Title: Blood Pops

Fandom: Twilight Saga

Pairing: Jasper Hale & Harry Potter

Rating: Teen

Warnings: Vampires. Angst. BoyxBoy kissing. Non-cannon.

Summary: Harry travels the world, giving a little magic to those who have nothing else to turn to. He ends up in Forks, and meets a vampire who's about to loose everything to his hunger.

Harry learned he could do a lot more good, traveling around the world, than staying in Britain being stuck with the laws and restrictions imposed by the Ministry of Magic. As long as he didn't expose himself, or do harm to anyone, magical or muggle, he didn't see the harm that could come from spreading magic around, be it; a fertility potion to a couple desperate to have a child. Or banishing a poltergeist from the home of a frightened muggle family. Harry learned to never stay in one place for very long and to never really make plans as to where he'd wander to next.

He always seemed to end up where someone needed his help, and he felt lighter in the past ten years since the war than he ever had before. He kept in touch with his friends and family back home with owls and occasionally calling Ron and Hermione with the mirror that Sirius and Remus had gifted him.

Forks, Washington was a beautiful place, rainy but this time of year the trees were vibrant green and the air smelt so amazing. Harry was tempted to grow roots himself.

He'd been here for over six months now, helped the pack leader of a group of shape-shifters and his mate delivery their first child, a beautiful baby girl. And there were apparently vampires in the area as well, Harry was thinking about introducing himself the next time he ran in to them in town. They stood out rather obviously to the trained eye, their ethereal looks and all.

Harry was brought from his musing as someone knocked on the door of his rented apartment. He cast a stasis charm on his potion and headed towards the door, wiping his hands on the apron around his waist.

"Sam, is the baby alright?" He asked, seeing the large man blocking out his doorway.

"Yes, Anora is doing just fine and so is Emily." Sam said, his pride clear in his voice, then stepping aside to allow Harry view of a smaller, much paler man with curly blond hair and a pained expression on his face. "This is Jasper Hale, one of the coven I mentioned to you a week ago. May we come in?"

"Of course, make yourselves at home." Harry stepped back, swinging the door open and allowing the two men in to his apartment. "Would you like something to drink Sam?" He asked.

"No, we just need to know if you can help." Sam said, keeping his eyes more focused on Jasper. Sam was on guard, it was clear he was worried.

Harry watched the vampire as well, noticing the black of his eyes, the fact that he'd not breathed since Sam had moved from in front of Harry. It looked like he was fighting himself to just stand stiffly against the door. Harry took a deep breath, and let it out slowly, calming himself completely, so his heart was at a slow, non-exciting pace for the vampire. The blond seemed to relax, but he still didn't breath. This vampire was extremely hungry, which confused him because the vampire looked well fed.

"My family chooses a non-human blood diet, I was the last member to pick up the life style, and seeing as I drink human blood for over a hundred years before -"

"You're having a very difficult time not being affected by the humans you're around on a daily bases." Harry said, and Jasper's eyes went a little wide. "The animal blood isn't enough for you. You've had the real thing,"

The vampire looks so ashamed of himself that Harry's heart instantly breaks for him. "Y-yes, it has even come between me and... and Alice." Sam frowns sympathetically and Harry frowns, a vampire doesn't have a destined mate like shifters, but they usually choose mates that last life times. Harry assumes that this Alice was Jasper's.

"I see," Harry hums in thought, walking towards his kitchen and going to the cabinet where he keeps his candy stash. He doesn't keep very many blood pops, but on occasion he indulges in one. He pulls the jar from the cabinet and goes back in to the sitting area and sits on the coffee table in front of the vampire's knees. He instantly goes statue still, eyes blown wide and his breath hitches, then stops completely.

"What blood type do you prefer?" Harry asks and Jasper flinches. "You've nothing to be ashamed of here, I will not judge you."

"No offense, but I just met you." Jasper replies and Harry just smiles at him softly.

