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A week after Q's fatefully visit and the subsequent fight with Chakotay, Kathryn woke up in a good mood. She went through her morning routine, thinking of the reports she had to read today. That put a damper on her mood but the smell of freshly ground coffee wafting through her quarters soon fixed that. As she exited her bathroom, she saw the cup the delicious smell was originating from sitting on her desk. She smiled as she picked it up, allowing her senses to be assaulted by the sacred concoction. The first sip is like heaven, sending pleasure throughout her body.

"Thank you Q," she whispered as she left her quarters to report for duty on the bridge.

The turbo lift ride was short and before she knew it, she was sitting in her command chair. While most of the crew acknowledged her, Chakotay continued to read the PADD in her hand, completely ignoring her. He had been like this all week. Where he would normally have talked to her at all times of the day, he now only talked to her when it was absolutely necessary. Whenever he looked at her it was a mixture of hurt, condensation, anger and disappointment. She knew she had hurt him and she could understand the anger but he was acting like a spoiled child who hadn't gotten his way.

Kathryn turned her attention from Chakotay to the screen between them. It looks like they were in a part of space that held nothing interesting or worth noting. She sighed as she stood, knowing she couldn't put off the reports forever.

"Commander, you have the bridge," she stated as she walked towards her ready room.

Just as she knew they would be, the pile of PADDs were waiting for her. What she saw resting on top of them made her stop and smile. A rose delicately rested atop the PADDs, filling the room with its sweet aroma. She sat down in her chair, picking it up and bringing it to her nose. She placed it to one side as she looked back towards the reports. She sighed as she picked up the first one. She had only gotten as far as the title and already she was bored. She began to read, immersing herself in nebulas, unclassified stars and unexplored planets.

The smell of food awoke her from her deep concentration. She looked up and towards her coffee table to find a plate of what looked like salad sitting there, waiting for her. She smiled. Everyday Q had been making sure she ate a full and healthy lunch, rather than the cup of coffee she would usually consume. Each night he would leave reminders for her to go down to the mess hall and have dinner. It was nice he was making sure she was keeping herself healthy. She stood up and stretched her muscles out before going to see what Q had left for her today. Upon closer inspection, she decided it was most definitely a Caesar salad.

"Computer, what is the time?" she called.

"The time is 1300 hours," the computer responded.

She had been working for five hours straight. She decided she deserved a break and sat down to enjoy the salad Q had left for her. As she ate she thought of all the nice things Q had done for her during the past week; Leaving flowers for her, giving her good meals and coffee and most of all, giving her his comforting presence. She never thought she would say it but having Q's presence around the ship relaxed her. She was always slightly more tense than usual if she could not feel him watching her. The same could not be said for Chakotay. Every time he looked her she immediately tensed up. She knew it was irrational but she kept thinking he would begin an argument with her again, although, lately he had been going for a different tactic. Whenever she saw him, he was always with Seven. Usually flaunting their relationship. Standing close together, eating together in the mess hall, constantly touching. It did not matter what they were doing but it was always too intimate for anyone to feel comfortable spending time with them. Even though she knew what he was doing it didn't make the pain in her chest lessen. What pained Kathryn the most though, was losing two of her good friends. Not only had she lost Chakotay but his new found relationship with Seven made her withdraw herself from Seven's life. With one last resounding sigh, she heaved herself off the couch and sat down to finish reading the reports. Trouble was, she could not stop thinking of Q and Chakotay. Everything that had happened in the last few weeks were whirling around her head, forcing her attention away from her work. She sighed, pushing the PADD away and allowing herself to be consumed by her thoughts. Eventually she called it quits and stood, walking out the door and onto the bridge. She saw Chakotay disappearing behind the doors of the turbo lift. He was being so childish about all this. Normally he would ask about her plans for the evening or say goodbye at the least. She sighs as she takes the next turbo lift, thankfully alone. What she really needs is a nice, hot, relaxing bath. The thought lodges itself in her head as she walks across the threshold of her quarters.

She stopped short at the sight she was met with. The lights were dim, candles littered every surface possible and red silk was draped everywhere. A small table was set up in the middle of the room appearing to be with the intent of eating. A flash enveloped her, revealing the person behind this little set up.

"You look beautiful, Kathy," Q whispered in her ear.

She looked down at her body. Q had taken the liberty of changing her clothing. She was now dressed in a beautiful blue dress that floated over her body hugging her curves in just the right way, ending just above her knees. It felt as if it was made of the softest silk in the universe and tailored only for her body. She moved her gaze to Q's eyes. The look he was giving her was beyond words. It expressed love and desire and so much more. She turned before the feelings he was evoking overwhelmed her.

"Come, Kathy. Let's eat," Q suggested as he guided her over to the table. He pulled out her chair and filled her glass with red wine. As she took a sip, Q served their dinner. From the smell of it, she knew it was roast lamb, marinated in some foreign sauce.

"A toast," Q proposed, raising his glass towards her, "to us."

Kathryn smiled as she clinked her glass against his and took a sip. It was one of the best wines she'd had in her life. Q seemed to be really going all out for her. She couldn't help the thought that maybe it would all be for nothing from crossing her mind. She chuckled at the face Q would make if this relationship went nowhere.

