To bias Tharrenmannel

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Eric Slingby/Alan Humphries

Sad, slight spoilers.

Eric dreams about Alan.

Eric woke with a start sweat dripping down his face. He could hear the sound of the rain pounding against the windows. He looked down to see Alan sleeping next to him. He ran his fingers through the chestnut hair and let out a shaking breath. He Life was everything he wanted, could dream for. Still, there were times he felt like it might all just crumble away. Sometimes he had dreams that Alan was dying and he was caught in some nightmare. It was his only real fear that kept waking him up like some continuing story that carried on every time he slept. Night after night his dream resumed in the same place. He was killing people to save Alan. The thorns of death weren't even real as far as he knew. It was a folklore. One that they wrote stories about in class at the academy. It was a topic to be talked about around camp fires. It should not be haunting his dreams. He should go back to sleep but he did not want to face the dream again. Again he looked over at Alan laying his head gently against his back listening to his steady even breathing. All was good, it was just a nightmare. He closed his eyes trying to rest once more.

Eric woke to the sound of rain on the windows. Alan's ragged breathing filled the darkened room. He had been having a dream that Alan was well and the world was good. Every night he slept he found himself with a healthy Alan who was like he remembered him from before he became ill. It was a beautiful dream. If he was successful Alan might be whole again but never would it be the same. Alan would heal but he would not be the one at his side. He knew his destiny was now set along a path he couldn't change. He could only hope for a brief reprieve when he slept. Gently he laid his head against Alan's back listening to his lungs rasping against the disease invading them. With luck he would find peace in his dreams for just a little longer.