Strength in Numbers


Note: I do not own Grimm, the fairy tales, or any of their characters. I highly doubt this is how they're going to get Adalind, but just to be safe, possible spoilers.

"You're sure about this?" Renard asked, leaning forward, causing the eisbiber to lean back. The Prince didn't mind; if Adalind was with his brother, Eric had an advantage over him. Sean had to be aware of where he stood.

"Y-y-yes, your highness. I-I…that is the l-lodge…when w-we heard what h-had happened, let our o-other branches know. I-it was the N-nice lodge that found her. N-not us."

"You're being much too modest." Renard praised. "You're service is appreciated. Name your reward and it's yours. Within reason of course."

The eisbiber shook his head. "N-no th-thank you, y-your highness. Th-that's not necessary."

Sean raised a brow. "Come now, you must want something."

"Nick's a-a good neighbor." The eisbiber (Bud, Renard believed was his name) replied vehemently. "H-he takes c-care of us. W-we just w-wanted to repay the f-favor."

"Well." The Prince answered. "I thank you. If you need anything just let me know." He nodded and took his cellphone from his pocket, signaling that the meeting was over.

"Th-thank you, y-your highness." The eisbiber squeaked. "H-have a nice day." The man all but ran from his office.

It was strange, Renard mused, how much loyalty Portland's wesen seemed to have for the Grimm. He knew it must have taken all the man's courage to pay the Prince this visit. But the eisbiber had done so. Nick would make a valuable ally once the Prince took the throne. Renard shook his head. He could think of that later. Now, he had an assassination to plan.