"Yes, I suppose that's true." The wizard states and pulls the lid off the jar and fishes around until he finds an A negative blood pop and pulls it out of the jar. He pulls the wrapper off, then holds it out. "Go on, give it a try."

"What is it?" Jasper asks, cold fingers wrapping around the black stick gently and lifts it from Harry's fingers and brings it close to his face to examine it.

"It's made of blood." Harry tells him. "Each blood pop is equivalent to two pints of blood. And considering how long they last, the constant taste of blood will help ease the hunger you feel. I've done this same thing with several other vampires before and they've all told me it helps."

Jasper is slow to taste, but once he does, he groans, eyes sliding closed and putting the whole sucker in his mouth. Harry smiles and looks at Sam who gives him a thankful nod.

"I can give you a few dozen to hold you over until I can get a larger order for you." Harry explains, going back in to the kitchen and finds a brown paper lunch bag and dumps all the suckers he has in to it, then folds the top over. Jasper is in his kitchen in only a short second, looking much more at ease now. And Harry finds him oddly adorable with a sucker stick hanging out of his mouth.

"So these are made with human blood?" Jasper asked and Harry shakes his head.

"It's just a potion, that simulates human blood." Harry tells him. "To humans it is just metallic and sweet, but to a vampire it feels and taste like actual blood, provides the same nutrition as well, though I would still suggest that you feed regularly on your animal of choice. This fulfills your nutritional needs, it does not help with your hunting instinct, sorry about that."

"It is more than I could've hoped for." Jasper admits and offers a small smile. "I can control the predatory side as long as I'm not so hungry all the time."

"Good. These should tide you over for the next couple of days, when you run out please come see me again and I'll have an order ready for you. I just need a few things from you."

"Like what?" Jasper asks, removing the sucker from his mouth to make speaking easier.

"Your age for one," Harry tells him. "The older a vampire, the more blood they need to intake. Your preferred blood type, if you'd rather it be male or female or both, an age range,"

"You can be that specific?" Jasper asks, obviously shocked.

"Yes, and the more satisfied with the blood pop you are, the less you'll feel to go after humans. So please, don't leave anything out. You won't scare me off."

Jasper looks at him oddly for a few minutes, head tilted to the left. Harry just lets him, grabbing a quill and a piece of parchment from a near by drawer and writes Jasper's name across the top so he can take notes. "Okay," Jasper nods, returning the sucker to his mouth for a few moments before he gives Harry's his specifics.

Two and a half weeks later, Jasper comes back to his apartment. He doesn't look nearly as haunted as he had when he'd first come with Sam. Harry smiles and lets him in to his apartment.

"How are you doing today Jasper?" Harry asks, beckoning him to follow him to his kitchen, where he'd been checking over the case of over a thousand blood pops for quality, not that he doubts his supplier (it is Fred and George after all), but he always checks just to make sure.

"Much better," Jasper tells him easily and the wizard is instantly glad, and he smiles easily as he turns the box around to let Jasper see.

"That's great, here is your supply, one thousand, AB positive, mixed sexes between the ages of twenty and twenty-nine." He states and Jasper nods.

"Thank you." Jasper tells him and Harry just blinks at him, confused. "... my coven was beginning to become stressed with my struggles. My... Carlisle was struggling as to what to do with me before, their emotions were difficult to handle."

"I'm sorry to hear that." Harry says, and Jasper knows that he's honest.

Jasper shifts awkwardly, tossing the now empty sucker stick in to the trash can with ease then clears his throat. "How much?"

"Hmm?" Harry has that confused look again, and Jasper smiles at him, because he finds the look rather adorable.

"How much do I owe you?" Jasper clarifies and Harry laughs.

"Oh no, you don't owe me anything." Harry shakes his head. "Just donate a few dollars to a charity."

"You're serious?" The vampire asks.

"Yes, I've enough money just laying around that I don't need to be paid for anything. I do this because I enjoy helping people." Harry says and the empath feels his heart warm. This human burns so brightly, he's nearly blinding and he warms the empath so completely. Normally it takes time for Jasper to become in tune with a person's emotions this completely. But with Harry, it'd taken just two meetings.