"What's so funny, Kathy?" Q asked, glancing at her over the rim of his glass.

"Nothing, Q. Nothing," she reassured, picking up her cutlery to begin eating.

"How have you been, Kathy?" he asked, trying to begin a conversation.

Kathryn thought for a moment. How had she been? Sure, Chakotay was annoying her and ignoring her which made her feel sad but Q was doing an amazing job of making up for it. Even through all the problems she could honestly say she was completely happy.

"I've been good, Q. Happier than I thought I would be under the circumstances," she replied.

"And what circumstances would those be?" he questioned, trying to sound nonchalant but not doing a very good job of it.

"Having an omnipotent being chasing for my affection," she smiled, teasing him.

"Be serious for a second, Kathryn," he sighed.

"Serious? You? Really?" she asked, surprised. She sighed at his expression and answered. "Being stuck in the Delta Quadrant with no hope of getting home is trying. Chakotay isn't helping either."

Q growled, looking incredibly mad. Kathryn knew if she didn't do something now he would go strangle Chakotay.

"And you, Q, how have you been?" she asked hurriedly.

"I'm good, Kathy. After all, I've been pleasing the most beautiful being in this and every other universe," he beamed, the anger from his anger from his face disappearing instantaneously.

"That's wonderful Q," she smiled. "And how's your son getting on?"

"Junior is progressing wonderfully. I soon expect him to excel beyond anything I could teach him. Soon he shall be shown the universe, allowed to travel anywhere and everywhere," he proudly stated.

Kathryn grinned at the pride Q was showing. She didn't think he could look any more like a father than he did at this moment. He glanced up, grinning at her smile. She took a bite of the meal in front of her, wondering how exactly Q knew how to cook the most delicious meals known to man.

"How is it?" he asked anxiously.

"Q, this is amazing. I don't think I've eaten anything as good as this in my life," she gushed.

"Gives me something to work on then," he teased.

She chuckled as she continued to eat. Q was watching her intently, a small, absentminded smile playing around his lips. She could only imagine what was going through the omnipotent being's mind. While she ate she thought of her crew. They had recently hit an empty patch of space. Not empty like the void. No, there were stars passing outside the window but so far they hadn't met with any travellers or planets. The crew were bored. She could tell. With nothing more interesting than ship maintenance to keep them busy, the crew were getting restless. She noticed that the gossip mill had started up again. Every time she walked into a room it would suddenly become silent and people would try not to catch her eye. The talking would start up again, regardless of whether she was close enough to hear or not, if Chakotay walked into the room while she was in it. She knew the crew had been speculating about them ever since New Earth but this was going to a whole new level. The crew was treating her differently too. As if she had done something to offend them. Maybe Chakotay had let slip about Q. But she did not think that would cause this kind of a reaction.

"A beautiful woman shouldn't have to think so hard. It is really unbecoming," Q remarked, breaking into her thoughts.

"As a captain, it is my job to think hard," she retorted, looking up.

"What's wrong, ma capitaine?" he asked.

"The crew. They're bored, Q. With nothing to do they've turned to gossip and it seems to revolve around Chakotay and me. They've noticed we've fought. I think they've made some conclusion about it and in turn they're treating me differently. They're acting as if I've offended them," she mumbled, looking into her lap. She knew this was not how she should be acting but it was hurting her that the crew was angry with her, even though she would never show it.

"Oh, Kathy," he said, taking her hand.

He slowly stood up, gently pulling her with him. He directed her over to the couch and sat her down on his lap. He held her close, rubbing her back lovingly, placing a small kiss on her temple. She lay her head on his shoulder and allowed herself to feel the calm he was providing her. She pecked the exposed neck by her head as she snuggled further into his embrace. He gently nuzzled her hair, breathing in her scent. Q sure knew how to get her to relax. He also knew how to make her happy, a feeling she had seldom felt since being stranded out in this god forsaken quadrant of space.

"Dessert, I think," Q decided, breaking the calming silence.

"Oh no, Q. You have some but I really shouldn't," she protested as she slid off his lap.

"Ma capitaine, you deserve to enjoy yourself once in a while. Please," he whined, looking deep into her eyes. She could feel her resolve crumbling before her.

"Fine," she sighed in admission.

Q snapped his fingers and a large bowl of coffee ice cream appeared before her. She picked it up, hissing at the sudden change of temperature on her hands. Q chuckled beside her. She turned to glare at his, noticing he was holding a plate with a giant slab of chocolate mud cake balanced on top. She turned away, picking up the spoon leaning against the side of the bowl. She allowed the icy goodness to melt on her tongue, closing her eyes in delight. Q chuckled in delight at her facial expression. As she opened her eyes again he dug into his cake. Kathryn looked over, enviously eying his cake. Q scooped some onto his fork and held it out to her in offering. She smiled as she closed her lips over the fork. She slowly pulled her mouth along the prongs, pulling the cake into her mouth.

"Thanks, Q," she smiled as she went back to her ice cream.

