Pairing: Sirius "Padfoot" Black and Remus "Moony" Lupin

Rating: NC-17

Setting: Marauders Era

Warnings: Slash. Oral. Boykissing. OoC-ness. Semi-Public Sex. Swearing.

Seventeen year old Sirius Black yawned widely, leaning back dramatically on the back legs of his wooden chair. The library was packed with people studying for their OWLs or NEWTs. Sirius had at first agreed, in order to spend time with his werewolf boyfriend Remus Lupin. However, Sirius had asummed that they were going to go somewehre private so that thier studying would turn in to making out and that would turn in to sex.

However, Sirius had been so distracted by staring at Remus' ass he'd allowed the werewolf to lead them in to the library. By then it was to late, and Sirius knew he was going to be stuck in the library for the rest of the Friday afternoon and in to the night if he didn't distract Remus enough for him to want to stop studying.

Sirius leaned forward again, letting the legs of his chair hit the floor with a loud BANG. Remus jumped then glared over the table at him, Sirius simply grinned back.

"Seriously Padfoot?" Remus grumbled, with a shake of his head as he flipped the pages in his Astronomy book. "You don't have to stay here you know. If you're bored go find Prongs. I'm sure he'd love someone else to hang out with besides Wormtail." The werewolf said, when he got no reply, he looked up again with confusion.

Sirius was staring at him, chin propped up on his hands while his elbows were on the table. He was grinning widely and the look in his eyes made Remus nervous. He'd known Sirius for nearly eight years now, and he had come to learn that look was something to be worried about.

"I promised I'd spend the day with you Rem, and that's what I'm going to do." Sirius said, then sighed. "Even if that means spending a perfectly good Friday in the library."

Remus smiled back and shook his head. "You should've brought your homework then. There's an essay in History of Magic that's due on Monday and its three feet of parchment." He said and Sirius snorted. "I've got my own homework to do Siri, I don't have time to do yours too."

"I wasn't going to ask you Moony. I got my homework done earlier, so we could spend the day together." Sirius said and Remus looked up at him, amber eyes blinking slowly in confusion and Sirius fought the urge to lean over the table and kiss the werewolf. After a few second, Sirius said to hell with it and leaned across the table, slipping a hand around the back of Remus' neck and pulling him close enough to kiss.

"This is a library! Not a brothel!" The librarian screeched and Sirius pulled away and glared at her.

"Fine." He spat at her, and she went back to putting away books in the section of the library they were in and Sirius growled insults at her under his breath while Remus tried to get his blush to go away and not to laugh at the things Sirius was saying.

Once the librarian was gone, Sirius seemed to calm down. Remus had returned to his studying and held a absent minded conversation with Sirius while he went over his potions homework now that his Astronomy homework was complete.

Sirius drummed his fingers on the table top, watching his boyfriend's thoughtful face and tried not to think about how fucking adorable it was and how much watching Remus study turned him on. It was stupid he knew, but how Remus seemed to be able to absorb the information by simply running his long, thin and scarred fingers down the pages, and his amber eyes soaked the words in. Remus worried his bottom lip as something he read didn't make sense to him. Sirius could see the information being processed in Remus' mind. Sirius reached in to his lap to rub his cock through his pants, and relieve some of the pressure.

Sirius wasn't shy in any sense of the word. He didn't care that someone walking by could see him groping himself.

A light bulb went off in Sirius' head and he grinned wolfishly. It was only two days away from the full moon, Remus would be easy to set off, in more ways than one. He looked up at Remus to see he was still deep in thought so Sirius decided he was distracted enough. He slipped under the table and moved over to Remus. He cast a few privacy charms and a Notice-Me-Not spell as well, just to make sure. With a grin, he realized that Remus still hadn't noticed anything was a miss. He ran his hands up the werewolf's legs, loving how they twitched under his hands. He could feel Remus' body heat even though the thick material of his uniform slacks.

"Padfoot, what are you doing?" Remus gasped, looking down between his chest and the table to see Sirius nuzzling his thigh. "Get out from under the table right now!" He hissed, his eyes were wide. Remus never really looked confused, and Sirius cherished those cute little looks just as much as he did all the other looks Remus made, most of all at him.

"Come on Moony." Sirius whispered back, sliding his lips slowly up the inseam of Remus' slacks. The Black Heir hummed as he mouthed a trail up Remus' thigh, from the corner of his eye he could see the werewolf's erection starting to respond and he growled, skipping the last few inches of thigh and latching his mouth on to the tent in the werewolf's pants.

Remus yelped, gripping the arms of his chair so tightly that Sirius could hear the wood cracking. "Sirius, this isn't funny!" Remus snapped, grabbing Sirius' hands as they worked to open his pants.

