Hi guys! Once again I have allowed my mind to wander and I have created a new story. It was beta'd by Elphaniss because she is such a great person. I do not own Star Trek Voyager or any of its characters. If I did there would have been many different things happening but I dont so... Anyway, enjoy and I hope you like it!

Kathryn Janeway was sitting in her Ready Room, making her way through a pile of reports sitting on her desk. Or at least she was trying to. Her brain seemed to only be able to concentrate on one thing and one thing only; Chakotay was seeing Seven. Chakotay was dating Seven. Chakotay was sleeping with Seven. She had always thought, always assumed, Chakotay would… But that was a ridiculous line of thinking. Of course Chakotay wouldn't hang around waiting for her forever. It was perfectly within his right to carry on with his life and become romantically involved with whomever he chose. She knew all this. Hell, she accepted it. It just didn't make it any easier. Did he think Seven was more attractive than her? What was she thinking? Every male and most of the females believed exactly that. She couldn't compete with the leggy blonde. Couldn't even begin to compete with her. She knew and accepted all of it and yet it didn't make the pain lessen. She'd begun to withdraw herself from them. From their lives. Allow herself to watch them as a crewman. Never intruding, always wondering. But, she had to remind herself, this is what she signed up for. To not have relations with her subordinates. And out here everyone was her subordinate. She had destined herself to loneliness, but you can never crush the hope.

A flash of light brought her from her revue. She looked up to find Q sitting on her couch, his legs crossed and looking as if it was his couch he was residing on.

"Hello Kathy," he greeted, making no move to get up.

"Q," she said, exasperation clear in her voice. The omnipotent being had a knack for turning up when he was least wanted.

"Well I was hoping for a better reception then that, my dear Kathy, but given your present circumstance I'm inclined to allow you this little slip." he responded, smiling as if he knew a great, dark secret.

"What the hell are you talking about Q?" she asked, her exasperation growing.

"Your current romantic situation," he smirked.

Kathryn was stunned. She was sure that it showed on her face but was unable to rein it in.

"Oh yes, Kathy. I know how your little monkey boy chose that drone over you. And before you say it, I know she's an important part of your crew and she's invaluable and blah blah blah. But I know you Kathy. Does it make it hurt less when you see them together? Can you look them in the eye without feeling something stirring in your stomach? But maybe this will open your eyes. He couldn't wait for you. Is such a man worth your time? A man who can't see what a beautiful intelligent woman you are? A man who would chose a former Borg drone over someone so full of life? Maybe now you'll realise you were just looking at the wrong man the whole time." Q said as he made his way behind Kathryn's chair.

Even though some of what Q said angered her, she couldn't shake the feeling that what he was saying was right. Maybe she had been looking at this all wrong.

"Maybe," Q began to say. "You should look at… Well, at me," he pronounced, placing a hand on her shoulder. Kathryn spun around.

"You?" she gasped.

"Yes, me. Oh don't sound so shocked. Is it really such a horrible idea? I could give you everything you could ever want. And who wouldn't want to be with a godlike being? Think about it Kathy. You and me. Would it really be so bad?" he asked sounding genuine, but with Q you never knew.

"Q, this is inconceivable. I would never," Kathryn argued, standing up and walking towards the replicator, "even consider being in a relationship with you of all people."

"Now what's that supposed to mean, Kathy?" he cried out, the hurt and indignation clear in his voice.

Kathryn sighed. Looks like today was going to be more difficult than she initially thought.

"Q, we've been through this before. I have no interest in mating with you."

"Kathy, you've misinterpreted what I'm saying. I'm not talking about simply mating, although," he suggested, his eyes moving over her body, sending tingles shooting through every place they rested on. "No, dear Kathy," he said, his eyes yet again focusing on hers again, "I'm talking about, oh what is it you humans call it? Ah, yes. A proper, meaningful relationship."

To say Kathryn was shocked wouldn't even begin to cover what she was feeling. What he was asking was ridiculous and not even worth considering. But even so… No, she wouldn't allow her mind to even go down that path. It was completely out of the question. She was just feeling lonely. This feeling would pass, she was sure of it. She hadn't needed a man before all of this and she didn't need one now.

"Leave, Q," she demanded, her voice full of ice.

"Kathy, I don't think you know what you're turning down," he said cockily. She turned her icy stare on him. For a moment it looked like he would flinch but he remained as he was. "Maybe you just need more time to come to terms with what I've offered. I'll be back soon, Kathy, my love." And with that he disappeared in a flash. Kathryn sat back in her chair holding her cup of coffee, thinking. She tapped her com badge.

"Janeway to Security, Intruder alert."