxes on him. 'Not only that, but why in the world would the Dark Lord be speaking of such sensitive information around others? It doesn't make sense!'

Beyond that, if this was a dream then as far as Harry knew he had already destroyed all the horcruxes… except Nagini, but Ron and the others know about the snake so there was no worry there.

If this was real? Didn't matter. He had already destroyed all the horcruxes aside from the one. And since there wasn't a snake slithering all over him, he knew that couldn't be what Voldemort was talking about.

Not in Harry's world at least.

'Or reality...' Harry paused. 'What am I thinking?! I can't believe I'm contemplating that I'm in another world… or reality... Then again, that would make sense. But I'm sticking to the dream theory.' That theory didn't hurt his brain as much.

"You mean Dumbledore didn't tell you?" Voldemort honestly looked surprised, and that probably worried Harry more than anything.

"Tell me what?" He wasn't sure he wanted to know the answer and had started to get a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach.

"When I gave you that scar, I accidentally gave you a part of myself… Harry…"

"Don't! Don't say it!"

Maybe if Voldemort didn't say it, it wouldn't be true. But Harry knew better. Just because an ostrich stuck it's head in the sand didn't mean things didn't happen around it.

"Harry…" Hermione sighed and hugged him tighter, her tears apparently having dried up once she heard the Dark Lord speak, then let him go and returned to Malfoy's side.

"Seriously? You found this out ages ago... What, did this de-aging thing wipe your memories as well?" Malfoy drawled and Harry seriously wanted to throw something at the Ferret. "Or are your from another world or something?" The blonde chuckled.

"Yes." Luna hummed and Malfoy nearly choked on his laughter.

'What is Luna doing here?' Not that seeing the blonde female was nearly as worrying, or confusing, as seeing his Muggleborn friend in the midst of Death Eaters, but it was a valid concern...

"You know how crazy that sounds, right?" Malfoy countered.

"Do you doubt me?" The Dark Lord inquired and Malfoy paled.

"N…Not at all, my Lord. It's just…"

Voldemort shrugged. "I agree, it seems implausible and insanely impossible but… I can feel the same soul piece that resided in Cælum." He said the last part in a soft, sad tone and Harry started to put the pieces together. If his barmy theory was correct, then he couldn't help but wonder where the "him" of this world could possibly be.

'I'm still hoping this is just a bizarre dream though… but I might as well play along just in case I'm wrong.'

"I really didn't want to hear that, mind you." Harry commented offhandedly.

The last thing he wanted to be told was that HE was a horcrux. That would mean… 'Dumbledore knew all along that I would HAVE to die… He had given me hope, made me believe I might stand a chance of survival… And he knew it was a lie.'

Some things were best left alone. That was one can of worms Harry really didn't want to open. There was enough he had to come to grips with right now.

'Then again, if I'm a horcrux and I truly have been transported to another reality… my friends wont have to worry about having to kill me! That's one horcrux they don't have to worry about destroying. Once they are all gone, ANYONE can kill Voldemort. Even Neville!' At least Harry was able to look on the bright side.

"Luna… you knew young Harry would be joining us, did you not?" Voldemort asked the pale blonde woman and she smiled.

"But of course."

"Then why, pray tell, did you not see fit to warn us?" The Dark Lord inquired and the dreamy smile never once left the woman's face.

"Because some courses are meant to be."

Well, that was quite possibly the most direct answer Harry had ever heard Luna give.

"Clarify." Voldemort commanded and Luna hummed.

"A soul piece needed to vanish from one world, and be returned to another."

"That makes a lot of sense." Harry sighed and shook his head.

"Really? Do tell." Voldemort prompted and took a step toward the young man.

"Whoa! Back up, Tom. Personal space." Harry warned.

"Heh, he's been all up in your "personal space" for years, Potter." Malfoy chuckled.


"Oh for heaven's sake, you're his lover! You two don't know the meaning of personal space. Not if all the times I've turned the corner and found you two sucking face is anything to go by." Sirius piped up and Harry stared at his Dogfather in shock.

"I'm… he's… WHAT?!" And with that Harry attempted to bolt for the door, only to be quickly stunned by Severus Snape who had anticipated the boy's reaction.

"Smooth move, Mutt."

Well things didn't appear to be going quite like everyone had hoped. Perhaps a bit of Muggle duct tape would help things along…

A/N: A fic on crack… yep, I'm pretty sure. But who cares? Because I'm having a blast! XD lol This is a great outlet for some good ol' fashioned stress relief~

Okay, now everyone is trying to come to grips with the fact that their mini-Cælum is actually a Harry Potter from another dimension. Some are handling it better than others. I believe Hermione is just happy that she has a young Harry to coddle again since Cælum became stand-offish and warrior-like as he got older... Even if Harry is not the exact person she remembers, she's happy. And Malfoy? Yeah, he's not doing too well… He sees Harry as de-aged Cælum and can't get past that. Good thing his wife is there to assist!

The Blacks will be able to handle the strangeness of it all quite well. They are both partially insane after all, so it's not that hard for them… they are the types that go with the flow anyway.

Snape's taking things in stride, Luna already knew this was coming, and Blaise and Pansy are off to the side just observing for the time being. They will be sure to let their feelings on the matter be known here shortly.

Next Time: Waking Harry up, again (thanks to Snape) and Harry is grudgingly coming to terms with the fact it's not a dream... he's still going to yell though.