"I'm completely serious." He replied, and lowered his head, and pulled the button of Remus' slacks open with his teeth. He moved his hands in Remus' loosened grip and grabbed the werewolf's hands in his own and laced their fingers together tightly.

"B-bloody Hell, Sirius this isn't a good i-idea." Remus swallowed thickly, his amber eyes starting to glow as he watched Sirius pull his zipper down using only his teeth as well. "We should at least - uhnnn - go somewhere private." Remus squirmed as Sirius now had access to lick part of Remus' erection with only the thin material of the other teen's boxers in the way.

"I don't think so Moony." Sirius said.

Remus looked down with a whine, watching from between the table and his chest as Sirius carefully pulled his straining cock from the confines of his boxers. "We ... we can't do this in public Sirius. We'll get in to so much trouble."

Sirius grinned, then lapped at the head of Remus' cock. "You'd better be quite then Moony. No one can see me just by walking past. They can see you, and hear you." Sirius felt Remus' cock pulse in his hand, and it sent heat to his own cock. Sirius looked up, and blue eyes met amber ones. "I know how you can get Moony, but I want you to try and concentrate on your studies," Sirius said, and began to slid the werewolf's cock in to his mouth, a hand instantly grabbing the other's hip to prevent him from bucking up and choking him.

Remus whined. "This is a bad idea... r-really bad Padfoot." He yelped, when Sirius lightly dragged his teeth along the underside of his cock. Remus' shoulder shook and his brow was furrowed. He kept biting his lips with his sharpened teeth as Sirius worked his cock with skilled movements under the table. One of Remus' hands left the arm of the chair and went to the back of Sirius' head, his fingers tangling in to long black locks and his nails scraping sharply over his scalp.

Sirius pulled off of Remus cock, and began lapping up and down the hard hot length with his tongue, his eyes never leaving Remus' face. It was flushed and just beginning to glisten with sweat. His lips were swollen and red from being worried between his sharp teeth. Amber eyes were blown wide and glowing with lust and the werewolf's panted breath tickled Padfoot's forehead.

"If someone comes by, they're going to know something is wrong unless you look like you're studying babe." Sirius said softly, the werewolf's hearing was sensitive enough to catch his voice. Remus' eyes focused on him and Sirius made a show of sucking hard on the head of Remus' cock. Remus moaned brokenly, the hand he didn't have in Sirius' hair clapped over his mouth as another louder and longer moan came from his lips.

Sirius smirked, his boyfriend was close, if the precum bubbling against his tongue was anything to go by. Sirius hummed as he slid his mouth down around Remus' cock and began bobbing his head.

"S-Sirius... please." Remus begged, his hand tightening almost painfully in Sirius' hair. He began to fondle his boyfriend's balls, massaging them to help get him off sooner. By the raggedness of the werewolf's breathing, a few good sucks would do the trick, but Sirius wanted to draw this out as long as he could.

Moony growled, and a shiver went down Sirius's spine. Remus' gripped Sirius's head, kept him still as Remus' rocked his hips, sliding his cock in and out of the hot suction of Sirius' mouth. The next growl was strong enough that Sirius could feel the vibrations through Remus's entire body as he came.

Sirius swallowed, milking the cock in his mouth as the werewolf's hips stuttered then stalled. Remus's fingers eventually loosened in his hair and Remus slumped in his chair, arms barely on the armrests. Sirius grinned after he swallowed his final mouthful. He could still feel amber eyes burning on his face as he licked his boyfriend clean then tucked him back in to his pants.

He turned his blue eyes up and loved what he found. Sandy blonde hair was sticking just barely to Remus' face, and his skin was perfectly flushed, it was almost as good as how he looked after Sirius fucked him. Sirius's cock jumped in his jeans at the though and he watched Remus' nostrils flare and his pupils to flex at the scent he no doubtedly smelt from Sirius.

Sirius grinned and slid from under the table and stood slowly. He ran his fingers through his hair, to straighten the locks Remus had mused. "Well, I think I'll leave you to your studying now." He said, licking his lips while looking down at the wolf. He turned and left, but barely made it to the end of the isle when he had Remus coming up behind him, nipping at the back of his neck with a hungry groan.

"There's no way I'm going to be able to study. All I can smell is sex." Remus grumbled, rocking his hips forward slightly, letting his reawakening erection brush over Sirius' ass.

Sirius turned and pushed Remus up against a bookshelf. He kissed his boyfriend soundly, sliding his tongue in to the burning of the wolf's mouth and letting him taste himself. Remus growled lightly as Sirius pulled away with a playful bite to his lip. "My only question now is; Room of Requirements or Shrieking Shack?" He asked with a grin.

"Shrieking Shack's to far. I'd end up jumping you half way there." Remus admitted.


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