The End

Though the Mother fell, the Chozo's handiwork was well-done, even when one pitted itself against the other. Broken and defeated, She was not disappeared. From the very edge of oblivion, She grasped and pulled Herself back among the living. She found Her champions in the abyss and returned them as well, strengthened them. She found new champions, bound them to Her. And all the while the Dragon's horde increased and multiplied, but Samus Aran, Knight of the Realm, saw her glory increase as well.

At last, Mother had remade everything and saw that the Girl now the Lady now the Knight had made herself into a mother as well – of sorts: a Ravenous child stolen from the Queen Devouring and adopted to be the Knight's own. The Knight returned with it and gave it to the Realm's wizards, thinking they might turn its power to some good use. So the Great Red Dragon turned black with spite flew across the lands and brought the Knight's child back to its new Mother, and the Knight pursued as expected.

Though the Knight slay all Her champions, the Mother was ready for their second encounter and at the decisive moment, proved stronger than the Knight, able to use a magick strong enough to best even enchanted Chozo armor.

Then, at the coup de grace, the youngest and most gluttonous Ravenous One yet hatched came to the Knight's aid, saving her and almost consuming Mother entirely.

And yet, the People of the Wing are good craftsmen. Mother escaped eternity once again and tore apart the Hatchling, but in so doing its essence fell upon the Knight and with that, Mother was no match. She could escape Fate no longer, and the Sisters welcomed Her into Their company as what was once home of the Chozo was utterly consumed in spell and fire.

"You played your part well," the Sisters Fate said, welcoming the cold intelligence home at last.

Then the Mother felt Herself woven into all the threads in all the lands and saw then whose song She was in.

The Dragon, starving and immortal, at last passed away for the final time and came to see the Sisters.

"You played your part well," the Sisters Fate said, welcoming he of red, black and fire home at last, and the Dragon laughed knowing it to be so and hungry no more.

When at last the Knight died, old and full of years, the Fates welcomed her home at last. They restored to her memory of the question they had asked so long ago, and her answer.

"What did you think of your song?" the Sisters Fate said of the Girl who'd died an old woman.

She shrugged.