Tobias walked down the street, staring down at the ground and carefully avoiding the gaze of the woman across the street weeding her yard. She smiled, but didn't try to make direct eye-contact with the boy with hunched shoulders and a downward gaze. Her small yard had some plants with berries and a fruit tree, and she and Tobias both knew he had snuck a few pieces out of her yard at least twice. But he wasn't harmful – just hungry. She never made him answer for himself, or anyone else that snacked on a few berries or the occasional orange.

Polite, kind, not nosy. He appreciated it.

Another woman, a few doors down. Tobias had never seen her before, and didn't give her a second glance. With her dog's harness at hand, she was feeling around for the keyhole to her own house.

Tobias walked past her, turned a corner and headed up another street.

He was bored. He didn't want to go home – or at least, he didn't want to go back to his uncle's house. His uncle would probably to just get him to do all the housework, as usual. Tobias preferred the uncle to his aunt, but that wasn't exactly saying much, and if had anywhere else to go, he would be gone.

But where could he go? He looked up and out at the sky. The answer was out there, somewhere. He just wasn't sure exactly what it was, or where it was. He looked to his left, toward an apartment complex. The community bulletin board was displayed under an overhang.

"Join The Sharing!" read the sign.

Another corner. Another turn. There weren't going to be any answers for him today – he didn't have any more time.

Tobias gave up, turning right and beginning to head back up toward his uncle's house, several blocks away.