Gray and Juvia(From fairytail) are introduced in this chapter! :D

"You are an Actor! And you are essaying the role of the lead in this movie?" Kismat asks in disbelief.

"Why is it bad?", Karthik asks her.

"No, it's not bad at all. My question is why didn't you tell me before? Was I going to eat you?"

"Not that way, but I couldn't just bring myself to say that to you. I mean you were chatting non-stop and you did not give me a chance to speak. Then I thought that things were okay this way as we will never meet again. But... I guess I was wrong", here's Karthik trying his best to explain himself.

"So, you lie to every new girl you meet?", Kismat was angry, very angry, "Am I the only one feeling bad here?"

"Look, I am really sorry. And believe me you are the very first girl I lied to..." Karthik looks at Kismat who is giving him a Death-Stare now, "and you will be the last one, I promise"

When all attempts to pacify her goes in vain, Kismat gets a call from the director.

"Kismat Chauhan, would you please attend to your duties?", director roars.

"We will continue later...", Kismat runs off.

Poor Karthik does not know how to react to this situation. He saves her first and gets yelled at! He goes inside his vanity to get ready for the shoot and here Kismat is introduced to Gray Fernandes.

"Hey, I am Gray Fernandes. Call me Gray"

"Kismat Chauhan"

"Chauhan? From North India?"

"No, I am from Mumbai. And you are from, let me guess, Kerala(The southern most state of India, with a considerable christian population)"

"Well, no. I am from Tamil Nadu(neighbouring state of Kerala)."

"Oh! Can I ask you something? Please don't mind"

"Sure go ahead!"

"You don't look like a south Indian. Let alone that,you don't look like an Indian either!"

"Just because I am fair! That's racism."

"You are harsh Gray. I was just expressing my thoughts that's all!"

"I am not harsh. Even I was just expressing my views that's all!", Gray says with a smirk.

"So, a wannabe just like me huh?",Kismat asks.

"You can say that. But my goal is Hollywood. I don't picture myself here in India making masala movies for the narrow-minded audience", Gray says in a sarcastic tone.

"Here is one more harsh comment from Master Gray! Oops, I just sounded like some one", Kismat giggles.

"Enough jokes for today everyone. Let's get serious and complete the very first scene of the movie", director says.

They head towards the site. This is the first scene from the movie. The female lead's introduction! The director is explaining the extras the sequence when a voice is heard from the green room. It was Juvia Loxar, the lead actress of the film!

"What's up with her now?" the director is growing tired of her regular tantrums and star-like attitude. Juvia is just two films old. She is a Spanish model who came to India with dreams of making it big in Bollywood(The hindi film industry) and now she is doing a number of south films to get noticed.

"This is just not done; I can't go out in this state. Never!",she screams from her green room.

"What's with her attitude again? I don't know if there will be a single day when her tantrums would not be heard here?" Gray sounds irritated.

"Is she always like that?", Kismat asks him.

"Every single day. I was the assistant director in her last movie as well. I assisted Gautham sir in this movie hoping I won't see her face again. But she returns to haunt me again! She thinks she is some great star. Just because she is from another country she can't go on criticising India!"

Seeing Gray in dismay, Kismat analyses the situation.

"Maybe I can help..." Kismat says and moves towards the green room.

"May I help you ma'am?", Kismat is peeping through the door of the green room.

"Who are you?", asks Juvia.

"I am Kismat, the assistant director; I might have a solution to the problem. I really can help you ma'am. Just calm down and tell me your problem." she says making her sit down.

"This shade of eye shimmer does not suit me at all. I've told this man a hundred times but he just won't listen!"

"I guess maybe adding a brown stroke would do the trick!" picks up the brush to do some adjustments with her eye make-up.

"What! And how would you know; Hey..."

Before she could say anything else Kismat did her job...

"Here, I told you this would do the trick..."

"Wow",takes a look at herself in the mirror,"it really did work. You are a genius. What is your name again?"

"Kismat; Kismat Chauhan" she says with a grin.

Juvia finally leaves for the set. And the shoot finally begins!

"This is the introductory scene of the actress,"the director begins the dramatic explanations of the scene," The heroine comes from that street with two of her friends. She is in the middle and very beautiful than the other two."

And he goes on! Meanwhile Kismat has her share of doubts which needs to be cleared!

"Why should the heroine always have TWO friends and the heroine should be the centre of attention and the rest of the two like bees revolving around the flower?", Kismat asks Gray.

"I guess; it is the writer's brain after all! We cannot help it, can we?" Gray comes up with a logical explanation.

"No, it is just that the leading lady is always beautiful, and her friends are shown as the ugliest creation in the world."

"That is not true!"

"At least it is, in this case, it is."

"Stop getting agitated! It is just a movie", Gray tries to calm her down.

"You are right, Gray. I shouldn't bother, look at her, the way she is walking. It almost feels like catwalk. You are walking on the road and going to the college for god's sake!"

Kismat certainly did not like the introduction.

"Tell me; don't you like the story of this film?" Gray questions her during the break.

"Why? Did you write it?"

"No, just asking."

