One day, when a little girl had just been conceived, the Fates stood over her unformed essence, arguing amid the universe's many strings for what seemed like an eternity regarding how her strings should be wound and what she'd grow to be.

Now, everyone knows that the number of Fates can't be counted because they aren't all around at the same time, and sometimes it's difficult to tell whether it's another Fate that's there or just a different aspect of a Sister, or just a Sister whose mood itself is changing. Sometimes they form themselves to look in kind like who they measure, but youthful or mature or wizened. Sometimes they look like globular clusters. Still other times, they rather appear several things at once, or both wave and particle.

On this day, there were something between three and three quintillion Sisters, and that was why deciding on this girl's destiny was taking so very long. Because though they agreed on nothing else, all agreed that this girl's life would be something truly special.

On one side, there were the Sisters who felt generous.

"We should make her beautiful, more beautiful than all other women ever to have lived."

"We should make her strong, fit and agile – unrivaled and beyond imposition."

"We should make her courageous, brave and undaunted. This is how she must be."

And so on it went these Sisters who looked to bestow gifts.

Oh! But an equal number wished to curse her, like the hexes of old, dark and powerful.

"Let her be alone, always and perpetual."

"Let her be rootless, a wanderer without a home. Let her not lay her head in the same bed-place twice."

"Let her be barren; may no seed sprout within her."

Then these, or perhaps still others began to quarrel.

"We should make her most at home in her own company."

"Let her never rest or find respite from bloodshed. Let her be born into death; let it follow her everywhere."

"We should make her a warrior, a Queen of her own making."

"Let her rule only over ash."

Oh! And on and on it went. But even eternities must come to an end, and at last a Fate who had not spoken, being infinitesimally older and wiser than her Sisters, came up with a solution that might please both parties.

"Let us ask her," She told her younger siblings. "We will make her grow before us and ask the question of her."

And all nodded in agreement that indeed, this was a wise and prudent plan. So before them, the formless essence of the child grew and aged up, beginning from the tail of her father's seed disappearing inside her mother's egg. In the space of a moment there stood before them a woman, whole and blonde with pale skin and green eyes, but all other features empty except her essence.

Then the Sisters posed the question to her, crowding around to get a good hearing: "What shall be your destiny, Lass?"

"I want a song," the essence of the girl replied. "Let all sing my name, my travels and doings."

At this the girl was returned to her proper state to grow again naturally, and at this, all the Fates rejoiced, knowing each would get Her wish.