"You are very interesting Harry," Jasper tells him, and Harry grins. "Do you have a charity in mind?"

"Nope, pick one that you think deserves it." Harry tells him, then closes the box and Jasper picks it up. "I'll walk you out."

"Thank you again." Jasper says, following the human towards the door.

"Of course, when you're low, send me a text or call and I'll send out for another order to be ready for you." Harry opens the door for the vampire, and leans against it. "I'm glad that these are helping you."

"So am I." Jasper tells him. "I will see you again,"

Harry watches from the door way until Jasper vanishes through the door of the stairwell then closes his door.

When Jasper gets out to his car, he realizes that Harry didn't give him his number, then looks down at the case in the seat next to him and sees the digits scrawled in Harry's slanted print on the top left corner and smiles. He pulls out his cell as he drives and programs the number in to his phone and saves it.

Even with his new found control, things with Alice do not go back to the way they were. Two months go past and she does not come back to the room they used to share, and he finds himself... lacking. Alice says that it's not his fault, but he still feels guilty. He's felt her disappointment for a while, but now he doesn't feel anything directed at him from her and it makes him feel lost. He knew that there was a possibility that they would one day go there separate ways, but he always thought she would still feel something for him. Because he still loves her, but she doesn't even feel kinship.

This is how he finds himself walking to Harry's apartment in the middle of a particularly bad storm. He's dripping water on to the carpet outside the human's door, and feels like an idiot, but before he can get away the door is opening and the warm and content emotions from Harry wash over him, followed quickly by concern.

"Jasper, is everything... no obviously everything is not alright." Harry pulls Jasper in to the apartment, casting a drying spell on him the moment the door clicks shut. "What's wrong?" The human asks and his emotions tell Jasper he actually, genuinely wants to know. He sits Jasper down on the couch and sits next to him, close enough that Jasper can catch his scent on his tongue.

But with the blood pops now a daily part of his routine, he doesn't feel the hunger that once drove him to the outside of his coven..

"I thought... Alice does not wish to continue our relationship any longer," Jasper tells him, and the pain he feels comes from Harry, not him. It confuses him and he looks up to see Harry's soulful green eyes staring at him.

"I am so sorry," Harry whispers, squeezing Jasper's hands and its then the vampire realizes that Harry is touching him... has been touching him since guiding him in to his apartment. "Can I do anything?" He asks, brow furrowed, desperate to help ease the hurt.

"You've already done so much." Jasper tells him and Harry gives a slight smile. "I-I feel so stupid for just showing up at your door. I'm sorry."

"Nonsense." Harry smiles.

Its been nine months now, since Harry moved to Forks, he is surprised when he realizes how long he's been here. He's never stayed in one place for more than three since leaving England. He knows why too, Jasper Hale. All he can do is smile at the thought, he has become rather attached to said vampire in the seven months that they've known each other. His qualities are incredibly endearing, he's so sweet to Harry, and even sits through Doctor Who marathons when Harry is being incredibly lazy and doesn't even put on real clothes.

To be completely honest, Harry thinks he might be falling in love.

Harry takes a deep breath at that thought, brow furrowing and brings his right thumb to his mouth and chews his nail. Love is not a subject that he is well versed in, to say the least. One to many times Harry has found himself falling in love with someone who didn't feel the same way, and he's no empath, he doesn't know when someone genuinely loves him, or is just using him because he's to nice, to open and to desperate for love.

He knows Jasper isn't one to use another person, his empathic ability makes him to vulnerable. But Harry also knows that after being in a relationship longer than Harry has been alive, has made Jasper fearful of falling in love again. Jasper had told him that, after Alice left him for his "weakness", it has been difficult for him to overcome that.

"Are you okay Harry?"

The human starts, eyes going wide and he looked up to see Jasper hovering less than an arm's length away.