"I hate it! I'm just doing this film so that I can develop contacts and learn the technical aspects of film-making. Otherwise the story is flop and the casting is even dumber. Juvia is a good person but her temper is a bit... You know."

"Don't you like the lead actor? I thought he offered you lift this morning?"

"No hard feelings against him. I've never seen his work. But Juvia is kind of out-of-place! She does not look Indian at all. And her character is shown to be so dumb!"

They share a good laugh, and now time for scene 2. Kismat is already bored to death.

"Hey, Gray think of something to do! Something interesting; fast."

"Concentrate on your work; what else do you want to do?"

Their conversation is interrupted by a loud noise.

"What is this? You can't you even carry a cup of chai(Tea) properly?"

It is Karthik and he is screaming at a boy who worked for the local chai-walla(Tea stall owner).

"What happened sir?", she goes to him.

"Nothing, it's just these incompetent fellows they don't even know how to work. They spoiled my shirt! Now what am I supposed to wear for the shoot?"

He is sounding just like a proud, egoistic film star.

"I think there is a spare shirt in the green room sir. Just a moment; please come with me, sir."

The costume designer takes him in and Kismat gets annoyed.

"What an arrogant little puppy!" she thinks. Just because he is the son of a Big Superstar he thinks he is a big-shot too!

An idea strikes her mind!

"Please sir, have your seat. Here is your chai."

Kismat makes him seat and serves him tea.

"Why are you serving tea? Chotu(The little boy who was serving tea moments ago) is there to do that work."

She smiles at him sarcastically "Chotu is working continuously from yesterday and did not eat a single morsel of food since two days, sir. So he fainted just a few moments ago. Gray; I am sorry; I mean assistant director no. 1 took him to the hospital. I know nobody can live without chai! Whether chotu is living or dead." she stops smiling "so I am doing chotu's work instead!" smiles again and leaves serving others with a smile.

Karthik is staring at her with mixed feelings of wonder and guilt. Guilt that he yelled at a poor boy; who is starving since two days. Not that he knew. But even then a fault is a fault.

The director begins the next scene where the heroine is chased by a delinquent. And the hero has to come and save her! It is a hit scenario in the south film industry!

They are all set!

Karthik got up to go play his part in the scene. As he was walking his way to the set, everybody who saw Karthik began to burst into laughter. In turn they meet with Karthik's angry glare and reciprocated with a sorry.

And the all-famous scene began;

"I won't leave you now, where are you going my queen? Come to me I'll show you heaven" and the delinquent began to chase the heroine...

"Please, don't... leave me for god's sake...", Juvia was trying her best!

"If I leave you for god then what will I have for myself" said that mad man in all excitement and crudeness.

"Ah! I love this villain; I'm going to have him to play the negative lead in my movie." Kismat has a sense of excitement in her eyes.

"That's good! It seems that you are already deciding on the cast of your movie. But do you have a script in mind?", Gray burst her cloud bubble

"Well... yes... oh ya! I sure do! I guess!" she is all confused now! And seeing that look, Gray is all smiles.

"Why are you smiling so hard?"She questions him. Gray is forced to conclude his smile.

"Oh, don't worry it is nothing at all! Just ignore it." he begins rolling his eyes in all possible directions to escape this embarrassment.

"Don't sweat it! It is absolutely fine! Well I am thinking of having you as the main lead of my film. If ever I gave you such an offer, would you accept it?"

"Of course I would." Gray is more than happy to receive this offer!

It is Karthik turn to enter and save the damsel in distress. He enters as a superhero; and begins his dialogues, "don't worry, Megha(The name of the character played by Juvia). I am here to save you!"

He is interrupted by the villain's laughter.

"CUT!" shouts the director,

"What are you doing Kamal(Villan)? Please, this is a crucial scene and please concentrate will you?"

They start the scene all over again and this time the villain is able to hold on his laughter. He turns to the villain, "you people don't understand the language of words, right? Now prepare to die!"

Now it is Juvia's turn to laugh. Hearing her villain bursts in laughter too. Followed by Kismat and Gray. Karthik is very annoyed.

"I'll not shoot the entire sequence again I'm telling you sir!", Karthik says.

"Okay, Karthik relax. Let us see how did we shoot the sequence so far", the director consoles the poor guy.

He begins playing the recording and the unit bursts into giggles. They all were laughing their hearts out! So actually there is nothing wrong with Karthik, something is terribly wrong with his pants! There is a big blue spot of INK on his cream-colored pants!

Definitely it came from the place where he is seated. It takes no time for him to realize the master mind behind this prank!

It is Kismat, first she dropped the tea on him so that he would be compelled to go change his clothes and then in the mean while she put a drop of ink on the chair which spread on his pants to become this big!

"Thank you! Kismat." he sounds rather calm.

Kismat gets scared because he could burst out any moment. They share angry glares for a while then Karthik shouts " PACK-UP!"

And that is it for the day! So much for poor Kismat; she now has to face the wrath of the lead actor as well!

This is the end of chapter 2! This was bigger than chapter 1 so I am sorry if it feels kinda rushed in the later part of the story!