Q couldn't help but watch her eat. She would take a mouthful and then lick the spoon clean. He found himself becoming entranced by the way her small, pink tongue moved over the silver metal. Kathryn knew the effect she was having on Q and she could not help but tease him. As she continued her ministrations on the spoon Q growled low in his throat. He pushed his plate onto the coffee table and pulled Kathryn into his lap.

"Q," she warned.

"I must have you Kathy," he growled in want.

"The ice cream," she stated, looking pointedly down into her hands.

Q lifted it from her hands and placed it onto the coffee table beside his cake. He then pulled Kathryn closer, allowing his breath to play over her face. She shivered in anticipation, knowing what was to come. He slowly descended on her lips, pulling her flush against his body. She moaned as his tongue asked for entrance into her mouth. Their tongues fought for dominance to the sound of their pleasure. Q gently pushed her back until she was lying on the couch, his body hovering over hers. He moved to her neck, nibbling at the exposed skin, eliciting gasps from her. All rational thought had flown out the window. Kathryn drew his mouth back to hers, pulling him in for a deep, sensual kiss. His hands were trailing up her body, moving over her stomach and towards her breasts. He once again kissed across to her neck, although this time he began nibbling on her ear lobe. He gently bit it, sending heat pooling between her legs. The lust was coursing through her body. She wanted him so badly. Suddenly, the terror set in. She could not believe just how much lust she felt towards this being. She pushed against his chest, forcing him to sit up.

"What's wrong? Was I too rough?" Q asked, his breathing erratic.

"No, Q, it's not that. It's just I'm not ready to take that step yet. I need to know this whole thing is going to work before I can go that far," she reassured, hoping he wouldn't leave.

"It's ok, ma capitaine. This whole thing can go as fast or slow as you want," he said, now reassuring her.

"Thank you," she breathed, trying to get her breathing under control.

Q gently placed his arm around her and drew her towards him again. She stiffened, thinking he was going to try to kiss her again. Instead he just held her. She soon relaxed into him, laying her head on his shoulder and breathing in his unique scent. He began to soothingly run his fingers through her hair, playing with the odd strand.

"I do so enjoy holding you, Kathy," Q stated dreamily.

"I enjoy being held by you," Kathryn replied, snuggling further into his embrace.

Although she was comfortable in his arms she couldn't help being hyper aware of him. The way his scent invaded her nose, how his body felt against her, the way his touch sent tingles shooting down her spine. She could feel the connection between them now. It was stronger than she had ever felt before and it kind of scared her. She was not sure it had ever felt this way with anyone and yet… Well, she could not deny that while it scared her, it also thrilled her. She felt as if this may be one of the few good things she would ever do in her life. And she didn't want to give that away for anything. She listened to his voice, allowing it relax her muscles until she was comfortably curled around his warm body. They talk until well past midnight, getting to know each other as any couple would.

As the night draws to a close Kathryn sleepily said, "Q, I have an early morning tomorrow, or well, really this morning, and I'd like to get a few hours' sleep."

"Getting tired of me already, Kathy," he joked.

He did allow Kathryn to untangle herself from him and stand up though. He followed suit and stood before her, love burning through his gaze.

"It was a wonderful night, Q. I really enjoyed it," she whispered, looking into his eyes from beneath her lowered lashes.

"Does this mean we can do this again?" he asked hopefully.

"Yes, it does," she smiled at him.

"Oh ma capitaine," he cried, picking her up and spinning her around.

She laughed while crying out, "Put me down Q!"

He complied, drawing her closer to his body as he leaned down, pulling her face towards him. He placed his lips upon hers, pulling her flush against him. She kissed back with equal passion, dragging him closer. He gently broke off the kiss, caressing her cheek. She turned her head and placed a loving kiss on the palm of his hand. He looked deeply into her beautiful blue eyes as he released her.

"Goodnight, my most beautiful Kathryn," he whispered and disappeared in a flash.

Kathryn smiled as she once again took a seat on her couch. She never thought Q could be so sweet and yet it did not surprise her when he was. This night had been perfect. She did not think he could have chosen anything better for his single chance. He seemed to know exactly what she would like and what she wanted. How could any man be so perfect? She sighed with contentment. Tonight had really opened her eyes and made her see Q in a whole new light. It seemed he was the thing missing from her life. She could no longer argue that she didn't hold any feeling for the omnipotent being. Knowing her feelings opened something up inside of her. She was genuinely happy and she couldn't think of any way she could be brought down from the high. Her smile brightened as she thought of her next date with Q. She was certain it could only get better.

She yawned as decide it was time for her to sleep. After all, she wasn't lying to Q when she said she had an early morning. She rose from the couch and crossed her living room. With care she gently unzipped the gorgeous dress Q had so thoughtfully given her. It really was one of the most beautiful pieces of clothing she had ever owned. She quickly pulled her nightgown over her head and settled into bed.

As she drifted off to sleep her mind wandered, showing her images of what a relationship with Q would be like. Each image was so nice and special in its own way that Kathryn could not wait to see if any of them would actually come true. She knew there was only one way to find out and she couldn't wait to begin that adventure.

She slipped into sleep easily, a content smile on her face. That night, her dreams were filled with an omnipotent being and his loving.