"Your door was open," Jasper explains. "I called for you, then I felt... Why are you so uneasy?" His brow is furrowed and calm topaz-red eyes stare down at the human and Harry tries to give him a smile, but even without being an empath, it's clear to see it's forced.

"I-I've just got a few things on my mind." Harry answers. "You're here for your blood pops aren't you, jeez what time is it?" Harry shakes his head and tries to laugh it off. "Oh my, I've been sitting here for over an hour. I can get so lost in my own head some times." He gets off the couch quickly, carefully moves around Jasper and towards the kitchen.

"Harry, tell me what's wrong?" Jasper says softly, following the human in to the kitchen.

"Its nothing, really." Harry insists and Jasper knows he wants him to let it go.

The vampire sighs: "Alright, for now." He takes the case of suckers off the counter after Harry repeats the order just a double check, like always. "Are you still coming to dinner? Esme is very excited to finally meet you?"

"Dinner?" Harry's brow furrows and Jasper frowns. "Oh, yes tomorrow night, six o'clock."

"Yeah, I'll see you then." Jasper offers a smile, that normally Harry would return, but he doesn't get it and it makes his heart hurt as he makes his way downstairs to his car.

Jasper has told Harry about all of his coven mates in length, but it still doesn't quite prepare Harry for actually meeting them. He stood in the driveway, trying to fix his hair after his motorcycle ride to get to their stunning house and instantly feels like he's under dressed. He does his best to flatten his hair, then smooth the wrinkles from his Batman t-shirt, debating if he should zip up his hoodie and hide it when the front door opens and Jasper walks out on to the porch.

Harry blushes brightly, no longer able to stall and walks up, giving Jasper a nervous smile. Jasper grins back at him and his heart flutters a bit, and it's impossible that the vampire didn't catch it, most of all with the way his pupils dilate.

"No need to be nervous, they'll love you." Jasper tells him and Harry chuckles nervously and let's the vampire lead him in to the house by a hand at the small of his back.

The inside of their house is just as beautiful as the outside, just as beautiful as the high end cars in the driveway. But it pales in comparison to the eight vampires that are sitting in the living room. Harry easily recognizes them because Jasper has described them perfectly. Carlisle sits in an arm chair closest to the door, Esme perched on the armrest, his arm around her waist. He looks like he just got out of work, his blue slacks and white shirt are pressed and his shoes polished, tie loosened around his neck and hair slicked back. She's wearing a modest but stunning purple dress that ends above her knee and simple flats with a bow on them and her hair falls to the middle of her back in perfect dark waves.

The next person he notices is Emmett, simply because he's massive, even lounging on the floor with his back pressed up against the devastatingly beautiful blonde that could only be Rosalie, who to humans is Jasper's twin sister, and she does look like him, though her hair is more golden than his and without the curls that Harry loves so much about Jasper's. He's wearing a long sleeved Henley with dark blue arms, a grey body and orange trim and collar, he's got black cargo shorts and tennis shoes. She's wearing a flowy blue top, grey jeans and pumps with heels that would break ankles if not worn by someone with unnatural grace. She's wearing earrings and matching bracelet and necklace and looks so bored as she texts away on her phone.

Next is Edward, Bella and their frankly impossible daughter Renesmee, who looks to be about twelve or thirteen even though, according to Jasper she was only born a few years ago. Edward is reclined at one corner of the couch, with his daughter tucked against his side as she plays a handheld gaming device, and Bella is on her daughter's other side, looking dazed. Edward was dressed in faded jeans, and a long sleeved light grey shirt, feet covered by dark blue socks. Bella is wearing an over sized t-shirt that most likely she stole from Edward, and dark wash jeans and is the only other person besides Harry who doesn't look like they just walked off of a photo shoot. She's got on ragged Chuck Taylors and the enormous rock on her fingers is hard to miss. She's got her hair down, not styled but still better looking than Harry's unruly nest of hair. Nesse is dressed like a typical preteen, but expensively: skinny black jeans, a pink and purple t-shirt and a fitted leather jacket over it. Her hair is curled, and pulled back with a clip. She's only wearing socks like her father, but they're mismatched (as homage to her favorite actor).

The last seat on the couch is where Alice sits, and looking at her, Harry's breath catches in his throat. He understands why Jasper was so fond of her. She's beautiful, her hair cut short and styled a bit wildly around her heart shaped, delicate face. Her eyes are large and innocent. She's the smallest adult vampire in the room, her body like that of a ballerina's, dressed in a cute flowing dress in pale yellow and a white sham over it, a pair of flats rest on the floor in front of her because her feet are tucked under her.

"Harry, I'd like you to meet my family," Jasper says. "Everyone, this is Harry."

Dinner is nice, Esme cooks a huge meal, though Harry and Nesse are the only two that actually eat. Conversation flows easily around the table and they question Harry here and there about himself, and what he was doing for a living and how he found his way to Forks.

He tells them how he had been living rather nomadically, staying in a town only long enough to help a few people, how he's technically unemployed but that his family is from old money and have large investments in several dozen companies that Harry just monitors and shows up at from time to time to make sure things are actually going well. He is as vague as possible about his family, tells them his parents died when he was very young, that he doesn't remember them. He doesn't mention his relatives and the war stays just as blank as that. He tells them that after school, he'd lost the drive for the profession that he originally thought he wanted and decided he liked his current lifestyle the best.

They don't believe him when he tells them that he's thirty-three. Edward does manage to convince them when he tells them the date of his birth and they're completely amazed. After dinner they go to the back yard where they start a fire in the large pit and circle around it.

Jasper sits next to him on the swing, and puts his hand around his shoulder, and again Harry's heart flutters. He gets several glances, but he's not sure if it's because they're worried about Jasper's reaction or just because his heart catches their attention. Jasper is relaxed next to him, a blood pop in his mouth, pushing the swing back and forth slowly with his legs.

They talk for a few more hours, until Nesse starts to drift off and Harry feels his eyelids getting heavier too.

"I think I need to head home," Harry says softly, directing the words at Jasper as everyone has either drifted to their own conversations or comfortable silence. The blond looks down at him. "Its late."

"Let me drive you home." Jasper insists. "You're tired and it's not safe to ride a bike when you're impaired."

Harry smiles at him. "Only because I couldn't outrun you to get to my bike and I know for a fact you've already taken my keys." He gets up and stretches, bones popping and he groans.

Jasper gets up too, not needing to stretch just smiles down at the human. After thanking Esme and telling everyone good-bye, Harry follows Jasper to his car and lets him drive him home, promising to delivered his bike by morning.

When Jasper gets home, Alice is waiting for him. Her plump lips are in a thin line and she's staring intently at him. The house is empty, except for Nesse in her room sleeping, meaning the others have gone for a feed, or just for a run.

"You like him, don't you?" Alice asks without preamble. Jasper looks at her for a moment, after years of them being together, she's learned to cloak her emotions from him.

"I do," Jasper answers, because there's no need for him to hide it. Alice had made it clear they were over, and he was giving her what she wished for. He tosses his keys in to the bowl near the door and shrugs his jacket off.

"He's going to leave." She tells him. Jasper freezes and looks at her.

"What did you see?" He asks, practically demanding.

"Him leaving, soon." Alice says. "He told us tonight, he's living as a nomad, the fact that he's stuck around so long surprises him. He's nothing keeping him here."

"Why is he leaving?" Jasper takes a step towards her, then stops himself, steps back and folds his arms over his chest.

"Because that's what nomads do." Alice explains with a shrug. "He's not bound to anything here, he's helped a few people, done his 'good deeds' in Forks and that's all there is to it."

Jasper grits his teeth. He'd thought... he'd thought that Harry would stay, for him. "Are you sure?" He asks, throat tighter than he's willing to admit. Alice nods at him.

"You had to know this was coming." Alice says, and for some reason, Jasper feels like she's being cruel, which is so unlike her. "You would've known if he felt anything like you do for him."

And those words are like a blow to his stomach. It takes a while, but Jasper manages a numb nod and leaves without a word, going straight out the backdoor and heads east in to the woods because he needs air.

Harry was expecting Jasper to visit him in the following week after the dinner with his coven. But Jasper does not show, so Harry sends a few texts, which go unanswered, and a call which is answered by Alice, who tells him that Jasper has gone hunting, and won't be back for a few days still.

Harry has no reason to feel hurt over it. After all Jasper owes him nothing, and it's not like Harry has given him any reason to be here. Plus it's stupid for him to feel upset that Jasper went to eat without telling him, even if he had for the last few months.

After another two weeks, Jasper still hasn't come over to visit, even though his latest batch of blood pops is in and he's still not answering any of Harry's messages or calls.

So Harry takes the initiative to figure out what is wrong. He tucked the case in to one of the saddle bags on his motorcycle and takes the long way to the Cullen's home in order to think. How is he supposed to justify his feelings? Jasper came to him for help, and then friendship after the end of a relationship that was older than Harry was by a long shot. Jasper had told him several times he still loved Alice, and how can Harry, who trips over his own feet, gets spacy and can't hold a flame to the beauty that is Alice Cullen supposed to get Jasper to move on from that and be with him?

When he comes to the end of the long driveway, several of the cars are gone, but thankfully Jasper's is there. Harry dismounts his bike and gets the case from the right bag and makes his way up the walkway to the door and rings the bell. Jasper answers and Harry's heart nearly falls out of his chest. His eyes are surrounded by dark circles and beginning to turn black, his shoulders are hunched and he looks like he did when they first met.

"I thought you'd be gone," Jasper breaths and Harry's brow furrows.

"W-why would you think that?" Harry asks, clutching his fingers around the edges of the box in his hands.

"That's what nomads do," Jasper tells him and Harry feels so terribly guilty.

"Th-... this is because of what I said at dinner isn't it?" The wizard asks and the clench of the vampire's jaw is answer enough.

"Alice told me you were going to be gone by the end of the month, so I thought I'd make it easier on myself to get away before I got any closer." Jasper explains and Harry looks up at him.

"Alice's visions aren't set in stone, they're subject to change at the slightest change in a person's actions. You told me that yourself Jasper," Harry says. "I'd stay for you," He looks down quickly, blushing furiously. "T-that's what I was thinking about the day before I came over for dinner, I-I just didn't want to bring it up because you and Alice's relationship would crush anything I could offer."

Cold hands cup his face and tilt it up so he looks up at the vampire. "Why do you keep comparing yourself to her?"

"Because you loved her so much," Harry admits. "You still do, I don't have to be an empath to know that."

"You're right," Jasper doesn't bother denying it and Harry's breath hitches and he closes his eyes when they start to sting. "But I've got someone much better right here in front of me. Someone who blows Alice's kindness and generosity out the window. Who felt for my struggles before he even knew me. You saved me, gave me back my mind, my family. The idea of you leaving was- is devastatingly."

"Then why didn't you come and convince me to stay?" Harry asks.

"Fear," Jasper answers simply and presses his lips against the human's and gets a surprised gasp for his action. But the emotions rushing out of Harry in thick waves have Jasper purring happily and pulling Harry against him, getting the stupid box from between them so he can feel the slighter man pressed against him completely. Harry isn't that skilled at kissing, but Jasper doesn't care, it's sloppy and filled with literal and figurative heat and is so so perfect.

Jasper can't believe he'd almost let this slip through his fingers. Harry clutches Jasper's jacket and kisses back as best he can but the vampire is so overwhelming, and eventually the need for air makes him pull back, clutching his jacket all the tighter.

"Stay here, with me." Jasper states, pressing his forehead against Harry's who hums and Jasper can feel that it's a giant yes, but he waits until Harry actually says it aloud and steals his mouth again.


I will be writing more of this pairing when I get around to it.